Pluses and Minuses of ShadowRun conversions?

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« on: <08-05-15/0857:04> »
My group has a very common concern:
  • We love Shadowrun as a setting.
  • We hate Shadowrun as a rule system.
This has happened to so many people; here are some possible solutions revealed by Google:

* Apocalypse - Sixth World Apocalypse Edition
* Apocalypse - Sixth World Revised
* Apocalypse - The Sprawl
* d20 Modern - Shadowrun
* d20 Shadowrun Core
* Fate - Cyberware Toolkit
* Fate - Running in Shadows
* Fate - Shadowfate
* Fate - Spirits of Chrome and Cyberspace
* GURPS Shadowrun (multiple variants)
* Savage Worlds - Daring Tales of the Sprawl
* Savage Worlds - Interface Zero
* Savage Worlds of Shadowrun
* etc etc etc.

I'd appreciate any comments from people who have played these or other SR conversions. Do you know a version that retains the good parts of SR's feel while eliminating the tedious rule lookups and dice pool counting?

For my group, I think Fate is probably the wrong choice.


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One system where I did a session that looked a bit like shadowrun was Alternity.  Unfortunately it's out of print, but you can probably find the PDFs somewhere.  Character creation takes a while (although compared to shadowrun it's about the same difficulty level), but once in play it's very easy and it is always the same system, no matter if you are hacking or shooting or doing magic.  It has a magic system (all spells are simply skills just like every other skill and can be improved), it has mutants and cybertech.  It even has other races which can be adapted to elves and trolls and such, or you can quickly create your own.  So with minimal adaptations it should be possible to play Shadowrun in this system.

I did it once for a tangents campaign (alternate realities) where the players got dropped in a shadowrun-like world and had to survive there.
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over at the Dumpschock Forum the User Sendaz found a SR---> D6 (like in Star Wars D6 from Westendgames which is a fairly easy to learn  Rulesset)
conversion ....maybe he's got some experience ?
You have to ask him Yourself though

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I registered on Dumpshock but they haven't processed my account yet, so no help there.

Found a few other possibilities along the way. So many people enjoy the Sixth World, but dislike the clunky rules.


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I played Shadowrun once in a modified version of hero system.
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You may also want to look into Corporation.