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« on: <11-05-14/0435:04> »
Hi guys,

i want to talk a bit about using the Ambulators mission with the full game and not only 0 Karma characters and the demo kit.

It only requires a few additions to work as a basic mission and i want to exchange some thoughts with you what you think that should be.
My idea:

Use Karma Scaling Table like this
0   Full Karma award
1-10   -1
11-30   -2
31-50   -3
Each additional +25   Additional -1 Karma penalty

Bonus Challenges like in Crossfire, but Danger Zone is only woth +1 Karma per card in the Crossfire Discard since they won't have less effect in a shorter game.

My biggest question now is if an abort should be allowed (making winning the run and aborting it the same reward for Karma 1-10 runners) and if the game should still end when a runner gets staggered.

What do you guys think?


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« Reply #1 on: <11-05-14/2044:05> »
I really like the game. But I do feel it should have been shipped with a printed "basic mission" that could have been used by casual or beginning players - and not only by 0-karma players like the web-only mission Ambulators.  So yeah, I do understand your desire to have such a mission.

Personnaly, we played "Ambulators" until we got our first upgrade 5-Karma upgrade. Your own solution is interesting.

- Karma Scaling : Good idea, it still awards players with low Karma and at the same time it gives them an incentitive to play harder missions or to use a Bonus challenge option.

- Bonus Challenge options : I like your idea there also and the change you've made. Just remember that the "Danger Zone" option can be done once per runner.

- I would suggest to still not allow Abort Rounds and to still end the mission if a runner is staggered. I would view the Ambulators mission as an "easy mode" of the Crossfire mission. If the group wants to try all the available options, they will have to try the harder mission. Anyway, with only 2 scenes, this mission is not as brutal than the other ones (still brutal though).

Of course, you can make the home rules you want, this is your gaming group : your ideas for abort and critical runners are good too.

Good luck! :)