6th World Elves and memories from the 4th World

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Fortunately Players are typically not prone to Surge unless they bought the appropriate quality, latent or otherwise.

Otherwise imagine the hilarity that would ensue...

Well, you and your party survived that Manastorm mostly intact.

What do you mean mostly?!?

Well..... as you dust yourself off, you notice your skin has taken on a bit of a scaley look. 

The Rigger looks like he has a new third eye and the Sammy's razorclaws look to be made out of bone now.

Congrats you SURGED!!
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Which is pretty much how it was when SURGE first came out.  Roll your Essence dice ...
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and the Sammy's razorclaws look to be made out of bone now.

*snikt* ---> *schlikt*


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I've been going through some of the older precons and a common thread in them, especially the music ones, is stuff from the 4th World: it's heavily implied that in the Dark Angel adventure, the titular Dark Angel is actually drawing from the memories of his past life. Hell, in his bio info post-adventure it says he released an album called "Journey of the Earthdawn" and disappeared soon after... whether the immortal elves were involved or a dragon, who can say? Or is there a difference, seeing as how the IEs are at least part dragon..? I dunno why, I like calling 'em dragonblooded elves.

Darnit, that reminds me - I need to catch up on my Earthdawn and find out what happened to the Denairastas... immortal humans running around who hate both the dragons and the IEs...

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One of the things that made me love Shadowrun is its ties to Earthdawn.I believe that this connection greatly enriches the lore.


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Magic in Shadowrun is very Jungian and tied to the collective unconscious, which is why Hermeticism, i.e. learned magic, immediately tapped into those constructs when forming the basis for modern, pre-UMT magical theory. Of course, it also tended to (and still does) explain how belief shapes magic and mana such as how single or scattered individuals can create new totems/mentor spirits, as well as the phenomenon of background count and the appearances of free and summoned spirits, or how ghosts can imprint aspects of the deceased people they appear as, even if those people died a long time before the Awakening.

There's a lot of suggestion for things that cannot or will not ever be explained. This is just one more of them.

And, remember, the ties will always be there. They're not as significant as they used to be, but they're still there, and maybe it'll change or not. Who knows?
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