Author Topic: Is this corp shadowrunish?  (Read 111 times)


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Is this corp shadowrunish?
« on: (04:02:31/03-01-18) »
I've been reading a series of novels (Fayroll legacy) by a (I think) russian author and the corporation in it seems to me very good as a basis for shadowrun style corps. However I thought I'd post a quick summary here so more experienced people could say if they agreed with me or not.

Basically its a Russian game company (who may be subsidising other independant developers to avoid problems with the monopoly commision). So far the main character who has been producing very good results for them (helping find people selling secrets, producing a profitable newspaper spreading their game to new markets, stumbling accidentally into plots they need to know about and so on). So they've been giving him all sorts of rewards (Money, a car, another less ostentatiious car when that was stolen, a house in the country) which they dismiss as petty cash (considering they have 40 houses in the country they're probably right). However they're also more than willing to dirty their hands as the guy selling secrets when revealed suffered a sudden heart attack, the thugs who beat up the main character were nearly shot because of a joke of his and had limbs broken because he said to do that and the head of security was able to track down and retrieve the first car while it was enroute to another country. All for a company that is so far as I can tell localised to Russia in the book world. So it got me thinking this could work as a shadowrun style corp and not even a big one just a smaller B or maybe A company giving rewards to its really valuable employee's (which while large to them are minor to higher ups, there's one point where he comments on how wealthy they had to be because he got 25% of the side bets they made on something he was doing) while quite willing to bury those who betray or really screw up under the woodshed.


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Re: Is this corp shadowrunish?
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Yeah, I'm familiar with the books, even if I haven't read them. There's definitely some shadowrunny things going on there.
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