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« on: <08-04-15/2230:19> »
 Hey guys

So I made a thing.

Made with 5E. system, I've always liked the idea of having characters that could use the force from star wars. 
It's not canon, obviously, but I've tried to make the fluff of it seem like it could into the world without sticking out like a Ranger Arms bullet in a Fichetti clip.  I would love for second set of eyes to look over the system to see if there's anything blatantly broken and/or simply doesn't work.
Also, wording can always be improved, so please let me know when you see something that could be phrased better.
Criticism, questions, comments, and hate are welcomed.

Just wanted to throw this out there for anyone who wants to use, abuse, or build on it.

System doc explains generally how everything works.
Control, Sense, and Alter docs explain the three types of powers available to characters.
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« Reply #1 on: <08-07-15/0245:23> »
Well, it's complicated.  And here's the thing - the magic system already in place is more than sufficient to represent the Force.  In general, Force users are going to be mystic adepts, and their conjured spirits might well be seen as 'Force ghosts' of ancient Jedi.  Hmmm.  You might actually be able to create a tradition for each 'Jedi path' - counselors, sentinels, guardians, or however you want to split them up.

How you have it, well - you're putting a 'bullet count' onto what in Shadowrun terms is basically magic, instead of going with the 'you can do it as long as you can stand the strain' system in place, which (as I recall) is more in-line with Force abilities anyhow.  So ... I dunno.
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