Some Archetype ideas

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« on: <09-07-14/0207:38> »
So, I figured I wanted to house rule the ability to have more than 4 players, but I also wanted to give people more options for their archetype. Thus hybrid archetypes, which only real difference is that they have different starting cards to help imply their hybrid nature. I guess they'd also be a bit more useful in 2 player games, since you'll have a more evenly distributed deck.

Technomancer Green – 3 Marks, 2 Street Smarts, 1 Quick Shot, and 1 Mana
Physical Adepts Black – 3 Quick Shots, 2 Mana, 1 Mark, 1 Street Smarts.
Social Adept Red – 3 Street Smarts, 2 Mana, 1 Mark, 1 Quick Shot
Rigger Green (oddly) – 3 Quick Shots, 2 Marks, 1 Mana, 1 Street Smart.
Mystic Adept Blue– 2 Mana, 2 Quick Shots, 2 Street Smarts, 1 Mark
Shaman Blue – 3 Mana, 2 Street Smarts, 1 Quick Shot, 1, Mark
Alchemist Blue – 3 Mana, 2 Quick Shot, 1 Mark, 1 Street Smart

I was also debating if they should have multi colors or not. And then players can decide who the first objective is given to if there are multiple people playing the same color. Like give the Technomancer both green and red, so that if the TM has more HP then the decker or face, he could tank the first obstacle (assuming it was red or green), instead of one of the other archetypes that might be lower. But multi color sounds a bit, much, so I figured just giving them the color that makes sense for their role would be the best way to handle it for now.

Would probably need to make up a few more archetypes to help even out the different colors though. I was thinking about breaking the Technomancer in two, to Cyberadepts and Technoshamans, but that seemed a bit much for now too. Might rethink it later though. Still need more concepts for more faces like archetypes.


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« Reply #1 on: <09-07-14/1429:21> »
I just did a quick bit of math, and got 20 possible class combinations (including the base 4) assuming that each colour gets a minimum of one card and that there can only be 7 cards. I'd love the idea of making a class for each of them, even voting upon them to see which name people like the best.
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« Reply #2 on: <10-03-14/0828:20> »
Do you actually have to have all four basic cards in a deck? Or even always 7 cards?

Could you not have say a Combat Decker have

3 Quick Shots, 3 Mark, 1 Street Smarts, 0 Mana - What effect would that have?

With no Mana they could never by cards that require a spell card to be played before buying from the Black Market, and they would need to depend on others, or damage level effects to deal with Spell Damage requirements, but in a co-op game they shouldn't be unplayable.


3 Quick Shots, 3 Mark, 1 Street Smarts, 1 Mana - for 8 cards?

The extra basic card would mean their purchased Black Market cards would be less likely to come up but equal Weapon and Hacking cards would reflect the role better, and they would still be able to do some Spell Damage occasionally, and not be cut out of a number of Black Market cards.

or even

3 Quick Shots, 3 Mark, 0 Street Smarts, 0 Mana for 6 cards?

Here the fact you don't have any Skill or Spell Damage is offset by the faster cycle of you deck so your better Black Market cards come up more often.

Personally I think the first option is worth looking at, they would certainly be a nice edition to a 5 player format, but would work in smaller games as well, the only place they wouldn't work is in 1 player games. The roll would only count as a Street Samurai or Decker for targeted effects if the actual Decker or Street Samurai wasn't being played.