Difficulty and play style

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« on: <03-21-15/2113:09> »
So I saw a number of posts talking about the difficulty  of the game so I was curious, is the game really that difficult or is it that people hadn't gotten used to it yet. So when you play how do you play, conservative or aggressive? Do you value healing or offense? Do you want 4 players or less? Do you like orks or dwarves or something in between? Also, how difficult do you find the game playing it that way?


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« Reply #1 on: <03-22-15/1607:00> »

The game definitely becomes less difficult the longer you play.
I play conservatively when it comes to holding on to cards and managing the crossfire deck, but value offense over healing when it comes to black market purchases.
Some missions are better with 4 players, but 2-player works just fine in most cases.
Human is acceptable for all roles, and may be the only race (without upgrades) that could be used by all players at once without drastically lowering your chance of success.
That said, I like to play Elf most of the time.
My group wins more than half the time, but we lose or abort often enough to keep the game interesting.