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In an effort to repopulate the United Netherlands with some regional animals I've been working on some SR versions of local animals. Maybe this is useful for others so I'll just put them here. I'm still continueing to add other animals so would really appreciate comments and feedback if I'm going about this the right way. Also hit me up if you have any suggestions and I might add them to the list.

Sun Bull (Bos Taurus Luxsit)
Natural Habitat: Open grasslands
Range: Western Europe
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Herbivore
Identification: After the black tide washed in over big parts of western europe a lot of lives were lost. Next to humans a big loss were large groups of domesticated cattle. Of those that survived some were changed for good with the awakening. Being able to feed off toxic plants and water that the Black Tide brought into the land the new herd quickly supplanted any remaining free ranging regular cows. Soon their awakened nature showed themselves. Female cows born to this new sub-species were jet black and didn't seem to be too different from regular cows. It's the Bulls of this species that really catches the eye. They are a reddish orange that resembles a sunrise and have eyes of flaming gold. They stand taller than regular bulls with an impressive 2.30m (6'10") shoulder height on average, weighing in at about 1750Kg (3858lbs). Female cows are usually smaller and lighter by a substantial margin (on average 1.95m at 1500 Kg).

Habits: The herds of Sun Cow are normally pretty docile creatures, having formed as an offshoot of domesticated cattle. The Alpha Bulls of the herds however are fairly territorial and quick to anger. When angered the Bull can fly into a blind rage and his awakened nature then kicks in, giving them the ability to lob fireballs. In rare cases some bulls have even been known to burn the ground under their hoofs or fully burst into flames.

B 9
A 3
R 5
S 8
C 1
I 4
L 1
W 5
E 0
M 3
INIT 9+1d6
S/P 11/13

Running 4
Perception 3
Unarmed Combat 1

Fireball - SR5 Core p.284
Animal Control - SR5 Core p.394
Armour: 4
Natural Weapons: Kick DV (STR+1)P, AP-, Reach 1| Horns DV (STR+2)P, AP2.

Royal Deer (Cervus Elaphus Regalis)
Natural Habitat: Forests
Range: Western and Northern Europe
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Herbivore
Identification: The Royal Deer is a graceful animal with a spotless white pelt on which mud and grime don't seem to have a hold. The eyes are usually in a green or brown shade and even though the female deer are usually smaller the male specimen are around the same size as a big horse. The male deer have big antlers that in most cases end in sharp tips, the span of these antlers can grow up to an average of 1.55m (5'0"). The form of these antlers is what gives the deer its name as in some cases they resemble intricate crowns.

Habits: To say the Royal Deer is a shy animal is an understatement. It relies heavily on it's heightened perception and reaction to avoid contact with other animals and especially meta-humanity. Despite their almost unnatural knack for avoidance captured specimens have not shown signs of awakening. They usually travel in small families of a mother and up to two fillies. The male deer are usually solitary creatures. When cornered the animal will kick and fight fiercely until an opportunity of escape presents itself.

B 2
A 6
R 5
S 4
C 5
I 6
L 2
W 4
E 3
M 0
INIT 11+2d6
S/P 9/9

Running 9
Dodge 6
Unarmed Combat 1

Natural weapons: Kick DV (STR+1)P, AP-, Reach 1| Antlers DV (STR+2)P, AP3, Reach 1

To Do List
1. Wild Pig
2. Seagull
3. Pidgeon
4. Seal
5. ???
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