Strategicon - Orccon 2015 Feb 13-16th @ LAX Hilton, Los Angeles, California

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California's Finest Gaming Conventions

Strategicon is a thrice annual gaming convention that occurs on Presidents Day Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend. Feb 13th - 16th at the LAX Hilton in Los Angeles, California is OrcCon 2015.

On the 14th and 15th we will be offering the Company Men series CMP 2014-05 Silence is Golden, CMP 2014-06 A Nights Work, CMP 2014-07 Run Out the Guns and CMP 2014-08 Demolition Run. We may also offer other missions, but that is currently TBD.

Shadowrun Missions @ Orccon is running alongside D&D 5E Adventure League. Sign ups are here on Warhorn.
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