Additional classes: Adept and Rigger

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« on: <08-02-14/0113:13> »
So far in the game there are four classes: Street Samurai, Magician, Decker and Face.
But what about the other two iconic shadowrun classes; the adept and rigger? While implementing them as pure magic and technology respectfully would be the easiest solution it doesn't quite separate them from the other roles. Making these two cover two areas is another solution but would be imbalanced.

I know we don't have the game out yet (less than a month to go!!!) but any ideas would be welcome.
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« Reply #1 on: <08-02-14/1824:06> »
I think it'd be an excellent addition, as a supplement to the game.  Add some mission types, some additional gear and powers, and the two new classes and you've got a hell of a setup for a great expansion.
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« Reply #2 on: <08-03-14/0437:51> »
It kinda depends...

One way is to diffrentiate them and give them more of an identity would be to give them their own colors...but that would mean that they aren't as effective as dealing with some of the obstacles in the Core Set.

Or make them use the same colors as the other 4 classes, but as it sits right now all the roles do is add a different starting deck. Unless if I'm missing something and the core set gives the classes additional benefits apart from starting deck and colors.
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« Reply #3 on: <08-16-14/1644:24> »
Many cards reference the roles (ex. obstacles that also attack x class unless facing that role). As role only effects starting hand and can be changed between games from what I can tell. I see no reason to add any further classes and it seems like it would just dilute gameplay. Actually as an expansion for 5 or 6 players  it might work otherwise I don't think it likely.