[5e] Tribal Beats Recruitment: 2076 Persistent Game World Thread

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I though Jack_Spade had already created a Gun Adept style character?
What's your favorite scary movie?


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Alright.. so here's my character idea.. Ratchet, a pacifistic dwarven Goddess Wicca magician/medic with a Bear mentor spirit and a medical cyberarm. And yes, I do know that combo can lead to going from non-violent to Beserk.
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I though Jack_Spade had already created a Gun Adept style character?

Nope, no guns only fists and thrown weapons.
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Any spots still open, would love to play a rigger or decker


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Saithor, if you want to do a gun adept I'll yield the role to you.
Not that anyone ever had too many gun adepts.


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Any spots still open, would love to play a rigger or decker
Yes, if we get to a 'critical mass' of players wanting in I will split the game into don't worry about duplicate whatever floats your boat!
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Runner Name: Bent
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Metatype: Human
Tribe: Mechanicals

[spoiler]Bentley "Bent" Hood was born into a life of comfort as the child of two Megacorp execs. He was educated in management principles and given a job as a mid-level supervisor at 20. Like many of his friends at the time, he lacked the interest or work ethic to excel at his job, but his connections meant a steady stream of raises and eventual promotion, much to the ire of his harder-working or more talented co-workers. Years of alcoholism, womanizing, street racing, bought-off criminal charges, drug experimentation, rehabilitation, and even essence therapy quickly stacked up, but continued to leave him feeling increasingly empty. By the age of 25, Bent was in a depression. He couldn't quite figure out what he wanted in life, and prescription meds just made the days slide by in a blur. But when he met Sophia, everything changed.

An under-appreciated and underpaid desk clerk, Sophia was the most naturally beautiful woman he'd ever seen. They exchanged flirtatious glances in the halls and friendly remarks in the employee lounge before finally meeting for lunch in the company cafeteria. It was Bent's first time there, and he was initially overwhelmed by the lingering taste of soy that clung to everything, but the company drowned out any negative feelings from the food. Over the coming months they grew very close, but hid their relationship to protect Sophia from being fired by his undoubtedly disapproving parents. As the time passed, Bent became sympathetic to the plight of the hourly wage-slave. His increasingly pro-worker policies began to raise eyebrows with upper management and his parents started asking questions. Before their relationship could be discovered and Sophia terminated, Bent quit his position and abandoned his life of luxury. He used the last of his savings to erase his old SIN and matrix trails and scramble his stored biometric data, leaving him a SINless ghost. He joined a tribe of scavengers and learned combat and infiltration skills over the next 15 years, discovering in the process that he was, in fact, awakened. He lost contact with Sophie for 10 of those years, but was then able to find an up-to-date commcode for her. Though she is now married with children, their past relationship now forgotten, they still share a few good memories, Sophie still has her job (though a few ranks higher now), and she still keeps the secret of Bent's new life.[/spoiler]

== Info ==
Name: Bentley Hood    Alias: Bent
Human, Male           Movement: 12/24
1m80, 72.5kg          Composure: 6
Street Cred: 0        Judge Intentions: 5
Notoriety: 1          Lift/Carry: 6
Public Awareness: 0   Memory: 7
Karma: 0              Nuyen: 11
Age: 40               Skin: Light Tan
Eyes: Brown           Hair: Black

== Priorities ==
Metatype: C(2) -     Human + 5 Special Attributes
Attributes: B(3) -   20 Attributes
Special: C(2) -      Adept + 4 Magic
Skills: C(2) -       28 Skills/2 Skill Groups
Resources: D(1) -    50,000

== Attributes ==
BOD: 4           CHA: 1
AGI: 6           INT: 4
REA: 5 (7)       LOG: 2
STR: 2           WIL: 5
EDG: 7           MAG: 4                   

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence: 6.00               Initiative:           11 + 3d6
Physical Damage Track: 10   Rigger Init:         
Stun Damage Track: 11       Astral Init:         
Physical: 5                 Matrix AR Init:       11 + 3d6
Mental: 5                   Matrix VR Cold Init:  4 + DP + 3d6
Social: 5                   Matrix VR Hot Init:   4 + DP + 4d6
Astral: 5

== Combat Pools ==
Defense: REA + INT (+ Combat Sense) 10 (12)
Damage Resistance: sleeping tiger   18

== Active Skills ==
Arcana                   Base: 0  + Karma: 1  = 1   Pool: 3
Automatics               Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 9
Auto Mechanic (wheeled)  Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 4 (6)
Disguise                 Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 6
First Aid                Base: 0  + Karma: 1  = 1   Pool: 3
Gymnastics*              Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 8
Locksmith                Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 9
Palming                  Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 9
Perception               Base: 6  + Karma: 0  = 6   Pool: 10 (12)
Pilot Ground Craft       Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 9
Pistols (Semi-Auto)      Base: 4  + Karma: 0  = 4   Pool: 12 (14)
Running*                 Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 4
Sneaking (Urban)         Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 9 (11)
Survival                 Base: 0  + Karma: 1  = 1   Pool: 6
Swimming*                Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 4
Unarmed Combat           Base: 0  + Karma: 1  = 1   Pool: 7

== Knowledge Skills ==
Art                  Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 4
Bars and Clubs       Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 6
Business             Base: 4  + Karma: 0  = 4   Pool: 6
Economics            Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 4
History              Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 4
Literature           Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 4
Latin                Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 6
Firearms             Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 4

== Qualities ==
Adrenaline Surge
Mentor Spirit (Mutation)
Quick Healer
-Code of Honor (robin hood: goods/money stolen from rich must be 50% donated to poor/tribe)
-Distinctive Style (bright green sleeping tiger coloration)
-Prejudiced (Specific, Outspoken) (wealthy)

== Adept Powers ==
Adrenaline Boost R3
Attribute Boost (AGI) R2 - mentor spirit
Combat Sense R1
Impoved Ability(skill) (Pistols) R2 - Qi Focus F4
Improved Reflexes R2
Nimble Fingers

== Lifestyles ==
Bolt-hole  1 months

== Contacts ==
Sophia   Human Corp Secretary   C1 L2
Osha   Tribe Leader, Healer   C3 L1

== Cyberware/Bioware ==

== Armor ==
Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger      13
Forearm Guards           +1

== Weapons ==
Shock Gloves
   Pool: 7+2t   Accuracy: 5(7)    DV: 8S(e)    AP: -5
   Mode: touch   Conceal: +0   Range: melee

Defiance EX Shocker
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
   Pool: 12+2   Accuracy: 6    DV: 9S(e)    AP: -5   RC: 1
   Mode: SS   Conceal: -1   Range: 5/10/15/20 [-0/1/3/6]   

Ares Light Fire 75
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Silencer, Ares Light Fire 70
   +Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
   Pool: 12 (14)+2   Accuracy: 6    DV: 7P    AP: -0   RC: 1
   Mode: SA   Conceal: -3   Range: 5/15/30/50 [-0/1/3/6]   

Savalette Guardian
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Gas-Vent 3 System
   +Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
   Pool: 12 (14)+2   Accuracy: 7    DV: 8P    AP: -1   RC: 4
   Mode: SA/BF   Conceal: -1   Range: 5/20/40/60 [-0/1/3/6]   

Steyr TMP
   +Laser Sight
   +Gas-Vent 3 System
   +Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
   Pool: 9    Accuracy: 5    DV: 7P    AP: -0   RC: 4
   Mode: SA/BF/FA   Conceal: -1   Range: 5/15/30/50 [-0/1/3/6]   

== Commlink ==
Erika Elite (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 4, FWL: 4)
   +Sim Module
   +AR Gloves

== Gear ==
14 Spare Clips (Savalette Guardian)
Ammo: Regular (Heavy Pistols) x60
Ammo: Explosive (Heavy Pistols) x60
Ammo: Gel Rounds (Heavy Pistols) x60
3 Spare Clips (Steyr TMP)
Ammo: Regular (Machine Pistols) x60
Ammo: Gel Rounds (Machine Pistols) x60
4 Spare Clips (Ares Light Fire 75)
Ammo: Explosive (Light Pistols) x48
Ammo: Gel Rounds (Light Pistols) x32

Grenade, Flash-Bang x4
Grenade, Thermal Smoke x4
Grenade, Gas x4
   +CS/Tear Gas x4

Earbuds Rating 3
   +Audio Enhancement R3
Contacts Rating 3
   +Image Link
Glasses Rating 4
   +Flare Compensation
   +Vision Enhancement R3

Tag Eraser
White Noise Generator R6
Lockpick Set
Maglock Passkey R3
Sequencer R3
Glue Sprayer
Grapple Gun
Microwire (100m)
Rappelling Gloves
Gecko Tape Gloves
Datachips x10
Plastic Restraints x10

Medkit R3
Slap Patch, Antidote (R6) x3
Slap Patch, Stim (R3) x2
Slap Patch, Stim (R5) x2
Slap Patch, Trauma x2

Qi Focus R4

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« Reply #22 on: (22:07:37/08-10-15) »
The background for Gunther Raddick (I renamed him).

Gunther was born to a middle-class family and lived a relatively noral life until he surged at the age of fourteen. Then his life became a living hell. Not from his family, who got used to their sons lizard-like appearence, but the prejudice of people on the street began putting pressure on both Gunther and his family. The final straw arrived when their appartment was attacked by someone with a shotgun. Gunther had no idea who it was, but he knew that his family was in danger as long as he stayed with them, so he ran away into the lands of the tribes, hoping his family would be left alone as long as he was gone. He found out his awakened talents fending off a group of gangers robbing him, and managed to apprentice with an old drunk Ork who was willing to teach Gunther stuff on the side in return for his help in the magics that required more powerful magic and youthful thinking than the Ork had anymore. When the Ork died Gunther took over the Ork's job, which was mainly as the go-to trinket guy and mage in the area. This is where Gunther got his first taste of the shadows helping with robberies, hits, and other such work. He took to wearing a gas mask, the better to help disguise and keeping him from notice, although the twisted tones his larynx have adopted are impossible to hide. Gunther is a very cautious, and soemtimes panicky person, having to deal with prejudice and a still-functioning sense of moralty, he absolutely refuses to take place in crime on what he deems innocents, and won't hurt people who aren't directly threatening him, preferring to run and hide or to trick instead of permanent damage. His way, he insists, of ensuring that the enemies he makes are kept to a minimum. The only time he truly isn't afraid is when he is practicing his craft, as he enjoys magic.

Character inspired by and mostly looks like this: , only the Gas-masked incarnation of the good doctor.
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What's your favorite scary movie?


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« Reply #23 on: (22:53:38/08-10-15) »
Took me some work, but I managed to get my TM scavver done up.  As usual, open to review and accept all suggestions!
(Added note for Aria or whoever, I swear I heard something regarding free contacts among the tribes, but wasn't sure.  At the moment, that part is not filled)
(Also, may be working on a sketch for physical reference, and will put it up when/if I have one)


== Info ==
Name: James Martinson             Alias: Pinion
Human, Male                       Movement: 8/16
5'11", 195 lbs                    Composure: 10
Street Cred: 0                    Judge Intentions: 10
Notoriety: 0                      Lift/Carry: 4 (30 kg/20 kg)
Public Awareness: 0               Memory: 12
Karma: 0                          Nuyen: 367+ starting
Age: 38                           Skin: Fair
Eyes: Blue                        Hair: Brown

== Priorities ==
Metatype: E(0) - Human
Attributes: A(4) - 24 Attributes
Special: C(2) - Adept, Magician, or Technomancer
Skills: A(4) - 46 Skills/10 Skill Groups
Resources: E(0) - 6,000

== Attributes ==
BOD: 2                            CHA: 5
AGI: 4                            INT: 5
REA: 4                            LOG: 5
STR: 2                            WIL: 5
EDG: 3                            RES: 3

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence: 6                        Initiative:           9 + 1d6
Physical Damage Track: 9          Rigger Init:          9 + 1d6
Stun Damage Track: 11             Astral Init:         
Physical: 4                       Matrix AR Init:       9 + 1d6
Mental: 7                         Matrix VR Cold Init:  5 + DP + 3d6
Social: 7                         Matrix VR Hot Init:   5 + DP + 4d6
Astral: 7

== Active Skills ==
Aeronautics Mechanic              Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 8
Armorer                           Base: 4  + Karma: 0  = 4   Pool: 9
Automatics                        Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 7
Automotive Mechanic               Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 8
Clubs                             Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 7
Compiling                         Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 6
Computer                          Base: 4  + Karma: 0  = 4   Pool: 9
Cybercombat                       Base: 5  + Karma: 0  = 5   Pool: 10
Disguise                          Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 7
Electronic Warfare                Base: 5  + Karma: 0  = 5   Pool: 10
Etiquette                         Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 8
Gunnery                           Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 7
Gymnastics                        Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 5
Hacking                           Base: 5  + Karma: 0  = 5   Pool: 10
Hardware                          Base: 5  + Karma: 0  = 5   Pool: 10
Industrial Mechanic               Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 8
Nautical Mechanic                 Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 8
Negotiation (Bargaining)          Base: 4  + Karma: 0  = 4   Pool: 9 (11)
Palming                           Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 6
Perception                        Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 8
Pistols (Tasers)                  Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 5 (7)
Registering (Machine Sprites)     Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 4 (6)
Running                           Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 3
Sneaking                          Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 6
Software                          Base: 4  + Karma: 0  = 4   Pool: 9

== Knowledge Skills ==
Area Knowledge: Seattle (Puyallup) Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 6 (8)
Business (Retail)                 Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 7 (9)
Data Havens                       Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 7
Engineering                       Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 8
English                           N                     
Japanese                          Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 8
Mandarin                          Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 8
Matrix Games                      Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 7
Music                             Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 6
Shadow Community                  Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 7
Spanish                           Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 8
Sperethiel                        Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 8
Sprawl Life                       Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 8

== Contacts ==
Dr. Isoto (Street Doc) (CON: 2, LOY: 4)
An altruistic soul, if such a thing can exist anymore.  Has patched me up on more than one occasion, as well as hooked me up with medicine for when Mel got sick.  Sometimes I can fix up equipment for him, and that usually takes care of payment I'd think
Magpie (Fence) (CON: 4, LOY: 2)
A tiny little dwarfette that I'm pretty sure has a few gears loose.  Crazy and obsessed with trinkets, she somehow manages to sell off what she wants, and get stuff in exchange for more 'shinies'...which I tend to find.
Mr. Fowl (Fixer) (CON: 5, LOY: 1)
Occasionally, I may find myself needing a bit more jing than working within the Mechanicals will get me.  It's small time, but Mr. Fowl has been a reliable source of acquiring contract work
Reggie (Bartender) (CON: 3, LOY: 2
Classic sympathetic ear and definite enabler of my drinking habits, this guy is pretty well connected to the goings on at the local level, be it with tribes, gangs, or even occasional Star/KE activity.  Brutally honest and smooth, a wicked combo...

== Qualities ==
Addiction (Moderate) (Alcohol)
After losing Trish, the world felt like a darker place.  I admit I've fallen to the drink as a way of easing the pain.  Melissa's hit the age where she realizes it is an issue, and as such likes to shoot me a look whenever a glass or bottle is in my hand
Allergy (Uncommon, Mild) (Gold)
Gotta love weird quirks, huh?  I'm just glad that it's so rare in anything below superhigh class that I don't usually have to touch it
Analytical Mind
Dealing with customers, delving into machine systems.  both are simply problems that can be worked through with thinking.
Dependent (Demanding)
My daughter.  Accepted and welcomed byt the tribe, but not ready to serve an active role.  I do my best, despite her rebellious teen spirit.
Natural Hardening
The other Emerged say it's from the type of hacking I do for as long as I have, but bad code seems to bounce off my brain somethimes...
Photographic Memory
This came in really handy working retails.  Repeat customers love being recognized, as it makes them feel special
Will to Live (Rating 1)
Survival instinct...after life went to drek, I needed to push on.  For myself, for Trish, for Melissa.
== Lifestyles ==
Low  1 months

== Armor ==
Clothing ("Assorted Clothes")                             0
Lined Coat                          9
   +Chemical Protection 3
   +Fire Resistance 2
   +Nonconductivity 4

== Weapons ==
   +Gas-Vent 3 System
   +Laser Sight
   +Shock Pad
   +Spare Clip
   +Spare Clip
   +Spare Clip
   Pool: 7        Accuracy: 6     DV: 10P      AP: -2    RC: 5
Colt Cobra TZ-120
   +Concealable Holster
   +Folding Stock
   +Gas-Vent 3 System
   +Laser Sight
   +Spare Clip
   +Spare Clip
   +Spare Clip
   +Spare Clip
   Pool: 7        Accuracy: 5     DV: 7P       AP: -     RC: 7
   Pool: 7        Accuracy: 6     DV: 5P       AP: -     RC: 1
Stun Baton
   Pool: 7        Accuracy: 4     DV: 9S(e)    AP: -5    RC: 1
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 3        Accuracy: 4     DV: 2S       AP: -     RC: 1
Yamaha Pulsar
   Pool: 5 (7)    Accuracy: 5     DV: 7S(e)    AP: -5    RC: 1

== Commlink ==
Living Persona (ATT: 5, SLZ: 5, DP: 5, FWL: 5)
Renraku Sensei (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 3, FWL: 3)
   +Sim Module

== Gear ==
Ammo: Gel Rounds (Submachine Guns) x96
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Submachine Guns) x160
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Assault Rifles) x190
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Assault Rifles) x76
Ammo: Taser Dart (Tasers) x40
Certified Credstick, Silver x3
Certified Credstick, Standard Rating 5 x8
Datachip x50
Fake SIN (Blake Turner) Rating 3
   +Fake License (Concealed Carry Permit) Rating 3
   +Fake License (Weapon License) Rating 3
   +Fake License (Salvager's License) Rating 3
Goggles Rating 1
   +Vision Magnification
Respirator Rating 4
Sensor Tags x20
Slap Patch, Stim Patch Rating 4 x3
Slap Patch, Trauma Patch x2
Sling (AK-97)
Tool Kit (Hardware)[/spoiler]


[spoiler]"Alright, is this thing on?  Oh yeah, good.  Well, if you're viewing this, I'm likely either dead in a ditch somewhere or something has happened to make me disappear.  I'm hoping this will never get out, but if it does, I don't want any of me to be forgotten, you know?  I suppose I should start with my name, eh?  My name is James Martinson, though anyone who knows me know refers to me as Cog.  It's fitting, and I'll get to that, but to start any story, I'll sum it up in a single sentence.

Emerging sucks.

Actually, I should clarify.  What sucks about Emerging is doing it without you realizing and having someone else, say your boss, figure it out before you do and use that info to screw over yourself and anything to do with you.  Too harsh?  Ah, I'll start from the beginning.

Growing up my life was pretty standard.  Dad was a wageslave, mom was a wageslave, and like me and my siblings, we all got jobs right out of school.  I managed to score as a store associate for a rotation of low-time corporate retailers.  While not a star, I was no slouch, and working the sales machines took less time for me than most, and a lot of customers liked my voice and style.  Charming, huh?  Even landed a wife, a beautiful girl-next-door-kind-of-way lass named Trish.  Details aren't important, but we each seemed to make the humdrum of life bearable.

And then I Emerged.  I didn't catch it, as anytime I'd access the Matrix, I'd be staring at some screen or using AR glasses, so it seemed no different to me that the devices weren't even powered on.  My boss caught on though, and that's where the drek hit the turbofan real fast.  Before I know it, upper corporate had suits investigating embezzlement claims, and guess where the perfectly laid evidence of device use and transfer times pointed?  You guessed it.  I had two choices: either admit to the claims and face the charges and screw myself into poverty, or take a risk and burn my civilized life and hopefully start new.  Between guaranteed slotting or probable slotting, there was no question as to the choice I took, and burn my old life I did.

Just one complication: as luck would have it, Trish and I were expecting our daughter in a matter of weeks.  So, homeless, SINless, jobless, we were left to wander the streets, fending off hoodlums and hunger at the same time.  For three weeks we struggled, but it was clear that we were failing, mysefl reduced to using my techniques and abilities to hack food kiosks to dispense our dinners.  I must have been drek with covering my tracks, because a couple technomancers from this tribe called the Mechanicals found me, saw our plight, and for reasons I still cannot fathom today brought us in.

I almost wish they had found us sooner though, as Trish had fallen ill the few days leading up to our salvation.  Weak and weary, she was unable to survive the delivery of our child in a bolthole in some apartment, my face the last thing she saw.  I made a promise to make a future for our child, and with that bearing in mind I swore my abilities to the Mechanicals, learning from their more experienced crew, including how to defend myself.  It wasn't hard to find my calling after a few years while taking care of Melissa, my daughter.  With my work history, my new hacking tools, and some basic urban survival, I was a perfect scavenger and trader.  I made income by picking up discarded tech, making it work and (il)legitimately ours before selling it off at profit.

I've been doing that for a good decade or so now, doing the best i can.  Puyallup is an interesting place, but me and mine are safe for now and that's all that matters.  I managed to acquire some education materials off the 'Trix for Melissa and have been doing my best to provide her a safe education.  She's quite bright, and about as good with machines as myself at least.  The others have even given her the name Sprocket in reflection of her knack, though I can't tell if she's fond of it (being a teen now, she is proving quite hard to read)  But for now, the status quo is being kept.  It's hard work, but rewarding, and I like to approach every opportunity positively with a smile, knowing that things will get better..eventually...[/spoiler]
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I've got the characters linked at the beginning of the master OoC, I hope to get an IC up and running soon!  If we get any more confirmed I will probably split you up a bit, although you'll use the same IC thread (which I hope won't get too confusing as the post rate will hopefully be fairly balanced!)

@Sarge: you can talk to fellow tribals without needing the contact rules, save your points for people you know outside the 3 tribes!
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After talking with Aria back on Dumpshock, I'm rejoining the Tribes game after a long hiatus.  Here is Scrapheap, a Mechanical scavenger-turned-tribal-defender due to the events of 2072.

Race: Ork
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 1.9m
Weight: 120.2kg
Description: Bald, blue eyes, massive scarring from right ear (which is missing the top quarter) descending diagonally across his face to the center of his chin. His right tusk is missing, and the skin under his right eye hangs a little loosely compared to the left. Tattoo of 4 names on his right bicep (Momma, Smiley, Jenna, and Julia, in that order), with a dagger dripping blood underneath it.

Bod 6
Agi 4
Rea 4(5)
Str 6
Cha 3
Int 4
Log 2
Wil 4

Edge 5

Initiative 9
Composure: 7
Judge Intentions:7
Lift/Carry: 12
Memory: 6

Athletics Skill Group 3
Influence Skill Group 2 (broken with specialization from karma [Ettiquette (Gangs)] )
Automatics (Assault Rifles) 2(4)
Blades (Swords) 3(5)
Longarms (Shotguns) 2(4)
Sneaking 4
Throwing Weapons 2
Unarmed Combat 5
Pilot Ground Craft (Motorcycles) 2(4)
Con 2
Intimidation 5
Perception 5

Puyallups Gangs 4 (Street)
Puyallups Area Knowledge 4 (Street)
Scavenging 3 (Street)
Urban Brawl 1 (Interests)

English N
Or'zet 2
Spanish 2

Quick Healer
Solid Rep 1 (Mechanicals/Fre∑dom tribes)
Will to Live 3
Addiction [BTLs, mild]
Allergy [-cillin antibiotics, moderate]

Wired Reflexes 1, Used
4 months Low lifestyle
2 machetes (swords)
Combat knife
3 Urban Tribe tomahawks
Remington 990
- Sling
- Underbarrel Low-light flashlight
- Top mount laser sight
- Gas vent 2
- Shock pad
- 2 extra magazines
- 16 rounds regular ammo
- 8 rounds flechette ammo
- Sling
- Foregrip
- Gas vent 2
- Top mount laser sight
- Shock pad
- 76 rounds regular ammo
- Extra magazine
2 Thermal smoke grenades
Leather jacket
Lined coat
- Insulation 2
Armor Jacket
- Nonconductivity 4
- Forearm Guards
- Helmet
Meta Link commlink
- Sim Module modified for BTL
- Trodes
- 14 BTL recordings (7 dreamchips, 7 mood chips)
Erika Elite commlink
- Fake SIN (Rating 3) with 3 Fake IDs (Rating 3 - Driver's License, Augmentations, Firearms)
- Earbuds (Rating 3) with Soundlink and Spatial Recognizer
Glasses(Rating 2)
- Image link
- Flare compensation
Goggles (Rating 5)
- Image link
- Flare Compensation
- Vision Enhancement, Rating 3
Gas mask
Respirator, Rating 6
Low-light flashlight
Micro-flare launcher with 4 flares
3 stim patches, Rating 4
2 trauma patches
4 doses Long Haul
2 sets plasteel restraints
1 pack zip ties
Triumph Rocket V motorcycle (H-D Scorpion statline)
- holster for shotgun

Zippo Con 2 Loy 5
Zippo is a human ganger, and Scrapheap's best friend. They've been friends since either can remember, and have the blackmail stories to prove it. He's got a mom that he takes care of the best he can, and a string of chicas he crashes with until they eventually throw him out. He's busy a lot with the Firebreathers, the go-gang he belongs to, but is still tight with his maimed ork friend.

Enrique Con 2 Loy 1
Enrique is Scrapheap's BTL pusher. He's connected with the Mafia, where he gets his product from, and is trying to become a made man. Being Aztlaner makes this about as likely as Kenneth Brackhaven marrying a troll, and is a constant source of frustration for him. Scrapheap's maiming makes him nervous, but the money soothes that.

Podolski Con 2 Loy 3
Podolski is Scrapheap's mechanic. Scrapheap is his go-to when he needs a hard-to-find part or six out of the junkyard, and in return he's helps him keep Scrapheap's motorcycle running. He was where Scrapheap got most of the funds and expertise to repay the Firebreathers without having to join the gang, something the Polish dwarf sees as his good deed for his lifetime.

Scrapheap was the third-born of an ork family in the Puyallup Barrens of Seattle, born minutes ahead of a fraternal twin sister. He has never really known his father, who was given what amounted to be a life sentence in prison for assault and aggravated robbery when he was three. His mother did the best she could with six children, but the gangs claimed his oldest brother Hammer, and he was sent to death row for the rape and murder of a rival gang member's girlfriend when Scrapheap was 13. Scrapheap avoided the lure of the gangs, but life in the Barrens taught him that only the strong survived and so he learned to fight when it was necessary, to intimidate the other to avoid a fight if he could, and to run when outclassed or outnumbered. School held little interest for him, and he spent most of the time he had finding objects his older brother could sell or barter to help the family survive. At 16, his life changed forever. While on the way to visit their husband and father in jail, the family was ambushed by the gang whose member's girlfriend Hammer had brutalized three years prior. Their ancient minivan was pushed into a lightpost in the escape attempt, killing his mother, older brother, and twin sister instantly. As he dazedly attempted to drag his youngest sister from the wreckage a ganger blasted by him on a motorcycle and slashed him across the right side of his head with a machete, sending him into unconsciousness. When he came to, he was being stitched up by members of his best friend Zippo's gang. The backroom surgery saved his life, but left him maimed. That he even survived the ordeal was testament to his toughness and will to live, though he was out of commission for months. During that time his youngest sister's body was discovered, leaving Scrapheap alone in the world. After he had recovered enough to survive on his own and had repaid the gang for saving his life, he wandered the Barrens until by chance he met a member of the Mechanicals while scavenging in the same dump. After proving he could find useful things for the tribe he was accepted as a provisional member. The physical and emotional scarring of losing his birth family has left him mostly mute, prone to depression that he medicates with a burgeoning BTL habit (mainly moodchips and pornographic fantasychips), and planning for the day he meets the gangers who maimed him and took his family away.  His combat experience in the destruction of the Fre∑dom tribe's home got him placed into the newly-formed defense team network, where he has risen to the level of a squad leader.

Cash/Karma log:
Starting cash: 659 + 3d6=18 x 60 = 1,739

Karma accrued/spent: 3 / 0

Resources accrued/spent: 6,000 / 0

Edit: Stupid thing, fixing...
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« Reply #26 on: (12:20:48/08-13-15) »
I had noticed an alarming lack of cyber. Glad to see a remedy to that situation. Background count could have wiped the group.

Say, perhaps I'm being an idiot, but just where is this OOC in which we are all linked?


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« Reply #27 on: (12:34:45/08-13-15) »
I had noticed an alarming lack of cyber. Glad to see a remedy to that situation. Background count could have wiped the group.

Say, perhaps I'm being an idiot, but just where is this OOC in which we are all linked?
Same one as the CoP one!  Don't worry, worked fine over on DS, just needed to add @CoP or @TB at the top of a post... and means that everyone can at least have a vague idea about what is happening in the other world threads...
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I had noticed an alarming lack of cyber. Glad to see a remedy to that situation. Background count could have wiped the group.

Eh, it's a low-end-of-the-totem-pole game, or at least it was over on DS.  Hell, Scrap had to earn his wires, he was clean when I started him.  I'd imagine Aria will have (storyline-appropriate) countermeasures in place for both the Talented and the chromed amongst us.  :D


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AR 10 really limits what chrome you can get your hands on, on the other hand it's a really god one for drugs as there's a lot of drugs that can really give you an edge at practically no availability.
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