The XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System

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« Reply #15 on: <12-09-10/1020:01> »
Seems like it'd be very difficult to do an air burst to fire off rubber pellets.

Kind of. You'd need a projective filled with rubber pellets that can airburst its hull away, the pellets would spread by momentum...
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« Reply #17 on: <12-15-10/1300:30> »
personally i'll stick with something old and reliable, say a M79 or M203 40mm GL, may only be single shot, but if your needing to pump then out like water from a hose then you are either:

A. In the wrong fire fight
B. should have that Mk 19 in support
C. be calling in close air support
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« Reply #18 on: <01-03-11/0025:11> »
I can say from personal exp. those "less-than-lethal" 20mm rounds hurt like 12 kinds of hell. I wound up with 2 broken ribs and bruises that stuck around for a month. I can totally see a head shot taking someone down permanently :P
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« Reply #19 on: <01-03-11/0209:43> »
What you guys may not know is that the XM25 is just the first part of an entire weapon system that is slowly being developed and fielded along the same lines as the HK XM30  (hmmm sounds like someone got the specs while in development :) )  The whole system is supposed to be incredibly lightweight and never needs to be zeroed.

I was watching this system develop the entire time I was in uniform, glad to see it is finally getting fielded.

The XM29 might have gotten canceled and it's two parts split into the XM8 and XM25, but it looks like the South Koreans are fielding their own combined weapon package:

Advanced rifle systems, robot border turrets... seems like South Korean army is trying to become the world's most technologically advanced military.

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« Reply #20 on: <01-22-11/1502:40> »
-Cybernetics, check!
The DNI is still missing.
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