Karma Character Generation

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Hey folks,

I know this is not a program project (yet), but I made some maths the last days to figure out a simple Karma Character Generation. If you don't mind please take a look at my suggestion and tell me, how you think about it. If you can efford the time, it would be awesome, if you could build one of your characters with this system and compare it to the original you'd built with the Priority System. It will help me out a lot :)

850 KP

Attributes max. 425 KP (except MAG, EDG + RES)
Nuyen max. 190 KP (each KP = 2.500 NY)
Skillgroup Points (Notice: not Karma Points in Skill Groups!) max. 10
Skills as much as you like
Spells max. 10
Qualities max. +25/-25 (except Metahuman and/or Magic/Resonance-Qualities [see below])

Attributes Cost Level x5
Skills Cost Level x2 (Note: no +2 KP for first buying a skill like in SR4!)
Skill Groups Cost Level x5 (Note: no +5KP for first buying a skill group like in SR4!)
Knowledge Skills Cost Level x1
Specializations (Skills) 7
Specializations (Knowledge Skills) 2
Spells 5 per Spell
Power Points (for Mystical Adepts only) 5 per Point
Contacts Cost Connection+Loyality x2

New "Qualities" (Note: They don't count against your qualitiy limit of 25)
Adept 10 KP
Aspect Magician 10 KP
Technomancer 20 KP
Mystical Adept 30 KP
Sorcerer 30 KP

Human - KP
Elf 25 KP
Ork 30 KP
Dwarf 40 KP
Troll 90 KP

I know, it seems like a lot of rules, but in the end it's very close to the SR4 Karma Creation and the SR5 Prio System. I hope, you will enjoy it and I'm looking forward to your feedback :) Thanks a lot!
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Your skill and attribute costs are already set for you.  One should not have any spending limits except for the standard character-generation ones, such as only one attribute at racial max, 25 points worth of Qualities, etc.  A 'sorceror' is an aspected magician; I think you mean 'full mage'.  And understand that because of the increased attribute cost from their baseline starting point, metatypes have a built-in higher karma cost.

Look at BeCKS for some references.
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