The Origamist

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//introverted alchemist
//The Origamist

meta D elf(0)
attrib B 20
magic A 2x5rSkills, 10xSpells
skills C 28/2
nuyen E 6k+20k

  B  A  R  S  W  L  I  C  |  E  M
  3  4  4  2  5  5  4  4  |  1  6

pos qual 10
mentor spirit(FB) 5
bilingual 5

neg qual 23
astral beacon 10
sin(nat)TirT 5
social stress 8

skills 20
4 Arcana
3 Astral Combat
3 Banishing
4 Spellcasting
4 Perception
2 Blades

N Elvish
N English
1 French
5 Origami
2 Liturature
3 Business
3 Fashion
3 Fixers
1 Talismongers

gear 26000
EnchantFocus[3] 15000
reagents(10) 200
knife 10
armorVest 500
clothing 20
commlink[4] 2500
datachip(10) 5
credstick(std) 5
glasses[2] 200
-visionEnha[2] 1000
survivalKit 200
gasmask 200
medkit[2] 500
lifestyle[low2m] 4000
stimPatch[6](2) 300
savings 1360

Stunball c
detect enemies d
Clairvoyance d
Armor m
Light m
Net Bind m
Phys Barr m
Lock m
Phys Camo i

Heal h
Fashion m
clout c

contacts 12
gang boss [3/1]
bodyguard [2/3]

karma 19
money 14
focus 9
spells 10


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« Reply #1 on: <02-02-15/1645:18> »
Okay, so, just to begin: you're aware that this sheet is incredibly suboptimal, right?

8+1d6 initiative with no way to increase but Edge. Not like you're capable of contributing much to combat but still.

Astral Combat and Banishing are both pretty terrible compared to just casting Stunbolt. The spell drain is better than the crappy Banishing drain. And if you really want to do these you are still not built well for it. Dice pools of 9 are unimpressive against any real spirit threat. Also considering you're investing points in 2 skills which work mutually exclusivy on either side of the astral when 1 spell can affect both...yeah.

To begin you have a dice pool to hit with Blades of 6. You're not going to hit. Your STR is 2; even if you hit you're not going to do damage.

What's the point of Arcana 4?

10 reagants is pretty much nothing. It's not a viable quantity at all.

If your main attack is a Stunball potion, expect it to do virtually no damage based on how you make alchemy soells and how the process terribly nerfs/eats hits for nothing.

4 commlinks? Why?

Elvish is not a language. Are you thinking Sperethiel?

I wouldn't say this character is viable as currently built.
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« Reply #2 on: <02-02-15/1759:46> »
I think the thing that is problematic is that you're focussing your skills around what are generally considered support skills.
Skills C is a bit of an issue and is leaving you short unfortunately.
If you want a more support oriented character, you need more skill points so you can get meaningful dice pools.
I'd be tempted to have a go at making this character under "sum to ten", it allows multiple priority choices at the same rank, so you could do; A A C E E for priorities, maybe skills A, Magic A, attribs C, meta E, resources E for example.

As alluded to, most of the skills you've gone for are great for NPC's but are not that hot for a player character.
I'd make a show of getting some decent self defence capability, whether that is through magic/firearms/close combat is up to you, but make sure you're chucking ten dice as a minimum, otherwise you are really going to struggle to defend yourself.
It'd be worth making sure your base initiative is 10 before dice are rolled. This means you get 2 turns in combat  or one turn and some spare initiative for interrupt actions to defend with.
For a Mage who's not built for combat, I'd be tempted to call on spirits for combat situations. They pack a lot of power and tend to have good initiative when summoned at a good force.

A note on combat; if building for it, make sure you either pack the strength to do actual damage or take shock gloves/stun batons/monowhips instead as they have a fixed damage code and don't need strength.

Be careful with social stress and no charisma linked skills. Every conversation you enter is probably going to end badly, and in the shadows of humanity, that's not a good thing. Your team can carry you so far, but at some point a bouncer is going to deny you entrance or some policeman is going to ask you why you're acting suspicious. Plan for it because it will happen.

You need a fake sin. Really need one.


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« Reply #3 on: <02-02-15/2034:19> »
Alright here is an updated and optimized version.

meta:   D
attrib:   B
magic:   A
skills:   C
nuyen:   E

Body      3
Agility      4
Reaction      4
Strength      2
Willpower      5
Logic      5
Intuition      4
Charisma      4

Edge      1
Magic      6

Mentor Spirit(firebringer)      -5
Bilingual               -5

Astral Beacon            10
SINner(Tir Tarngire)         5

Arcana      4
Alchemy      6 (+2)
- Manipulation
Assensing   5
Spellcasting   5
Perception   4
Counterspell   4
- Combat

Sperethiel   N
English      N
French      1
Origami      5
Liturature      2
Business      3
Fashion      3
Fixers      3
Talismongers   1

Enchanting Focus rating 2   
reagents x25
Armor Vest
Clothing (basic)      
Commlink rating 4
Datachip x 10
Standard Credstick
Survival Kit
Medkit rating 2
Low Lifestyle 1 month
Fake SIN rating 3
Savings ¥2070

Detect enemies   
Net Bind   
Physical Barrier
Physitcal Camo


gang boss   [3/1]
bodyguard   [2/3]

karma spent   30
savings      4
money      10
focus      6
spells      10
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« Reply #4 on: <02-02-15/2053:03> »
I mean, you still have a lot of the same problems. You're very reliant on Alchemy, and Alchemy simply does not provide effects on the same competency level as normal casting. Which is unfortunate but it's also the RAW.
Playability > verisimilitude.


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« Reply #5 on: <02-02-15/2133:01> »
So Alchemy isn't viable.


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« Reply #6 on: <02-02-15/2135:39> »
Why do you only have 20 points of skills (plus the two 5-point freebies from magic priority) when you should have 28, with 2 more points' worth of skill groups?


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« Reply #7 on: <02-02-15/2201:26> »
Alchemy has its place, but not as a combat role. Its place is more in the prep and escape options.
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« Reply #8 on: <02-02-15/2203:53> »
So Alchemy isn't viable.
It depends what you mean by viable.

Though it is not going to fill the role of "my primary combat ability" like Spellcasting can, because its internal rules make it clearly weaker for more Drain.
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« Reply #9 on: <02-08-15/0021:17> »
So Alchemy isn't viable.

My read on this concept is combat mage , which is perfectly reasonable concept. But not one that is viable with Alchemy.  Under RAW Alchemy has some viable uses, and there are some methods for using them in combat, but anything like direct combat mage isn't one of them. Sniper spotter or magic grenadier, are essentially the only combat rolls possible for alchemy under RAW. Which is dumb imo but that's just how things are. Hopefully with more time and source material this will change and alchemy will be further developed. But just swapping alchemy to spellcasting is a very easy fix.
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« Reply #10 on: <02-08-15/1157:11> »
I don't even think "magic grenadier" works particularly well.

As far as I can tell the best use for alchemy is "mid-power buffer."
Playability > verisimilitude.


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« Reply #11 on: <02-09-15/2102:09> »
With the missing skill points, improve your sorcery and counterspelling.
Take Increase reflexes ands substitute that focus for a sustain health focus 2 so you can at least raise your initiative by 2+1d6, you really nee to guarantee two passes. You can get an enchanting focus after character creation.

And if you don't plan on summoning, Incompetent Conjuring would give you another ten karma to play with. I assume your going for a LOG+WIL tradition...raise your LOG to 6, decrease STR to 1 and use the ten karma from Incompetent to bring the STR back to two.
You need a fake magic license to go with your fake id (600 nuyen)
Medkit 2 is well, nevermind what I'd like to say: either rating 3 (smallest) portable or 6 (best skill).

And by my estimation you have 5 skill points more after bringing sorcery to 6 and ounterspelling to 6 so you might want increase arcana and assensing or learn astral combat.
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