Street Grimoire House Rules

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« on: <07-20-14/1723:16> »
After Skimming through this array of ideas and thoughts... looking for answers to a potential question I have take my typical initiative to post my own answer or creative conclusion.

Street Grimoire covers various new initiation paths for the various adept ways but apparently is missing the Artisan Way. Instead of waiting for any particular definition, I adapt and create....

Artisan Way Quality included an ability that has yet to be defined in 5E but was pulled from 4E Digital Grimoire. I removed that power and adapted it to a new improved Initiation Enhancement and placed Nimble Fingers into that list (GM's discretion for bonuses towards rolls due to nimble fingers, seems very technical and artisan to me)

Initiation Enhancement: Heightened Concentration. Requires Adept Centering. Power remains the same as per Digital Grimoire:
                      "The adept is capable of tuning out a single distraction to her
                       task at hand. When using this power, the adept can ignore a single
                       situational negative dice pool modifier of a value up to her Magic
                       attribute. This power requires a Complex Action to activate and
                       maybe be combined with Adept Centering metamagic."
To give a balance to the game, this benefit can only be used (1+Initiate Grade) per day.

Metamagic Note: Attune [Item] allows the Artisan Way Adept to use this metamagic ability on vehicles.

Moving forward for my weekly games and monthly SR events, I will use this until otherwise dictated by CGL Errata.
Enjoy : )


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« Reply #1 on: <08-01-14/1708:54> »
Shadow Spirits have Magical Guard power, but lack the Counterspelling skill.  Seems they should, as the two are inextricably connected and all other spirit types with Magical Guard have the Counterspelling skill.  Also Great Form Spirits of Man?