Crossfire release event at Gen Con!

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« on: <08-07-14/1735:03> »
Hey all:

Got a little advance announcement to share with you cool people before it goes up on the website. If you're going to be at Gen Con, you can attend a special release event for Shadowrun: Crossfire, featuring special convention cards and the chance to interact with game designers and various Shadowrun personnel. Awesome Crossfire designers Rob Heinsoo, Rob Watkins, and Jay Schneider will all be running Crossfire games at the event, along with Randall Bills from Catalyst and me, the Shadowrun line developer guy. Space is limited, so sign up now! The event is on Thursday, August 16 at 10 PM. Gen Con has given it the event ID CGM1467533. Hope to see you there!

Jason H.
Jason M. Hardy
Shadowrun Line Developer

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« Reply #1 on: <08-18-14/2121:55> »
It was hands down the best $4 i have ever spent. I've told everyone who stood still long enough, and a few who wouldn't, about how amazing your game is and how passionate the devs are about the project!

 Keep up the good work gentlemen. I hope to see expansions on the horizon!
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