CRM 2012-03 Silicon Slick or: We Did It Right, YAY!

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« on: <03-04-15/2024:47> »
Hello, it's time, once again.

So, everyone recalls the last adventure I ran for our Cara Sir runners, where the group was meant to extract a very important researcher and then sold Mr. Johnson out by executing the man for equivalent pay (but far less hassle) instead.

Well, it's Missions and the run was Silicon Slick and the players were the same... so Art gives them a call anyway.

I play it off as them being the only readily available expendable assets, so despite their tremendous screw up before, he's going to give them a chance to make it up to him.

Now, I never mentioned this before, I think, but the fact that Art was from New York and operating in London, I don't know... I just decided to give him this insane New York accent... basically channeling Joe Pesci from Goodfellas.  That amused me to no end.  This is important; Art lets these guys know that he's mad at them still for what they did before and that he's only calling them because of the short time frame on the run and there is literally no one else available.

He's cussin and waving his hands around... calling them names and telling them that there will be hell to pay if they screw this up, etc.

And here are a team of Shadowrunners, a Rigger, a Troll with a Gauss Rifle, two Adepts, an infiltration specialist, and a Mage... all sufficiently cowed by his tirade that they do not even ATTEMPT to negotiate.

When Art says 10Gs... they all bob their heads.  "Gee, that sounds really fair, Art, really, gosh, thanks so much!"

"Good, now get the fuck outta heah!!!"

Off they go.

Scene one is too easy... they simply check out the place, make note of the simchips, and move on to the next thing.  Literally all the scene is meant for and it's all they do.

Moving on to Zowie's, their 1 Charisma 0 Social Skills Ork Infiltrator decides to... 'work the crowd'.  I am nothing if not a benevolent GM so I allow a single die roll.  My insidious plot is fully recognized when the player's roll reveals merely one single, beautiful pip on the die.

One of the bobbies taking a witness account looks up and... is that Jenny Jacknife, the South Wark Slayer?  Why, he is absolutely certain that it is!  The bobbies give merry chase (the only kind of chase bobbies give and it is always accompanied by the Benny Hill song) and they wouldn't have found much else out if not for their Gentry gaining access to Zowie's Host and downloading the security footage.  They also make Nigel's acquaintance and agree to a meet later on.

Location the third, Andy's was pretty straightforward and ordering Fish and Chips to go at the Rose and Thistle nets a meeting with Agatha.

Monica St. Claire offers them, after negotiations, 18000 nuyen.  The team says they'll let her know, but for even nearly twice what Art is paying (and a chance to save the world, if they believe St. Cloud's tale) they are loathe to let the bombastic Johnson down a second time.

In fact, the Rigger shoots me a private note:

"If the team decides to sell to the highest bidder, I call Mr. Johnson to let him know where the exchange will take place and to bring backup."

So after meeting with St. Cloud and then meeting with Nigel, they all agree that they are not selling out Art.

In fact, they call Art to tell him so.

He's not really impressed.

Meeting again with Agatha, the Rigger stays downstairs while the rest go up and behave like 12 year olds when Agatha disrobes for her ritual.

So... now they know where to go and what to do.

Arriving at the school, they send their infiltrator in to scope it out.  In seconds, the infiltrator has found their target and the gang members holding him.  Turns out that there is an outer wall in this room.

Did you know that an Ares Roadmaster can barrel through a solid concrete/brick wall?

Did you know that with a single expenditure of an edge point, it can do so with only minor cosmestic damage?

Did you know that 6 gangsters who don't make their surprise rolls just get rolled by a group of organized Shadowrunners in a single pass?

A well cast levitation spell draws their mark into the truck and they make their egress.

Assault rifles and Light Machine Guns do what we call 'fuck all' to an Ares Roadmaster, so Nigel's ambush is basically laughed off.

The helicopter arrives to disengorge St. Cloud's team, but realizing that the Runners have already made their way out, turns to give chase.

The Troll's Gauss Rifle causes it to quickly reconsider.

It takes very little for the Runners to escape and they do so, calling Art and bringing their prize.  He gladly pays them off and mutters something about maybe having work for them in the future.  Maybe.  Then he rolls out, leaving the Runners with their 10K payday.

Finally, something done right.  (I would have gone for the 18K, personally, but...)
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« Reply #1 on: <03-05-15/1819:01> »
absolutely love it. and no you cannot have a chase scene like that without the benny hill music