[New GM][SR4] Adding to the core rulebook, Rules of Play list

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Howdy hey. I plan on running a "quick" pbp game on for a couple of friends, maybe four, and want to get as much out in the open in the beginning so that they know what to expect ahead of time and all that. This is what I've got so far:

Character Creation
standard 400BP
normal metatypes, NO metavariants, NO non-metahuman sapients
Books allowed: SR4 core only*
All players will be provided with 1 mutual contact by the gm and must have a minimum of 2 other contacts along with a short explanation (a sentence or three) about how your character knows them.
Characters will need at least a paragraph of background stating where they were born and raised as well as how they got into the shadows.
If you want something that goes against these "rules", ask.
So as not to hold things up, a week (including weekends) will be allowed for character creation.

*(I'm still new to the rules myself so other core books (Arsenal (AR), Augmentation (AU), Runner's Companion (RC), Street Magic (SM), Unwired (UN)) will be allowed later on once I feel that I have a good grasp of the rules)

Rules of Play
Please post a minimum of once a day during the week. It doesn't have to be the next great [insert your nationality here] forum post but a lil' something to show how your character is acting (or reacting) to what's going on around them if they're not having a direct, immediate impact on things.
Knowledge rolls will be sent privately. It's up to your character to decide how much (or how little) to share with the others.
There will be a separate thread for OOC discussion.

When posting, please use the following conventions:
Spoken speech
<<matrix/any text messages>>
**Foreign tongue**

I feel like there's more I should add and I may do so as I continue going over the rules, but I was wondering what thoughts and/or suggestions you might have.

Also, as can be seen, I plan on using the core book (I have the 20th anniversary edition) only but while glancing at some of the other core rulebooks, I noticed some of the qualities and thought they would make good additions. I don't plan on making every last quality available but are there any in the other core books that y'all think would make good additions to the game, improving or even fixing some things?
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