[5eOoC] 2075/6: Stormy Waters [Persistent World; recruitment always open]

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« Reply #4995 on: <05-16-17/1935:24> »

@SoP: Don't know how often you are all checking RPG but I've given the go to post an opening IC there if you want...mine is still in draft format so you'll have to wait to see that for a couple more days!  And yes, I know I said start in June, but it's fun writing it  ;D

Excited to try coming up with a worthy intro.

And Obi - the site just keeps getting better! So cool watching it develop!

Mercy Merchant

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« Reply #4996 on: <05-17-17/0248:56> »
Alyce's mundane initiative really sucks.  Initiative: 12+1d6 15  15 and 2 IP  I would normally have to wait, but will use an edge to go before the drones.

Alyce attacks one of the drone on the side that ISaint has kindly left for her.  Whip Attack: 14d6t5 5  5 Hits

Drone defense:  Defend: 8d6t5 3  Forgot to remove 2d6 for reach so one defense hit is removed.

DV is 12 + Net Hits 3 AP -8:  Soak: 4d6t5 2  Drone takes 13P damage and drops to the floor in two pieces.

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Nice work!
But I'd have expected Robyn to drop a forked dataspike on both drones
Time for Silk to shine and take out the last drone before it sonics us into the ground  ;D
(Rick is probably a bit preoccupied with keeping 5 Invisibility spells going)
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« Reply #4998 on: <05-17-17/0342:14> »
Yeah, I thought about the forked Data Spike, but the Firewall of the host is 12 and I would assume that the drones are slaved to it.  So my attack would be against more defending dice and I thought it would be easier to take out one of the drones with the whip since its defense and soak are pretty small, relatively speaking. 

But if it comes up again, and I am sure it will, the drones would get their pilot + host firewall to defend against the Data Spike, right?  Does the drone use its own DR or that of the host to calculate soak?

I agree that it is now time for Silk to do something magnificent.
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« Reply #4999 on: <05-17-17/0350:22> »
Slaved devices may use whichever part of the defense is better, so likely 12+9 - yeah I see why you'd prefer to use the whip...

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« Reply #5000 on: <05-17-17/0459:37> »
@Adam: you can use the police lt. stats pg 383 core as a basis for the two guards...not much threat to you lot  ;)

Will come up with an action for Silk in a bit!
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« Reply #5001 on: <05-17-17/0846:16> »
Alright so four drones accounted for, leaving one guard unoccupied.

I'll allow myself to roll for Al's opponent and his colleague:

Guard 1 Ini: 11+1d6 13
Guard 2 Ini: 11+1d6 16

Guard 1 is attacked by Al and can't see his attacker (-6) but spends 5 Ini to Block (+6)
Defense: 11d6t5 3
3 Net Hits
Defense against 9S
Soak: 16d6t5 3
Guard takes 6S, losess another 2 Ini
Acts on 3

If they are CFD enhanced they could use a Willpower+Nanite Volume (2) test to reduce stun damage

His Colleague notices something is hitting his partner and tries to intervene:
He can't shoot or use taser damage as that is particularly dangerous to nanite controlled people and he doesn't want to hurt his partner, so he goes in for a grapple, trying to catch whatever it is hitting his partner:

Agi 4 + Skill 6 + Friend in Melee 1 + Charge 2 - Blind Fire 6= 7 dice
Grapple: 7d6t5 0 [7d6t5=2, 1, 1, 2, 4, 1, 4]
As luck would have it, he misses Al completely.

Guard 1 finally has a chance to hit back against Al, going for the same tactic but without the charge advantage:
Grapple: 5d6t5 0 [5d6t5=1, 1, 4, 4, 1]
And there is the critical glitch. Whatever consequence it is, it's unlikely that he'll be around for it next round, but he probably just lost his next defense.

Al and Isaint are on the same Ini, but Al has the higher Edge rating, so the next pass is all yours  ;D
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« Reply #5002 on: <05-17-17/2000:57> »
Thanks for the resolution, Jack.

One thing, I think you missed my second edit on my original post in which I corrected my base damage to 8S, so the first guard is now at 8 boxes of damage.

So with him only having two boxes left...if a glitch might be him falling down, then a critical glitch - I don't think he crashing into a wall (maybe with help!) and losing two more boxes is an unreasonable outcome...

So with no one else chiming in on the critical glitch, I'm just going to call him down and hit the second guy.

Basically same dice as before, except I'll replace the +2 bonus for charging with a +2 bonus (and then five off my initiative) for Full Offense.

hit second guard: 15d6t5 3
Boring - but this is not the time to waste Edge.

He has just enough initiative left to block like his friend did, so
block Al: 11d6t5 4
Better luck for him that time - he blocks Al's attack...

I think pretty much everyone in the team now goes before this guy gets another chance, so put him down.

If he were "normal" I'd assume he'd run or surrender at this point, but he seemed pretty zombified before.....

Mercy Merchant

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« Reply #5003 on: <05-18-17/0036:35> »
Robyn goes last and I have no intent of using another edge to go faster.  I also do not intend to use the whip anywhere close to where I might hit a teammate.
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« Reply #5004 on: <05-18-17/0608:15> »
A little snafu on my end:
Obi just notified me that Rick doesn't have the Invisibility spell. What he has is Physical Mask and Concealment through his spirits

So we weren't in fact invisible, but looked probably like a bunch of small drones that were pretty uninteresting (except of course for the guard drones).

I'll edit my posts accordingly
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« Reply #5005 on: <05-18-17/0752:25> »
Sounds like it'd be easier to persuade Obi to spend 5 karma and get improved invisibility lol... sure he can afford it!

Can you each give me some sort of indication of your wifi state and any protections in place to counter / detect marks on your gear?  Running silent isn’t going to be enough down here where there aren’t any distractions to hide behind!  And the foe have already had around 30mins to scan your presence while Al, Silk and Alyce were hiding… they haven’t made a move yet… but they will 8)

CFD Guard
B 4 A 4 R 4 (6) S 3 W 4 L 3 I 5 C 4 ESS 5.1
Initiative 9 + 1D6 (11 + 1D6)  Condition Monitor 10  Limits Physical 5 (6), Mental 5, Social 6
Armor 12
Skills Automatics 4, Close Combat skill group 6, Intimidation 4, Leadership 5, Perception 5, Pistols 6, Sneaking 3
Augmentations Cybereyes [Rating 2, w/ flare compensation, image link, low-light vision, smartlink,
thermographic vision), reaction enhancers 2
Armor jacket [12]
Defiance EX Shocker [Taser, Acc 4, DV 11S(e), AP –5, SS, RC —, 4 (m)]
Stun baton [Club, Acc 4, Reach 1, DV 9S(e), AP –5, 10 charges]

Nanite Volume for both of these sec guards is 6

The guard Al downed will make two SA, 1 to stay conscious and another to reduce stun to 7, and now the second will do too, remaining conscious and reducing stun to 11 (or 10 + 1 Physical) :P

CFD Powers[spoiler]
Head Cases can make a Simple Willpower + Nanite Volume (2) Test every Combat Round to stay conscious even when their Physical Condition Monitor is full. They can still take Physical damage and it follows standard rules for damage overflow. Head cases can also stay conscious when their Stun Condition Monitor is filled. The head case makes a Simple Nanite Volume roll and
reduces their current Stun monitor by the number of hits on the roll. This effect lasts for a number of minutes equal to the number of hits on the Nanite Volume roll. When the time expires, the head case gets all the removed damage back, plus 1 additional box for each
test they have made. This means they suffer Physical damage (and possibly death) and pass out

Head cases can boost any of their Physical Attributes through manipulation of their biochemistry using their nanites. Using Attribute Boost requires a Simple Action. The head case makes a Simple Nanite Volume roll. For each hit, the head case can increase any Physical Attribute by 1. These points can be distributed over separate attributes as the gamemaster desires, even on the same test. These boosts last for a number of rounds equal to the number of hits on the roll. After this time the head case suffers a number of boxes of Stun damage equal to the hits on the Nanite Volume roll.[/spoiler]
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« Reply #5006 on: <05-18-17/0837:34> »
I left quite a lot of my gadgets on the plane, but my current getup is:

[spoiler]Fairlight runs autonomously with Stealth Dongle, Agent 6 and Smoke&Mirrors running on full, checking every round for MARKs for a total of 12 dice to running Silent,
Full Matrix Defense for a total of 19 dice, 12 dice for Matrix perception.
Reboots if MARKs are detected, shuts wireless off when Matrix damage occurs. 

Slaved to that are:
Tasers (2x Defiance Ex)
Guns (Savalette and Ruger)

As soon as he puts on the FBA:
Area Jammer R6
Ultrasound Noise Generator

Folded Up Riot Shield:
Pulse Weave[/spoiler]

Also don't forget that electrical attacks give -1 dp to all actions except soak.

Also, should you want to use rules from Lockdown p.203:

"Almost any injury can be healed, even some serious brain injuries, so head cases can keep coming back,  sometimes with a different face as the nanites restructure the face of their host. The exception to this, and one of the few ways to truly kill a head case, is Electricity damage. This damage causes the nanites to short out while they try to fix their host (which means the Damage Resistance ability does not function while these repairs are in process). The problem is this also tends to kill the host as well. So if you don’t want to lose the host, proceed cautiously. "

Finally, The Defiance Ex taser does give a biomonitor readout on the status of the victim. The revival won't stay unnoticed (unless Isaint's gear gets hacked beforehand)
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Mercy Merchant

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« Reply #5007 on: <05-19-17/0017:13> »
Robyn has a Transys Graygul with current stats of:  Data Processing 7, Firewall 9, Sleaze 8, Attack 9

All her wireless devices are slaved to her PAN.  An R6 Agent continuously scans for MARKs. 

She can run 10 programs on this deck with Virtual Machine.
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« Reply #5008 on: <05-19-17/0204:14> »
First, please excuse my clumsy attempt at making a 5e character. I haven't played since 3e, so feel free to tell me to fix something. I'll go make an account on the other site once this whole thing sorted out.

[spoiler=Character sheet]
Name: Meira "I'wath" Baquearnith
Metatype: Elf
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Height: 168cm
Build: Lithe, wiry
Nationality: Tir Tangire
Description: Meira is shorter than the average elf, to be sure, but it gives her the advantage of being able to look the average human in the eye. When she does, the sleepiness in her gaze and the bags under her eyes are particularly apparent. To most, it would appear that she simply doesn't sleep well, but others may recognize it as a side effect of drug abuse. The face and neck tattoos, the green and black hair, and the rather obvious ear decor are a far cry from her military days.
Street cred: 0
Notoriety: 1
Public Awareness: 0

== Attributes ==
BOD: 3 (4)
AGI: 7 (9)
REA: 5 (6)
STR: 3 (4)
CHA: 3
INT: 3
LOG: 4
WIL: 3
EDG: 2

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence: 4.9
Initiative: 9 +1d6
Rigger Initiative: 9 +1d6
Astral Initiative:
Matrix AR: 9 +1d6
Matrix Cold: 3 + DP +3d6
Matrix Hot: 3 + DP +4d6
Physical Damage Track: 10
Stun Damage Track: 10
Judge Intent: 6
Memory: 7
Lift/carry: 8 (60kg/40kg)
Movement: 18/36 (2m/hit)

== Limits ==
Physical: 6
Autopicker [+6] (Only for picking a mechanical lock)
Chameleon Suit [+2] (Only for Sneaking, Must be visible)
Mental: 5
Vision Enhancement [+1] (Only for visual Perception)
Social: 5
Securetech PPP: Arms Kit [-1] (Must be visible)
Securetech PPP: Legs Kit [-1] (Must be visible)
Securetech PPP: Vitals Kit [-1] (Must be visible)
Astral: 5

== Active Skills ==
Blades Base: 0 Pool: 10
Demolitions Base: 0 Pool: 5
Disguise Base: 0 Pool: 4
Escape Artist Base: 0 Pool: 17
Etiquette (Military) Base: 0 Pool: 6 (8)
Exotic Melee Weapon (Monofilament Whip) Base: 0 Pool: 15
First Aid Base: 0 Pool: 5
Gymnastics (Climbing) Base: 0 Pool: 12 (14)
Impersonation Base: 0 Pool: 4
Leadership (Command) Base: 0 Pool: 4 (6)
Negotiation Base: 0 Pool: 4
Perception (Hearing) Base: 0 Pool: 9 (11)
Pistols Base: 0 Pool: 15
Sneaking Base: 0 Pool: 17
Survival Base: 0 Pool: 4

== Knowledge Skills ==
English Native
Japanese Base: 3 Pool: 6
Sperethiel Native
Combat Tactics Base: 0 Pool: 7
Combat Tactics Base: 0 Pool: 7
Engineering Base: 3 Pool: 7
Foreign Military Base: 0 Pool: 7
History Base: 3 Pool: 7
Military Base: 0 Pool: 7
Security Design Base: 0 Pool: 6
Security Procedures Base: 3 Pool: 7
Security Tactics Base: 0 Pool: 7
Small Unit Tactics Base: 0 Pool: 6

== Contacts ==
Karyth; Tir Tangire; Military (3, 4)
Pug; Seattle; Street Vendor (4, 2)

== Qualities ==
Addiction (Mild) (Kamikaze)
Double Jointed
Low Pain Tolerance
Low-Light Vision
SINner (National) (Tir Tangire)

== Lifestyle ==
Medium ("Medium") 2 Months

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Muscle TonerRating 2
Suprathyroid Gland (2050)

== Armor ==
Armor Clothing 8
+ AR Fashion
+ Gel Packs
+ Shock Weave
Chameleon Suit 9
+ Thermal Damping 6
Securetech PPP: Arms Kit 1
Securetech PPP: Legs Kit 1
Securetech PPP: Vitals Kit 1

== Weapons ==
Ares Predator V
+ Concealable Holster
+ Personalized Grip
+ Silencer
+ Smartgun System, Internal
Pool: 15 Accuracy: 8 DV: 8P AP: -1 RC: 3
Monofilament Whip
+ Concealable Holster
+ Personalized Grip
Pool: 15 Accuracy: 6 DV: 12P AP: -8 RC: 3
Survival Knife
Pool: 10 Accuracy: 5 DV: 6P AP: -1 RC: 3
Unarmed Attack
Pool: 8 Accuracy: 6 DV: 4S AP: - RC: 3

== Commlink ==
Renraku Sensei (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 3, FWL: 3)

== Gear ==
Ammo: APDS (Heavy Pistols) x150
Ammo: Subsonic (Heavy Pistols) x150
Autopicker Rating 6
Cellular Glove Molder Rating 4
Contacts Rating 3
+ Smartlink
+ Vision Enhancement Rating 1
Fake License (Pistol License) Rating 4
Fake SIN (Civilian) Rating 4
Gecko Tape Gloves
Kamikaze x21
Keycard Copier Rating 6
Maglock Passkey Rating 4
Maglock Passkey Rating 4
Sequencer Rating 4


Unless you're an elf, probably just stick to calling me "Meira". I picked up the nickname in my old unit, it literally translates to "the shadow". Hey, I never said they were creative. Most people figure elves are loathe to get to the point, but soldiers are always spot on. Anyway, it was my job to figure out the lay of the land, open doors, that sort of thing. Get the squad in, you know? Well it turns out that promoting someone to their level of incompetence happens in the military too. I was so good at doing things that weren't related to commanding a squad that I got put in charge of commanding a squad.

It went well for a while - I knew what it was like to follow orders, so I knew how to not give bad orders. Problem is, when you're used to operating like I do, and things don't go according to plan, it gets really bad. I'm used to setting up a situation where my squad can run in and mop up in a matter of seconds. By the time the bad guys realize what's happening, it's too late. Well, I got spotted on one op. Big deal, right? It's not a solo mission. I retreated, got shot in the process, and dragged my skinny ass back to my squad, screaming and sweating like... well, like someone who just got shot, I guess. It really freaked my squad out - the CO doesn't get to lose their cool. One of them gave me an emergency dose of kamakaze so I could hold it together until we got back to base at least.

Damn if that high wasn't good. It didn't last long, but when firefights are measured in seconds, half an hour might as well be an eternity. I started using before every mission, and it made me better at my work. But my squad was starting to act funny. They didn't look me in the eye as often, and conversations stopped when I walked in. As long as they followed orders, their personal hangups weren't any of my business. I should have noticed it was going to hell, but I guess I was too busy expecting people to be professional.

My last mission was a complete failure on my part. I failed spectacularly as a leader, and the rest of them finished without me anyway. Shows how useful I am. I took a hit straight to the head and told them to go in. One guy, big bastard by the name of Karyth, finally called me on it.

"That's a bad call, commander. You need to stop shoving that shit up your nose and focus on the mission."

"I don't remember giving you permission to speak freely! You'll do as you're ordered and you'll stop questioning my judgement! This is a tailored combat drug, not some nasty street soap brewed in a cracked coffee pot!"

I was seething, and jittery, and probably talking too loudly, given our position. He stood up, grabbed me by the front of my body armor, and punched me square in the eye. To add insult to injury, the back of my head hit the wall, though that might have just been adding injury to more injury. I guess I didn't react fast enough since I was expecting my squad to be loyal, but he caught me completely off guard and knocked me flat. They dragged me off into a corner and let me stare at my feet while I tried to deal with the concussion. When I came down from the high, I was out like a light. Woke up in a hospital, and was promptly discharged for my substance abuse.

Karyth said he was just trying to keep me from sinking any further. In his weird, screwed up way, he's still loyal. Well, it's something I guess. Better to have someone who has your back than not, right? He thinks I'm clean now, and I want him to keep thinking that, mostly because he hits like a truck.

So what's a gal with a few years of military experience, no job, and a handful of pills to do?


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« Reply #5009 on: <05-19-17/0256:45> »
Hi fibericon,
pardon me asking, but which game did you plan to join? ???
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