"Extraction" Mission questions

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« on: <11-26-14/1847:54> »
I played a demo at origins and was hooked on crossfire. I recently got my order but haven't had a chance to play as a group yet, so I decided to try a solo run of "Extraction." I ended up with several questions about the mission (I did look in the rulebook and couldn't find answers); unfortunately, teh demo videos on the website all seem to be using the "Crossfire" mission.

Round 1 is pretty self explanatory;
Round 2: "Draw 2 cards. Flip 1 hard obstacle card."

Question 1: Draw 2 cards in addition to the ones you draw each turn or do you only draw when instructed to in the progress track?

Round 3: "You and the Client each heal 1 HP. Flip 1 hard obstacle card. You gain 2 nuyen and can buy 1 card from the Black Market. This Scene ends."

Question 2: I guess the healing and buying happens at the beginning of the round, right? Just as before, does this replace your normal buying phase in your turn, or in addition to?

Question 3: Does anything happen when the Scene ends? Do the obstacles get discarded at the end of the round? I'm guessing that the scene ends at the end of this round, even though the mission description says to apply the progress track text at the beginning of the round?

Round 7: "The team escapes with the Client."

Question 4: As soon as you reach that round (ie complete Round 6), or do you have to play through Round 7?

Thanks in advance.


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« Reply #1 on: <11-26-14/1924:48> »
Put simply, for this particular mission, at the beginning of each round (meaning it happens after the end of your turn + client turn), you do what the progress track is telling you (in the same order than written btw).

Question 1
Yes, you draw 2 more cards from your deck (even if you did it earlier during the normal steps of your previous turn). One does not prevent the other. :)

Question 2
Yes, you heal and buy before beginning the round (even if you did some purchases during the normal steps of your previous turn). Same thing that in the situation in question 1 then. :)

Question 3
The Scene's ends are mentionned only because some upgrades are rebooted at each scene. Nothing else happens. It is written on the mission card : "There are no additional rewards for runners when a Scene ends". The obstacles stay. I would say that the new scene begins at the same time you begin this round, but I am not sure.

Question 4
Yup, as soon as you survive until the very beginning of round 7, you win! So, basically, you play 6 full rounds. The mention of a 7th round is probably because some Crossfire effects are trigerred when the card is discarded (Timebomb for example).

Btw, Extraction can be hard if your runners have no Karma upgrades. What I like to do sometimes when I play solo is to take 2 runners and play some Crossfire missions. That way, I can enjoy the game even if I not with my group. :) 

You can also try the mission "Ambulators", it is meant for runners with no Karma (again, I would suggest to  play solo with 2 runners) : The link seems down for now however. In the meantime, more info and missions are found on the FAQ page :

Have fun and do not hesitate to post more questions! :)


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« Reply #2 on: <11-27-14/1039:43> »
Thanks for the answers and advice. I'll give those a try.