Author Topic: Ibn Eisa and the Islamic Unity Movement  (Read 2661 times)


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Re: Ibn Eisa and the Islamic Unity Movement
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(Appropriate) thread necro!

I don't know if this theory has been floated before . . . what if the gunmen who assassinated Ibn Eisa in 2061 were themselves shedim?
If not shedim themselves, possibly working for same?

Hire some Runner/Sniper to do the job but have your shedim lackeys already infiltrated into the medical group that would respond to the call.

Either way, it makes sense to whack the guy you want rather than sit around waiting for a good role to fall into one's lap.
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Re: Ibn Eisa and the Islamic Unity Movement
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The caliphate has been moving away from the NIJ for some time. SR: Anarchy, Cutting Aces, and Forbidden Arcana all contain some updates on the Caliphate. NIJ cells are actively hunted now, as the IUM and IRM have gained more influence.