CMP 2014-06 A Nights Work results

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I ran CMP 2014-06 A Nights Work last night at my FLGS. I had 4 players, one sitting for his first mission, two more experienced players, and one Veteran, who's character could be considered a "Street Legend", despite everyone thinking he is the driver due to his Kentuckian accent.

With the smaller table size we had a little more time for roll playing the legwork, which everyone had fun with.

The vitals:
The team did not make it through with stealth, they were caught by both the patrolling air spirit in the building, and they had stolen an employees badge and used it to break in. This employee should not have been using the targets terminal, so the Spider raised the alarm.
The team did capture Pete Vargas, they rendered him unconscious so no fun roll playing there.
They escaped as the response team arrived and engaged in chase combat!!

A fun run that I think the players enjoyed. I should have made the combat a little more challenging, or had the security guards stay back and attempt to hold off the team until the response team arrived.