[5eOoC] 2075/6: Stormy Waters [Persistent World; recruitment always open]

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I would like to join, I have a Wolf Shaman


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Name: Sam Hoarce
Alias: Bittorrent
Race: Troll
Sex: Male
Physical Description/Personality/background:
Bittorrent is a very rare Technomancer, and he's a Troll.  A very tall, skinny, black Troll.  His real name is Sam, and his parents were both shadowrunners themselves, though only moderately succesful.  Another rarity, most would call Bittorrent beautiful.  He has naturally golden hued horns, tusks and protrusions, and his skin is so dark it has an almost blueish tint to it.  To go with this he has long black dredlocks and piercing blue eyes.  As such, he is often shunned by other goblinoids for being too 'pretty', but he's smart enough to know it's just jealousy.  He's also charismatic enough to charm just about anyone when he first meets them.

As a child, he ended up being hospitalized for several months after getting caught up in a hornets nest.  He is very allergic to bees, and has be know to run screeming like a little elf girl when confronted with them.  A rather comical sight to those around him.

All in all, he's a pretty simple guy trying to make his way in a world that's stacked against him.  He is currently on the streets and considering hacking the local no-tell for a few nights crash space and a shower.



Positive Qualities
Exceptional Attribute: Charisma
First Impression
Negative Qualities
Allergy, Common (Severe): Bees
Distinctive Style: Golden Horns/Teeth/Protrusions

Active Skills
Acting Skill Group8
Influence Skill Group8
Compiling (Machine Sprites +2)9/11
Computer (Matrix Perception +2)10/12
Cybercombat (vs. Devices +2)8/10
Electronic Warfare7
First Aid11
Hacking (vs. Devices +2)8/10
Registering (Machine Sprites +2)9/11
Software (Puppeteer +2)10/12
Knowledge Skills
Matrix History7
Shadow Runner History6
Language Skills

Complex Forms
Transcendent Grid

Gear (480¥)
Berwick Suit2600¥
    Argentum Coat3200¥
    Concealable Holster150¥
Bug Scanner (1)100¥
Data Tap300¥
Ear Buds100¥
    Audio Enhancement 21000¥
Fichetti Executive Action300¥
    Laser Sight125¥
    36 APDS Rounds432¥
    36 Stick-N-Shock Rounds288¥
    Image Link25¥
    Low Light Vision500¥
    Vision Enhancement 21000¥
Jammer, Area (4)800¥
Medkit (6)1500¥
(5x)Medkit Supplies500¥
Meta Link Commlink100¥
Renraku Sensei Commlink1000¥
White Noise Generator (6)300¥

Dad (Argus)Fixer3/4
Mom (Chora)Street Doc1/6

#1 forgot to buy a gun and changed bugscanner to a rating 1 instead 6
#2 changed Chora from a fence to a street doc (probably won't matter for this campaign)
#3 added starting cash
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« Reply #17 on: <08-24-14/0446:36> »
Here's a link to my post:

And all of the skill numbers are full pool, not the skill rating.  Lemme know if you want me to change that to just the rating.
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« Reply #18 on: <08-25-14/0840:07> »
So, having a nightmare with chummer 5, had to do it the old fashioned way instead:

here's my dwarf decker:
Dwarf Hacker

A: Gear (450,000)
B: Skills (36/5)
C: Meta (dwarf, 1)
D: Attribs (14)
E: Magic (0)

+Codeslinger; Hack on the fly (-10 karma)
-Common, Mild allergy (Dogs +10 karma)
-Sinner, National (UCAS +5 Karma)
-Distinctive Style (Neck Tattoos +5 karma)

Net 35 karma remaining

BOD 4 (+1)
STR{5}(+0)              14/14
REA 3 (+2)
CHA 2 (+0) {+10 Karma}
INT 3 (+2)
LOG 6 (+5)
WIL 4 (+2)

EDG 2 (+1)
ESS 3 (-3)
Electronics 5

Hacking 6 (hosts +2)             36/36
CyberCombat 6 (IC +2)
Electronic Warfare 3
Longarms 3 (Shotguns +2)
Etiquette 2 (street +2)   
Pistols 1 (SA +2)
Sneaking 2 (urban +2)
Pilot Ground 1 (wheeled +2)
Perception 4

Gymnastics 2 (6Karma)      34/35
Clubs 2 (6Karma)
Pilot air 1 (2Karma)
Gear: +10 karma for 470,000

Sony CIY-720 CyberDeck (7/6/5/4) {DR4 + 4 progs} 345,000
-Biometric 200
-Trid Projector 200
-Satellite 500                         345,900

Transys Avalon Commlink {DR6} 5,000
-Sim mod (cold) 100                      5,100

Browse (1/2 search time)
Configurator (swap progs)
Edit (+2DP on edit)
Encryption (+1 firewall)
Signal Scrub (2NR)
Toolbox (+1DP)
Virtual machine (+2 progs)      560

Armour (+2 resist)
Baby Monitor (see OS)
Biofeedback Filter (+2 resist BF)
Decryption (+1 attack)
Defuse (+4 data bomb resist)
Demolition (+1 to make data bomb)
Exploit (+2 sleaze)
Fork (double action)
Guard (reduces mark damage 1DV)
Hammer (+2DV)
Mugger (+1DV per mark)
Shell (+1 resist DV + BF)
Sneak (+2 resist trace user)
Stealth (+1 sleaze)
Track (+2 trace user)
Wrapper (alter icons)           4250

R4 Agent 8,000
Total: 363,810
x2 Datajack 2,000 0.2ESS
CyberEyes R2 {cap 8} 6,000 0.3ESS
-Smartlink {3} 4,000
-Flare comp {1} 1,000
-Vision Mag {2} 2,000
-Vision enhance R2 {2} 8,000   21,000

Muscle Replacement R2 2.5ESS (used)37,500                424,310

Weapons + Armour:

Krime Boss Shotgun (GH3) 600
-Internal Smartgun 600
 +Vision Mag 250
-Shock pad 50
-Gas Vent 3 600
-Flashlight 25                 2375

Colt Agent Special (GH3) 250   1425
-Internal Smartgun 250
 +Vision Mag 250
-Gas vent 3 600
-Flashlight 25
-Hidden Arm Slide 300

Extendable Baton                100

Clothing (casual) 50

Lined Coat {arm 9} 900
-chem protect R3 750
-non conduct R3 750
-atmosphere sensor 100         2500

Helmet 100
-Micro Transceiver 100
-Motion Sensor 100
-Image Link 25                  325

total 6425                                       431,135

Headphones R5 250
-Spatial Recog 1000 {2, +4avail}
-Sound filter 1 250 {1, +3avail}
-Audio Enhance 2 1000{2 +4avail}       2,500

Fake SiN R4 10,000
-Fake Gun License R4 800
-Vehicle License R4 800
-Decker License R4 800                12,400

Middle Lifestyle 5000                  5,000

Handheld Sensor R3 300
-Radio signal scanner 300
-Directional Mic 3 300
-Laser Mic 3 300                       1,200     
Total 21,000                                     452,235
Honda Spirit (2 seats, speed 4)       12,000

SB Microskimmer (microdrone) 1,000
Sensor 3:
 -Camera 3
  +Low Light 500
  +Vision mag 250
 -Microphone 3
  +filter 1 250
 -Motion Sensor 3                       5,000
+Maneuver 3 1500
+Clearsight 3 1500                               469,235
x2 Spare clip +15 rounds flechette  210
x2 Spare clip +15 rounds regular slug 70

Clip +10 rounds Explosive 85
Clip +10 rounds Regular 25
Clip +10 rounds Gel 30                       420

Silver credstick 20 (20,000 limit)
+325 NY
Knowledge Skills: (int 3, log 6 = 18) +1 karma
English N
Chinese 1 (1karma)
Matrix Crime 3             18/18
Motor Racing 2 (Powerboats +2)
Dwarf Rock 2
Local Area Knowledge 3
Local Gang Knowledge 3     
Drone design 2
Black Market Sellers 1 (Cyberdecks +2)
Contacts: Cha x3 = 9
Fixer 3,3
Street Doc 2,1

Morgan Ruth, 32 year old Dwarf of UCAS birth.
A pretty bad guy by all methods of measurement, he's mis-applied his natural intelligence since being a child.
Pushy parents dragged him up and put him through technical college, dealing with a near-constant stream of letters home, meeting teachers and headmasters over the years.
He graduated college by the skin of his teeth and failed to get the glamorous position his parents had hoped for, instead bunking off work to go on drinking benders and getting into minor scuffles with low-lifes outside of bars.
To him though, it had never been about working for "the man", the last thing he wanted was that. He enjoyed the thrill of doing something "wrong", of rebellion and to him, subverting a system was far more thrilling than detecting and repelling it. It wasn't long before he started working the shadows. His natural skill with electronics made him damn near invaluable to a number of shady groups. The mix of hardware and skills was hard to duplicate and it fitted his idea of a "proper job" pretty damn well.
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« Reply #19 on: <08-26-14/0809:59> »
Thanks for the characters!  For those in this thread can we add some spoiler tags perhaps after the general info, makes for slightly easier reading :)  I will get them linked to the beginning of the thread as soon as I can...

I'm trying to persuade a couple of my 'shooters' from DS to bring their characters over here too so hopefully we'll be good to go in the not too distant future, I will start thinking about the opening IC post now.

Still room for more if there are other potential players lurking out there!
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« Reply #20 on: <08-26-14/1139:49> »
Kai "Flicker" Kosugi

Dwarf Adept


Age: 18   Appears: 15
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eyes: Sky Blue
Hair: White


Kai knows very little of his past, he doesn't remember his family he just remembers the slums he grew up in. Fighting every day for a scrap of food or to be allowed to live a little longer. One day he was deep in a alley searching through a dumpster for today's only meal when he heard the gang hooting and hollering at something.
     He ducked behind the dumpster and dared to look and he saw a human lady being harassed and shoved, she fell to her knees not 2 feet from Kai he saw steel in her eyes. She spoke softly, you better be fast you have about 4 minutes before they get here and then your all dead, the lead ganger had his back to Kai but he saw him reach for a gun. Kai grabbed the closest item at hand which was a two by four. He swung at the gangers gun hand and felt the board connect and a loud crack. Kai yelled for the old lady to run and he swung at the next closest ganger.
     Maddy was up and running to the alley opening just as they grabbed Kai and she heard the first of many blows and cries come from the young boy. He could barely see through the swelling eyes but the blows stopped as the gunfire started. Kai lost all sense of time, when he did wake the pain was beyond words and as time passed the pain eased, between the drugs and the healing he was finally able to wake and stay conscious.
     When he woke and looked around it was different but there sitting in a chair was the lady he helped. In a thick Irish accent she said "Hello wee one I am Mara McCallister but you can call me Maddy" I am truly sorry you almost died and for the beating you took to save me, I have had the best of the best treating you. I tried to locate your family but I could not find them if you want to give me their com code I will contact them. Kai says thank you Maddy I don't have anyone, and the idea you would spend Nuyen on a nobody is more than I would of ever hoped, I just figured if I died it was ok because no one would miss me and you would be safe.
     Maddy took his hand with a tear in her eye and said now you have a family and I would miss you, so after explaining all the work done to him he was taken to his new home, Maddy raised him, started teaching him, school started for Kai and then college. Kai found out Maddy was a premiere fixer and learned a lot about her business, he also showed a keen aptitude for combat and Maddy had him introduced to one if her contacts Old Man Chun an ancient man who could shoot a weapon as well as fight with ancient ones as well including swords. Maddy also had Kai trained in stealth, breaking and entering poisons and unarmed combat making him a well rounded and deadly foe. But his most important lesson was to learn to heal before hurting. Now he has left Maddy and is on his own. Making a name for himself as silent and deadly. Getting into places and back out without ever being noticed.


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« Reply #21 on: <09-01-14/0808:22> »
I haven't forgotten about you all...I'm working on the first IC now.

@Csjarrat: can I have some additional info on your decker please?  A name will do for now :D

@Anyone else reading this: there's still plenty of time to come and join the fun!
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« Reply #22 on: <09-01-14/0906:42> »
@Aria, apologies, trimmed it off the sheet. have re-added.


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« Reply #23 on: <09-01-14/1237:11> »
I have a few characters I would be willing to play, do you want me to post all of them or just choose one? I can fill combat, decker, and rigger roles. Possibly a mage role if I can figure out a backstory that doesn't sound absolutely cliched.


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« Reply #24 on: <09-01-14/1255:39> »
I have a few characters I would be willing to play, do you want me to post all of them or just choose one? I can fill combat, decker, and rigger roles. Possibly a mage role if I can figure out a backstory that doesn't sound absolutely cliched.
Choose the one you want...although matrix seems fairly well covered so you might want another archetype...?
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« Reply #25 on: <09-01-14/1438:39> »
I'm in for a combat role. What's the stipulations for playing a Prime Runner/High Life Character? I.e. are we mixing teams, which board are those characters playing on, etc.
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« Reply #26 on: <09-01-14/1450:26> »
Here's the link to the spreadsheet for my character -

He is definitely a combat role, since he has terrible social skills and can't really do much with the matrix at all. I think of his as a Cybered Gunslinger, since he's pushing it a bit past the small essence cost of a weapons specialist. Where adepts have mana, he has 'ware, it's pretty much as simple as that.

I've had this idea for the character for a while, so I'm just gonna copy/paste the backstory I've already written. If you want me to flesh it out some more, just tell me and I will.

Ghost, or his real name, Julius was taken form his wageslave parents when he was about 15. He doesn't remember anything about his life before Aztechknowledgy took him under their wing to train him to be a killing machine in the war between Aztlan and Amazonia. He was given some training and then cybered up to make him "more effective". He was sent out to most likely die, but he exceeded all expectations, becoming an extremely talented sniper. However, this led to him being fairly alienated from his fellow comrades, and he pretty much stopped caring what others thought of him.

After the war, this did not help him fit in within Aztechknowledgy society, and his extreme prejudice against any type of magic probably did not help him. He was given a few choices, well, three really. Stay, change your ways and fit in. Stay, don't change, and be terminated as not useful. Or, go out there and do some of our dirty work in the shadows, but if you try to work against us, things won't go so well. You can imagine which choice Julius chose.

Also, haven't gotten around to naming my contacts and writing backstories for them, but I will when I get the time.
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« Reply #27 on: <09-01-14/1827:32> »
I was hoping to join up when you get a High Life group together. It is not very often you find a GM that will let you go for the highest level to build a character in, so I tried it out. Man is it easier to make a mystic adept Decker with this level of build.

Here is the link to check out one fun character to make.

Hope to get into a run with this guy.

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« Reply #28 on: <09-01-14/2021:43> »
I'd like to play this one in the high life campaign:

Maybe 8-Bit's character and her have some prior runner history together since they are both from Aztlan/Aztech.

ETA: Please ignore the adept quality, It's a side effect  of Chummer.
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« Reply #29 on: <09-01-14/2049:03> »
I'd like to play this one in the high life campaign:

Maybe 8-Bit's character and her have some prior runner history together since they are both from Aztlan/Aztech.

ETA: Please ignore the adept quality, It's a side effect  of Chummer.

Could have possibly met each other right before the war started out and then met up afterwards as two people Aztechknowledgy just simply couldn't have in their culture.