Technomancer feedback for a new book!

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I know it's too late for anything else to make in into the new book, but I just thought of another cool (and logical) minor ability and wanted to share.

Targeting Detection
   Technomancers with this echo can passively detect when any kind of targeting sensors focus on their own bodies (or any device they have a direct connection with, or are currently jumped in to), and may even observe some of the calculations being made. This applies to the targeting systems of drones and other vehicles, as well as to all manner of smartguns. Your living persona must be online in order to use this passive ability.
   Make a Resonance + Submersion Grade test for each device targeting you. Your hits determine how much information you detect.
     1 hit : You know that you are being targeted.
     2 hits: You know what direction you're being targeted from.
     3 hits: You know the weapon type and effective range category in use.
     4 hits: You know the exact position and device models in use, and get +1 to the defense test you're probably about to make.  You also notice the responsible icons.

- Alternatively, this could use Res + E-War for the test.  In that case, your thresholds should get some tweaks and you should get a -2 penalty if the enemies' devices are running silent or direct connected to the enemy's comm or whatever.

Once you have the icon of whatever's targeting you, you could thread this complex form (because, obviously, TMs should get smartlink compatibility for free) :

Smartlink Appropriation
Target:  Device
Duration:  P
Fade Value:  L-2

  This complex form lets you observe data from a smartgun or other device that is targeting you. Make a Software + Resonance [Level] v. Logic + Firewall test. For each net hit you get, you add +1 to your defense test against the associated weapon. (You still know where it's aiming, even if it's not at you.) This does not stack with the +1 from the Targeting Detection echo.
  This effect lasts for a number of Combat Turns equal to your net hits.

Inspiration credit for both of these ideas goes to Triskavanski
...Like complex forms that they can use in the physical world, such as my "The One" complex form that gives a technomancer a slightly better ability to avoid danger by reading and calculating bullet paths by sort of hacking into the smart gun systems...

- btw, if you read this, Triskavanski, how does your CF differ from mine?
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Ok so can we purchase the pdf book somewhere?


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Killcode is at GenCon.