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I'm back from a long non-GM period, and about to start being GM alternatively with another GM.

As we are planning to have runs in different locations, he proposed me to manage the Asian part of Ghost Cartels (that he did not read yet). Do you think it is possible without learning spoiler details about the rest? and the other way round?

Thanks for any advice


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Some of the best parts of some of 'book session' stuff is that one GM can run the book, as he wants to do with Ghost Cartels, and can supply the other GM (after that part of the run) with a loose 'what happens up until the next time I take over', enabling the other GM to do something completely different, but with flavor of 'the drug wars' just around the corner.  You could, theoretically, run three or five different extended book adventures at the same time, bouncing from one book to the next to the next...
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