Beginning 5th Ed. Shadowrun Campaign based in Louisville, KY.

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Greetings Shadowrunners!

I am in the process of gathering players and interested parties to join in an open, "sandbox" style 5th Edition Shadowrun campaign.  There will be an overall unifying story for the entire campaign, but my main goal is to create a group, or pool of players, to use so that events will not be dependent on individual players.  We have all had those game sessions where the game could not be played if a certain person did not show up, and that is something I would like to avoid.  Game sessions will be proposed and then players can join as their schedule allows. Games will be held once a month to begin with the possibility of more sessions as the player base grows.  We will also employ a message board based system for handling of "downtime activities" such as repair, roleplaying, legwork, etc.  It will be an awesome opportunity to join in a growing group of Shadowrun players in the Louisville, KY area.  Please feel free to reply to any of the following outlets.

Website: (Look for Louisville Shadowrun group)


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Just wondering is this ever got off the ground? Still running?