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« on: <08-26-14/1032:49> »
     Hello All! I am new to the Board, but not new to Shadowrun. And I wish that my first post was a contribution rather than a question but here it is.
     I have not been able to find the answer to this question on the board about the Technomancer example character in the 5th edition Core Rulebook. I don't have an exact page number as I do not have the book nearby right now, but I hope that someone might have an answer.
      Regarding the Technomancer sample character, NOT the sample archetype, during the character creation steps. In the section on the matrix and Technomancy, it states that the attributes of the mental persona (aka device rating, data processing, firewall, etc..) are directly tied to the Technomancers attributes and that is fairly straightforward. Example being that the mental Persona's Firewall attribute is a direct reflection of the Willpower attribute of the character, before any other modifiers. However, during the character creation steps, the final attributes of the Technomancer sample character has a set of Mental Persona attributes exactly 2 higher than his actual attributes in all the categories. Other than the natural Hardening for a +1 to Firewall, this discrepancy makes no sense, or I am just missing something really basic?
 Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


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« Reply #1 on: <08-26-14/1131:49> »
The sample characters are not legal.
Feel free to keep any karma you earned illicitly, it's on us.

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Alright then! I guess it was something basic after all lol!
 Thanks for the reply Namikaze!  :)


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« Reply #3 on: <08-30-14/1058:17> »
Archetype: Technomancer
Metatype: D (Human (3))
Attributes:  (24+8=32 attribute points)
Magic/Resonance: 3 (Technomancer, Resonance 3, 1 Complex Form)
Skills: B (36/5)
Resources: E (6k)
Karma expenditure: 28 (25-25(27!)=0 on Qualities, 12-12=8 on Contacts, 8 on Gear, 2x2=4 on Skills, 4x4=16 on Complex Forms)
Nuyen expenditure: 20,710¥
[spoiler]    500   Armor vest [9]
    250   50 datachips (blank)
    300   data tap
    300   earbuds [Rating 1, w/ select sound filter 1]
  7,500   fake SIN (Rating 3)
     25   flashlight
    125   glasses [Rating 1, w/ image link]
    900   headjammer (Rating 6)
    100   mapsoft (Seattle)
  2,000   MCT Fly Spy microdrone
    750   medkit (Rating 3)
  2,000   2 Renraku (SHIAWASE!) Kanmushi microdrones
  1,000   Renraku Sensei commlink
      5   10 restraints (plastic)
     50   respirator (Rating 1)
     50   50 RFID tags
    300   30 stealth tags
  4,000   Low Lifestyle (2 months)
    545   Colt America L36 [Light Pistol, Acc 7, DV 7P, AP —, SA, RC —, 11(c), w/ spare clip, 110 rounds regular ammo]
     10   Knife [Blade, Reach —, Acc 5, DV 4P, AP –1]
Starting ¥ 3D6 x 60¥
Transgressions and 'simple' fixes:
  • 2 Karma over the limit in Negative Qualities: change from Vocal to Biased
  • Starting ¥ should be 1,290 + (3D6 x 60)¥
  • 3 too much Karma spent: drop First Aid 1 and headjammer gear, adjust starting ¥ to 190 + (3D6 x 60)¥

that is the fan fix to make the sample techno into a legal character if you are still interested in playing him :)
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