Mystic adepts and metamagic's question

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Regular text is missing the correction done for the sidebars. The sidebars are correct. No additional initiation grade is needed
They cost the same amount of Karma and time to learn as other rituals (5 Karma, see p. 299, SR5).
They cost the normal amount of Karma and time to learn (5 Karma, see p. 299, SR5)
The cost in Karma and time is the same as learning a new skill (2 Karma, 1 day).

Magicians and Mystic Adepts initiate into an Art. Consider an Art as a wrapper around what was just described as a metamagic in the core book.

I'll just edit your list:
  • Magicians and mystic adepts can initiate into a school of magic, allowing them to obtain its special rituals, metamagics, and enchantments
    • Initiating into a school requires you to dedicate an Initiation to it (since the regular text learning extra rituals and enchantments requires paying Karma dependent on your current initiate grade).
    • For most schools, this basically means you pick a specific metamagic from that school (the one that's listed as a prerequisite) as your metamagic for that Initiation. Characters can further initiate to gain additional metamagics within that school if they have picked up the prerequisite metamagic.
    • Arts such as Geomancy, Necromancy, Divination and Invocation don't have any metamagics (Yet), instead the initiate can choose from any of the rituals/enchantments listed instead. Additional rituals/enchantments are purchased at  the normal purchasing cost
    • Arts such as Advanced Alchemy, Advanced Ritual Spellcasting, and Advanced Spellcasting list several metamagics with no prerequisite requirements. This means that when they first initiate they can choose either metamagics..
  • Physical adepts and mystic adepts can choose a Way by paying Karma for the corresponding Positive Quality. This allows them to initiate in that Way to gain metamagics within that way. This also unlocks that Way's Enhancements (2 Karma).


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Due to personal insults being thrown back and forth, this thread has been locked. Warnings and bannings to come.