2072-75 Update?

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« on: (07:28:33/05-21-14) »
Hey folks - I'm a fairly new to SR5 ref (one scenario run now), and I've read thru the world and seattle setting books. Just wondering, is there anything important I need to know setting-wise that may have happened since the '72 books were published?

As an aside - are there any dragons in Seattle? (other than the obscure mentions in the 72 seattle source book)

Thanks in advance
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« Reply #1 on: (07:45:32/05-21-14) »
Seattle has 2 dragons living in Redmond, they're described in Clutch of the Dragons iirc. Possibly former lovers, currently consider the other infringing on their territory. Urubia is referenced in a possible Storm Front run.

Setting-wise, quick recap? Here's a few things:

Dragons: The dragon Sirrurg went warcrimes-crazy in the Amazonia-Aztlan war. He eventually nearly died thanks to anti-weapon ammo, but got saved by others. Hestaby and Lofwyr went to war, so did Lofwyr and Alamais. Hestaby settled, Alamais got killed, Lofwyr resigned as Lore Master, Sirrurg was imprisoned, Celedyr became the new Lore Master, Hestaby got banished and her hoard was destroyed, with all of her loyal followers butchered when they protected it.

Denver: Ghostwalker disappeared through the Watergate Rift, returned a year later, took control again. Harlequin got pissed at Ghostwalker for stuff from the Watergate incident, went to war with him, in this war Aztlan managed to sneak back into Denver and some nasty spirits are causing a mess.

Seattle: Ork Underground is now officially recognized as an official Seattle district, after a long political campaign, sabotage actions and a barely-won Prop 23. Brackhaven hates it but the new District Attorney, Dana Oaks, has a grand jury investigate him so there's only so much he can do against it.

Nanites: Nanites went crazy, turns out they're partially possessed by an e-ghost virus that tries to take over people. FastJack and Lanier are infected and trying to resist it as good as they can. Recently Sybil went crazy and caused a mess at Boston, resulting in the NEMA Lockdown of the city.
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