Other Gear Books?

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« Reply #45 on: <03-01-11/1757:54> »
OK, good to get a second opinion on it.  I'll wait and see if I can look at a copy of it before I make my decision.

As for a lack of shadowtalk, BOO!  I likes me my shadowtalk.

Wish I could edit it and do a "ShadowSEA" version or something with more Shadowtalk...  Guess the JackPointers just don't have much to say about war.  Which kind of makes sense, there's only, what, two, three people that have actual military experience in the group?
I highly recommend the book. Even if to just scare the PC's that this is the gear you're reading about for use by corps in defensive positions  ;D

I also miss the Shadowtalk...need's more input from JackPointers..

Who cares if only a few posters have military experience? I'll bet only a fraction of posters on this particular forum have military experience, but the vast majority (myself included) will offer armchair-expert opinions  :P
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« Reply #46 on: <03-01-11/2025:24> »
Hell, I've gone on military rants (Despite being a Civvie puke) on occasion that had me backed by enlisted more than some REMF that "Actually served my $Deity-Damned Country".

I found out that my FLGS had a copy, flipped through it, found that it did appear interesting enough for the price, and bought it.
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