5th Ed Shadowrun books

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Mr T

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« on: (17:38:10/05-03-15) »
Hi guys,

Just bought 5th ed core rulebook and im trying to buy more books but im unsure which are 5th ed compatible. I looked at Augmentation and Arsenal but there say they are four 4th ed. Are these books unusable rules wise with 5th ed?

Currently are the released 5th ed rulebooks

Run faster

Thank you for your replies.


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« Reply #1 on: (17:58:54/05-03-15) »
Shadowrun, Fifth Edition
Street Magic
Run & Gun
Run Faster

Data Trails (Hacking) and Chrome Flesh (Augmentations) are currently in production.

Herr Brackhaus

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« Reply #2 on: (18:30:52/05-03-15) »
A lot of the mechanics and all of the story elements from books like Augmentation and Arsenal are usable in SR5 with just a little bit of work. Unwired, the SR4 matrix book, is almost completely unusable from a mechanical perspective because of how vastly different the SR5 Matrix rules are compared to SR4.


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« Reply #3 on: (19:18:56/05-03-15) »
Shadow Spells is an additional magic supplement book. No rules, just some more traditions, spells and adept powers.

Gun H[3]aven is a firearms supplement book. Most of these guns are pretty bad (good for arming gangers and other low end NPCs) but there's a few good guns here as well.
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« Reply #4 on: (19:26:14/05-03-15) »
Likely one of the better listings of SR5 releases (digital and print):
DTRPG - Shadowrun, Fifth Edition