So, why play Missions?

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It might be 50? Yikes. Please at least let it be high enough for con-goers to do two years of SRM's and CMP's before forced retirement. Either that or have 50% of games be Prime Runner games for those incredibly powerful 51 karma force-retired characters. ;-)
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Given that playing 13 NYC missions and one Scramble gives you 70 to 90 karma, making the cap 50 karma is just an obtuse way of saying "characters do not carry over from season to season".

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Assuming you get to play all of the missions in a season
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Don't remember if I posted this over here or not before.  (Splitting my attention between Dumpshock, Here, and the Facebook page is a PITA :)).

Anyway, I just posted an update that talks about some of the upcoming stuff.  And the FAQ has been done for a while, it's just been stuck in approval and layout, thanks to the holidays and everyones busy schedules.  Should have it very soon though for you.

And the short answer is, the cut off is 150.  This pretty much cuts off most players who have played regularly since Denver.  If you played every Season 3, convention Mission, and all three of the Scrambles that have been run since Season 3 started, I think you could have earned somewhere in the neighborhood of around 150 karma (13 SRM 03's, 8 CMPs, both at 6 Karma max.  And Scrambles I think could be worth up to 10 each.  So that would be about 156.  Plus possibly SMH 2010, which was another 9.  So...  165 Karma possible?  Ish?)

You can also voluntarily promote your character, even if he's under the cap, if you want to make a new character.  You'll even get a couple perks.  :)



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« Reply #34 on: <01-23-11/1811:32> »
One on the pluses for playing/running missions, IMOH, was seeing how karma was awarded.  I was being VERY skimpy with my karma awards until I saw how karma was handed out in a SRM.  Also, it never occured to me to increase contact loyalty (without paying karma for it) until I read a SRM.  It helps to see how others are doing to give you a feel for a fair game.