SRM 04-00 Review Contest!

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« on: <01-19-11/2246:02> »
We're running a contest over on the Mission Facebook Page!

The rules are simple.  Write up a review of SRM 04-00 Back in Business (Good or bad, be honest) somewhere online...  Dumpshock and the SR4 Forums are obvious places, but submitting reviews to, reviewing and rating the product on Drivethru (if you bought it there), and any other appropriate place would be awesome and appreciated, as it helps spread the word about Missions.

Then, post the link to the Missions Facebook page.  Sometimes next month I'll randomly select 6 reviewers (assuming there are that many ;)).  These 6 will get the chance to submit a character to be part of a NPC Shadowrunner Team in an upcoming Missions adventure and be featured in a piece of artwork in the Mission!

So go forth, review, and get the chance to be immortalized in an official Shadowrun Product!



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This sounds like something that do.
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