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@Osentalka . Gaf, Tak, Dru and Obe are described as great shadow spirits native to the plane of Shadow where they each control a moon  ( Aetherology pg. 22 ). As a matter of fact anyone interested in the nature of the metaplanes should read or re-read Aetherology  ( quite probably some of the current writers of Shadowrun could do with a read of Aetherology as well ).


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Well there go, big bads from within our Metaverse. So ultimately the Elder Gods section isn't about the Horrors at all, it's a standard extension of the Aleph Society storyline that's been running since Threats 2.
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Some threats never really go away, they just find a darker corner to hide in.
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Ok, so thesum of it seems to be (meanwhile I finished the book too), that some of the things discussed in the section are either Horrors, or somehow Horror-related (I could literally hear the groaning and facepalming all the IEs and great dragons, when seeing the upload about another locus), others are not, but right now, they got labeled as "Elder Gods" by the characters in the setting.
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I'll attempt a breakdown.
1) Some organization of the infected  ( or there's at least infected amongst them ) is attempting something through metacannibalism  ( quite likely increasing the potency of the HMHVV strains ). There's some use of hebrew including the curious use of the word Lilitu,  which has links to Lilith,  female demons and motherhood in that connection, almost like they're trying to "impregnate " the virus. Possible Horror links: the HMHVV virus could in theory be a horror construct from the last age of magic,  they did create magical diseases and they are also connected with undead in ED.

2) There's some following up on the Aleph society plot and the mentions of Gaf, Tak, Obe and Dru from Aetherology, though any Horror connections are unknown, though wraiths have previously been mentioned as early forerunners of the horrors,  though it could be like the Invae that the presence of Shadow spirits are merely indicative of rising mana levels.

3) The talk about the Dweller,  The Hungry Void and The Violet Gas are again follow ups from Aetherology,  so are the mentioning of Crawlers and Gum Toads btw. Again it's hard to say if this has any relation to horrors.

4) The talk about a Locus and the bridge are most definitely at least somewhat related to horrors,  with the bridge being very directly linked to them as per the Dragonheart saga and Aetherology.

All in all there are some links to horrors in there but it seems to be indirect for the most part,  at least according to the information we currently have. Though it is curious that all of this is lumped together under the Elder Gods heading. There's definitely some comparisons possible between the Elder Gods in the Lovecraftian sense and the horrors.
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