New plot line?

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« on: <09-26-14/1138:25> »
Just picked up the Shadow Spells and skimmed through it this morning -- full reading later! ;)

So, the Crystaline Entity -- new plot line? First I've heard of it, but I'm still catching up on my meta-plot / story-arc reading from the past  edition or so. When I saw the name, I was thinking - oooh Obsidiman! - I know, I know no ED content integration, but they have thrown us a bone on occasion before. But, after reading it -- definitely a creature from a different meta-plane unrelated to Obsidiman. Anyway, just curious if this has been alluded to before...

The other part I found interesting was drawing power directly from the meta-planes  :o --- yowza, what a seemingly terrible idea! <gleeful GM hand rubbing>