Best Assault Rifle

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Herr Brackhaus

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Awesome, so they essentially just took the SR4 Arsenal rules. NICE!


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Hey Jack can you translate the entries?
I'd love to add them to our campaign as houserules.


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Nothing to translate there really. Its just "HVAR have special barrels and ammunition to support the high ROF", then the bits he put there in english, but with long words.

Jack made one little error there though.

The HVAR fires 6/8 (normal/complex) Bullets in Burst Fire, and 9/12 in Full-Auto mode.

The 1,5x base damage of the Vindicator is pretty gruesome.
Supressive Fire with 15P -4AP and no need to care for  Recoil compensation is absolutely brutal and something not even a superdodge-Adept wants to face.

To bad its 24F :(

Not sure about the viability of the HVAR. The Burst Fire mode is nice, but the one additional bullet is not THAT critical.
Compensating for the 8 Recoil of a normal Salvo in Full-Auto Mode seems also a bit difficult, due to the incompatibility of the HVAR for any barrel mods.
So no Gas-Vent, foregrip and electronic firing.
Cyberarm-Gyromount seems like the only viable option for Runners who aren't trolls or strength-maxer.
Damage is also a bit low for an Assault Rifle and the lack of AP doesn't help either.
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Herr Brackhaus

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That's what makes the Vindicator worth it, though. As is in the English edition, it's barely worth the hassle unless you're carrying it. For vehicle mounted weapons, you're better off with a HMG because of the higher base DV. But with these rules, high velocity weapons actually make sense, so I'm glad the German writers brought them back.

Incidentally, that's pretty close to what the community ended up adopting as per the post earlier in this thread.


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Yamaha Raiden. Unless the character is skilled with heavy weapons, in that case Ares Alpha.