5 edition High Life Built, Mystic Adept / Decker

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« on: (18:25:28/09-01-14) »
Seems a Gm will let me run this level of runner so here he is. Since my last game seems on a major hold I modified my other character to this guy. This guy was fun to make.


NOTE: THIS IS A HIGH LIFE BUILD w/ Prime runner charts

Karma 35 + 34 (- Qualities), - 13 (gear), -25 (adept power points), -22 (+ Qualities) - 8 (Skills) -1 (contacts)

Race: B (Elf, 6 special Att.)
Attributes: A (24)
Magic C (Mystic adept, 3 magic and 5 spells,)
Skills:  A (46 (10))
Nuyen: C (210,000 Y)

Street Name: Shin Gi
Name:Aki Kuragari
SIN Name: Hisao Daiki
Most Common Call Signs: Mr Grey
Movement: 6 / 12
Swim: 0
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 1
Public Awareness: 0
Japanese Elf Male Age 32
Height 5í11Ē Weight 162lbs
Composure: 13
Judge Intentions: 13
Lift/Carry: 6
Memory: 10
Nuyen: 4d6 x 100
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Asian

Physical 4
Mental 7
Social 9
Argentum Coat+1 (Must be visible)

BOD: 3
AGI: 3
REA: 3 (5)
STR: 3
CHA: 8
INT: 5
LOG: 5(7)
WIL: 5
EDG: 4
MAG: 5
Adept PP: 5

Derived Attributes
Essence: 5.3
Initiative: 8 + 1d6 or 10 + 3d6
Astral Initiative: 10 + 2d6 (NA)
Matrix Initiative: 8 + 1d6 or 10 + 3d6(AR), 5 +DP +3d6 (cold), 5 + DP + 4d6 (hot)
Physical Damage Track: 10
Stun Damage Track: 11
Armor: 12 + helmet (2)

Active Skills 46 (10) + 4 R 1 8 karma
Cracking (SG) 6
-Cyber Combat
-Electronic Warfare
Conjuring (SG) 4
Computers 6
Hardware (Cyber Decks) 1(3)
Electronics (Data Bombs) 3(5)
Spellcasting (Illusion) 6 ( 8 )
Counter Spelling 3
Assensing 2
Automatics ( machine Pisol) 4 (6)
Throwing Weapons 1 (Bought w/ Karma)
Locksmith 5
Sneaking (Urban) 3 (5)
Pilot Ground Craft (Bike) 2(4)
Perception (Visual) 1(3)
First Aid 1 (Bought w/ karma)
Con (Fast Talking) 1(3)
Etiquette 1  (Bought w/ Karma)
Negotiations 1 (Bought w/ Karma)

Knowledge Skills (20 free)
English N
Forensics (Clean Up) 1 (3) Pool 6 ( 8 )
Rumors Mill (Magic Community) 1(3) Pool 6( 8 )
Magical Theory 1 Pool 6
Law 1 Pool 6
Police Procedures 1 Pool 6
Religion (Shinto) 1(3) Pool 6 ( 8 )
Shadow Community (personalities) 3 (5) Pool 8 (10)
Data Havens 5 Pool 10
Engineering (Electronics) 1(3) Pool 6 ( 8 )


Contact INFO (48 free + 1 karma)

Name: Kenta Matsumoto
Race: Elf
Job: Shinto Shaman Talismonger / Qi Tattoo Artist
 Location:  In City we play in
Known by Aki from: Grew up at Shinto temple together
C 3 L 4

Name: Nobuo Wakahisa
Race: Elf
Job: Shinto  Master Shaman / Fixer
Location: Outside of In City we play in at Shinto Temple
Known by Aki from: Help raising Saketaro at the Shinto Temple
C4 L3

Name: Jeff Penning
Race: Human
Job: Mage Detective in the Paranormal Investigation Department
Location: In City we play in
Known by Aki from: Jeff has ties to the Underground organization of the Shinto Temple, and has been working with Aki for the last 10 years.
C4 L3

Name: Sho Fukui
Race: Elf
Job: Shinto Street Doc / Decker
Location: In City we play in
Known by Aki from: Grew up at Shinto temple together, and has been driving Aki around In City we play in, for P.I. work and in Akiís personal life
C 3 L 4

Name: Aria
Race: Unknown
Job: Matrix phenomenon
Location: Citadel Matrix Host
Known by Aki from: Aki's frequent visits to they Matrix
C 5 L 2

Race: Human
Job: City Official
Location: In City we play in
Known by Aki from:
C 1 L 6

Name: Old One / "Old Man"
Race: Human
Job: A mystery
Location: He never said
Known by Aki from: The two have seen each other around town and seem to always talk about things when they meet.
C 5 L 2

Stunbolt: Type M Range LOS Damage S Duration I DV F-3
Flame Thrower Type: P Range: LOS Damage P Duration I DV F-3
Improved Invisibility: Type: P Range: LOS Duration S DV F-1
Physical Mask: Type: P Range: T Duration S DV F-1
Vehicle Mask: Type: P Range: T Duration S DV F-3

Tradition Shinto Drain Will +CHA = 13

Adept Powers (5 PP 25 Karma)
Improved Reflexes R2
Combat Sense R2
Danger Sense R1
Missile Parry R1
Astral Perception

 Positive ( 22 Karma)
Mystic Adept
Low-Light Vision
Spirit Affinity (Man)
Mentor Spirit (Dragon Slayer)
 +2 combat, + 2 Con,  - 1 all dice if breaks promise
Code Slinger (hacking on the fly)

 Negative (34 Karma)
Insomnia (Basic) (his mind keeps thinking of what he saw in the blood mages basement)
Allergy (Moderate) (UC) Devil Rat Bights
Allergy (Moderate) (UC) Eating Shrimp
Addiction (Mild) Hot Sim

Gear (210,000 + 13 Karma 26,000

Cyberware / Bio-ware 0.7 ess
Data Jack Ess 0.1 <1,000 Y>
Image Link Ess 0.1 <1000 Y>
Vision Magnification Ess 0.1 <2000 Y>
Cerebral Booster R2 Ess 0.4 <63,000 Y>

Cost 5000 / Month
1 months paid for (5000)

Argentum Coat AR 12 (+4) Cap 14 <3,600 Y>
(Custom Fit (Stack), Increase Social Limit +1, -3 Concealablity, Wireless +1 Social Dice Pool)
-Electrochromatic Mod <500 Y>
Helmet  (Dark Green Fedora) AR +2 <100 Y >
Helmet (black Base Ball Cap) AR +2 <100Y>

Ceska Black Scorpion <270 Y>
Acc 5 (6) Damage: 6 P RC 2 AP- Mode: SA/ BF Ammo: 35 ( c )
-Laser Sight < 125 Y>
-Silencer / Suppressor <500 Y>
Spare Clips (3) <15 Y >
Concealable/ Quick-draw holster <275 Y >
Ammo: 140 rounds Gel <350 Y >
Ammo: 140 rounds Reg < 280 Y>

Unarmed Attack 3S

CommLinks / Cyber Deck

Cyber Deck
Type: Hermes Chariot <123,000 Y>
DR: 2 ATT (A) 5/4/4/2 Programs: 2

-AR Gloves (Black Leather) <150 Y>
-Micro- Transceiver <100 Y>
-Satellite Link <500 Y>
-Trid Projector < 200 Y>

Common Programs <320 Y>
-Signal Scrub
-Virtual Machine

Hacking Programs < 1,250 Y>
-Baby Monitor
-Bio-Feedback Filter

Magical Lodge Materials F1 <500 Y>
None yet need to get some

Ears and Eyes
Glasses R2 ( Black Shades) <100 Y>

ID < 18,500 Y>
Fake SIN R5 (Hisao Daiki)
Fake License R5 (Mystic Adept License)
Fake License R5 (Private Investigator License)
Fake License R5 (Cyber Deck)
Fake License R5 (Automatics)
Fake License R5 (Lock Smith Gear)
Fake License R5 (Resticted Cyberware)

Tools & locksmithing
Kit (Electronics) <500 Y>
Kit (Lock Smithing) <500 Y>
Shop (Electronics) <5000 Y>
Lockpick Set <250 Y>
Mini Welder <250 Y>

Respirator R6 <300 Y>
Clothes (White and collared shirts, and a few Silk Ties) <465 Y>

Yamaha Growler
H) 4/5 S3/4 AC) 1 B) 5 AR) 5 P) 1 SE) 1 Seat) 1  <5000 Y>

Elf Shinto Mystic Adept. Wears a tailored Satin Dark Green with black stitched in dragons Argentum long coat, silver tie, black leather AR gloves.  When in a run he turns his Green Coat Black and wears a black tie.

Saketaro is clean shaven with short brown hair, and most of the time is smoking one of his smokes. He has a slim build


Street kid
Aki is a Japanese Elf born to a single mother. Aki ĎsMother Cho Kuragari lived on the streets of City we run at. Cho would have to beg for food and nuyen, and spend time sleeping in alley ways. When Aki was only 4 years old he and his mother meet a member of a nearby Shinto Temple. What Aki and his mother didnít know was the Shinto monk was able to see Akiís mothers aura and tell that she had minor magical powers. It turned out that Cho had a very low magical adept power she didnít even know about. She has a magic rating of 1 with a few adept abilities, (Danger Sense R1, Cloak R1 and Combat Sense R1).
Temple Kid
Akiís life at the Temple was a lot better than his life living on the streets. Aki spent most of his time playing with a few of the other kids at the temple.  At 8 yrs old he had two main friends at the temple Kenta the same age as Aki and Sho two years older. The three kids would play different thinks like hide and go seek, tag and from time to time would sneak around the temple pretending to be ninjas. The three also had to go to school at the temple to learn basic academic skills just like kids that had real SINs. At 10 years old and every year after the small group of kids at the temple would be tested to see if they had any magical talents. At age 11 Kenta had shown his magical abilities as a Mystic Adept. A year later Aki showed he had the same abilitie as a Mystic Adept. The two were put into special training at the temple.

Temple Teenager
At age 13 to 18 the three best friends still hung out. When Sho didnít show any magical talents the other two friends never rub it in that he was not awakened the three still stayed close. Sho being older than the other two was the first to leave the Temple to see the outside world. Sho went to a university where he learned medicine. The two at the temple where able to see Sho when he came back to visit the Temple and they keep in contact through their comm links. When Aki turned 18 he also left the Temple as did Kenta. Both went to different schools. Aki was into learning about law and other things that would let him become a Private Investigator. Kenta was more into diving greater into his magic.

School life 18 - 22
After 4 years at school the two went into their fields. Kenta started a small talismonger shop in New Orleans, and Aki was able to get a PI licence and start digging into cases that walked into his door.
Work 22 - 31
Aki didnít have any wheels so he decided to ask his close friend Sho if he would help out. Sho at this time was running a small clinic and was cybered up. Sho is an excellent driver which came in handy for Aki. Aki split his fees for his work with Sho so the two got some extra cash from Akiís PI job. Well Aki was doing his PI work one of the heads at the Shinto Temple Mr Wakahisa was able to get Aki in contact with a local Detective named Jeff Penning. Jeff had strong ties to Mr Wakahisa in some way. Aki was able help out with Jeff Penning work from time to time, the two are not really friends but do talk from time to time when the other could help with a problem they have. One of the jobs Jeff brought Aki on still makes it hard for Aki to sleep. There was a blood mage apartment that that the two stumbled on, inside there were body parts dripping blood hung on the walls that would make most people lose their lunch on the spot. The two were able to bring the blood mage down but to this day Aki sees that apartment everytime he closes his eyes to go to sleep at night. After a few more years Aki got bored with the PI life and wanted something new.
Into the Shadows.
At the age of 31 Aki asked Mr Wakahisa if he was able to get Aki some work in the field of Shadowrunning. Aki was not sure if this was something Mr Wakahisa could do. Mr Wakahisa was able to inform Aki this was a possibility and would get him into the Shadows as soon as he could. With the last few months passing by one which Aki turned 32 Mr. Wakahisa has yet to get back to him, but Aki is still hopeful.

Elf Shinto Mystic Adept, Decker that has been fine tuning his skills over the last few years.

EDIT: I want more edge so I changed Race to B and Magic to C (01/09/2014)

EDIT: Since I got Prime build, Added more gear, modded skills, and added more contacts
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« Reply #1 on: (19:18:49/09-01-14) »
Only had a quick skim through as reading on my phone but couldn't see anything too obviously missing from this build. It's spread thin but you knew that already, given the archetype. Seems a decent start so far though, will give a more indepth look later in week


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« Reply #2 on: (19:34:23/09-01-14) »
I just skimmed through it but your priority is wrong. Priority B for mystic adept gives you 4 Magic + 7 Spells, not 3 Magic + 5 Spells. Also, possibly consider changing to a Willpower + Logic tradition so you can max out tradition and pick up some Cerebral Boosters. I do notice you have Priority C for cash, so that may not be feasible, however it is something you may want to consider at least.

 Haven't really checked anything else, but just noticed those two things which would probably be helpful for you.
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Allergies' Thread


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« Reply #3 on: (19:48:25/09-01-14) »
Opps me bad I didn't change the letter for the Magic to a C, in a High Life build you get 2 A's 1 B and 2 C's.

When making a High Life build do you use the standard table for nuyen, contacts, and Karma max. Or do you use the Prime Runner? I was thinking the standard table, since if you want to play a rocking non-awakened you would likely use a Prime runner build to kind of match a High Life runner build.

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« Reply #4 on: (20:31:23/09-01-14) »
Depends on the GM. Aria states it's Prime + High Life.
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« Reply #5 on: (14:10:18/09-02-14) »
Hot Dam!! That will give me 70,000 more Nuyen and like 24 more contacts. Ok let me mod this guy a bit.

Magic uses higher laws to over come lower laws.