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At the moment, while I'm still waiting for chummer to update to make this all easier...

Level 6 screen. The best drugs are rated by minutes anyways. 0.3 24k nuyen.
Sleep Regulator - Since we can't take Long haul, we'll need something to help with long hacks 0.1 12k nuyen
Neruo-retention enhance - Sure, lets get photographic memory 0.1 10k nuyen

I've  got 0.5 left. I could use that for a very expensive reaction boost bioware or I could get some reflex recorders.

So I have 7 Will power, 5 body, 5 Logic 3 Intuition and one in everything else.

Working on balancing out the  life moduels, but I'm thinking this might work here.

Canada - 15 krama
French 1
Body +1
Compu +1 KNow his +1, Know UCAS +1
Nav +1 Survival +1, Etiqutte +1
SINner (5)

Bag of Organs 40 karma
Flashbacks, Uneducated
Sneaking +2 academic: Biology +1,  Academic Bioware +1, street Organleggers +3
+2 body
32,000 Bioware

Home Tutored
Logic +1 Willpower +1
Social Stress (8)
Chem +1, Computers +3, Software +2
Academic knowledge - Chemistry +3
Academic knowledge - ??? +3
Lnaguage - Japanese +2

Communit College 55
+1 Log +1 Will
Computer science -
Cyber +1, Electronics g. +1, +1 hacking
+6 Matrix Design

State - 65
+1 Logic +1 Willpower
Medicene Biotech Skill gorup bio techknowlogy chemistry +1, Academic Med +6
+1 computer +1 Perc +1 Etiqutte,
Academic Mathmatics +4

Post Graduate Studies
+1 Log +1 Intuation Cha +1
Instruction +2
Academic Biology +2
Academic chemsitry +2
+4 Chemisty +2 Hacking +2 Software
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Concepts are great, but implementation sucks. Why not improve it?

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« Reply #16 on: <07-19-15/0054:30> »
Put together a rough dwarf juiceomancer....

Meta: C, Dwarf
Attributes: B, 20
Resonance: A
Skills: E
Resources: D

Body: 5
Agility: 2 (10 karma)
Reaction: 4 (5)
Strength: 3
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 5
Logic: 5
Willpower: 7
Edge: 2
Resonance: 5
Essence: 5

Physical: 6
Mental: 8
Social: 6

PQs (20):
Born Rich
Drug Tolerant
Focused Concentration 1
Jack of All Trades
Quick Healer

NQs (25):
In Debt 2
23 karma worth of other NQs

Pistols 6 (Semi-Auto)
Compiling 6 (Crack)
Registering 6 (Crack)
Software 6 (Puppeteer)
Computer 1
Hacking 1
Perception 1

Living Persona:
DR: 5
Attack: 3
Sleaze: 5
DP: 5
Firewall: 7

Resonance Veil
Static Veil

'Ware (1 essence, all standard):
Reaction Enhancer 1 (.3)
Obvious Lower Cyberarm (.45)
+6 Custom Agility
+3Enhanced Agility
+3 Antennae
Auto Injector (.05)
Narco (.20)

18k nuyen

This concept is designed to to have 12 dice to roll against both psychological and physiological addiction tests (Body/Logic 5 + Willpower 7 + Drug Tolerant 2 - Narco 2).   If a GM lets you buy hits on addiction tests, you are safe for drug use. If not, you have a good shot of passing tests when taken and even if you pick up mild addictions, Narco will give you an extra 2 dice to limit the addictions getting worse. If a character is dependent on drugs from concept, getting addictions shouldn't be too much of a surprise or issue anyway. Narco gives a nice boost to the multi attribute boosting drugs. Betameth would add quite a bit to initiative/defense and some matrix  tests for cheap, or a Cram/Psyche combo would give a lot of utility in both the physical and in VR. These drugs will last this character many hours per use.

I don't like taking too many ratings of In Debt qualities so this character took Born Rich to convert 17 karma to nuyen. Starting Nuyen of 18k will cover the very basics. 3 basic skills were bought for one karma each with JoaT. The lower cyber arm is assumed to average agility to 6 for pistol firing. Only 6 of 10 capacity was used so additions can be made to it (grapple gun, armor, implanted shockhand/pistol, etc.). Reaction Enhancer boosts Reaction, Initiative (and with a machine sprite) defense. A single auto-injector can be for drugs or stim/trauma patch if the character passes out (might be common from drug crashes/fade/matrix damage). Character is not a primary matrix specialist. Will be relying on sprites/CFs for matrix utility for a while, but with karma growth going towards skills and money going to drugs, the character can boost matrixy dice rolls to be ok.

Just throwing out a build. It's a tight build with a lot of vulnerabilities, but I've been into technomancers with E Skills/A Resonance lately...
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