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« Reply #1155 on: (03:11:06/08-28-18) »
Well that still definitely shouldn't be a required step, but I'm glad to hear you were able to find a workaround.

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« Reply #1156 on: (00:56:40/08-31-18) »
...yeah, better than fretting over to troubleshooting why it isn't working directly.
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« Reply #1157 on: (19:41:03/09-01-18) »
Couple of possibly-dumb questions:

How do you activate powers? Is there any way to do this? If I have a power that grants 2 armor for example, and lasts for a long time, how do I activate this so that the armor part of the sidebar on the right reads correctly? Or will I have to remember that it's active? (Which is fine, I just want to know if it's possible)

For equipment: Is there a way to create a category or location for items? If you have a bunch of different types of ammo and want to condense them into a dropdown until you need to look through them, or a bunch of programs for a Decker, is there any way to do this?


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« Reply #1158 on: (11:12:39/09-04-18) »
I'll throw some things in too.

#1 Should I expect that the wireless bonus dice for a Smartgun Link will show up in the dice pool of a weapon that has one equipped?  The limit mod is definitely there, but I don't see the bonus dice.  It is a situation where there is a second number in parenthesis, but I believe this is from a weapon specialization.  Just want to know what I should expect to see.

#2 If I put Pilot Enhancement or Sensor Enhancement on a drone, should I expect the ratings of those drones to increase on the sheet?  They don't appear to be doing so.

#3 I put a Remington 950 (sniper) rifle on a MCT Roto-Drone, and added a targeting auto-soft, but it doesn't change the "dice pool" number for the drone.  It just stays at 2.  What is this dice pool referring to?  Should it be affected by these kinds of changes?



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« Reply #1159 on: (15:34:02/09-16-18) »
How do you get the autosofts into the drones properly?
It doesn't ask me what kind of weapon for targeting, and the like.

Also the Medical Drone from Bullets and Bandages doesn't see to have its starting gear it should have.
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« Reply #1160 on: (01:25:30/09-19-18) »
Hey, is Street Lethal on chummer yet?
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there is autosofts for everything  8)


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« Reply #1161 on: (01:58:21/09-24-18) »
I had a crash on trying to load a character build - no error message. It happened twice.

Can't attach the .chum5 file, just the crash reports.

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« Reply #1162 on: (12:09:55/09-24-18) »
Hey, is Street Lethal on chummer yet?

I can't verify if everything from Street Lethal is in, but with my quick look through I can say that "yes," Street Lethal is in the Nightly Build at least.