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« on: <08-19-14/1630:04> »
Since this was such a "thing" for folks, I wanted to give an update from my weekend of demoing...

The stickers and the high gloss character cards are designed so that the stickers can be very easily peeled off (though they stick well enough that there's no danger of them falling off).  I was putting stickers on all weekend long and peeling them back off again to demonstrate, and even made certain to press them down nice and securely to show that they were indeed stuck on.  They're not vinyl clings, they are actual stickers, but the glossy slick surface allows them to come off very well.

Of course, if you're putting them on and peeling them off a lot, I'm sure the individual stickers will lose their stickiness after a while.  But that's why the game comes with several of each.  Plus, if you're removing the stickers fairly often, you may be playing the game wrong. *grin*  These are supposed to be permanent upgrades for long term campaign play.  It's also possible that long term (after months and months) the stickers may adhere a little more permanently, I don't really know.  Obviously I wasn't able to test that.

Further, we did test (With Jay, one of the games designers, he was the one who showed us that the stickers weren't permanent) that the cards can be used with dry erase markers as well, so that's an option too.

The Character Expansion pack comes with 20 more race cards and a whole stack of the sticker upgrades too.



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« Reply #1 on: <08-20-14/2309:14> »
Thanks Bull, really appreciate the feedback.