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« on: <07-09-15/1717:07> »
So.... I have the following books on my shelf, unread. My question is, is there anythying in these novels that contribute meaningfully to the metaplots, or can I skip them and move on to the more recent stuff without looking back? Thanks!

Streets of Blood
Night's Pawn
Striper Assassin
Tails You Lose
Wolf and Raven

and as a secondary question, which novels are absolute musts for metaplot stuff?
I have read:
Secrets of Power trilogy
Never Trust an Elf
Into the Shadows
Burning Bright
World Without End
Stranger Souls
Clockwork Asylum
Beyond the Pale

Fire and Frost
Hell on Water
Dark Resonance

Thanks in advance, chummers!


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« Reply #1 on: <07-09-15/1747:38> »
In terms of metaplots I couldn't really say as have never been a big fan of any of the metaplots in the SR universe, with the exception of maybe the bugs, but the one's you haven't read include some of the better novels with the Wolf & Raven story set being right up there with 2XS (probably the best SR novel written).
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« Reply #2 on: <07-09-15/1846:00> »
After a quick scan of my bookshelf and the back covers:

2XS: The Universal Brotherhood

Shadowplay - Corporate War over a new technology

Burning Bright - Chicago! What lead to the Cermak Blast

House of the Sun - The coup in Hawaii and the intervention of Harlequin - follow up to 2XS

The Dragonheart Trilogy - The truth behind the death of Dunkelzahn and the introduction of Drakes.

Technobabel - Otaku

These seem to cover the big metaplot stuff.  Just from a personal point of view anything by Nyx Smith is okay to skip.  Really don't like the writing style.  Conversely if Nigel Findley wrote it then it's gonna be good.
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« Reply #3 on: <07-09-15/2149:25> »
In addition to what Sterling said, I'd also throw in Psychotrope. I also deals with the Otaku, but also the Seattle grid crash at the time and has a fair bit with the AI Mirage and her (his/its?) origins. I'll also second Burning Bright. It's a hell of a good read.

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« Reply #4 on: <07-13-15/0049:06> »
2XS, Burning Bright, Worlds Without End, and Psychotrope.  Chips, Bugs, Immortal Elves, and AI/Otaku - they're what's for breakfast.  That should give you essential background (not, Opti, that I think you really need it at this point), but then you can move onto the new stuff.

Really, the new stuff is where it's at - though I should point out that AFAIK, the only critical must-reads are the Fear The Dark fiction, as much of that hasn't made it into the game books yet.  Otherwise all the true metaplot stuff is found primarily, if not exclusively, in the game books.
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