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Standard expectations : Stuff straight from the book:
Morality: While I think characters should have some disagreements over morality I'd like everyone to have the same general direction, being good. I don't want to deal with particularly evil, sick or twisted characters. Generally speaking characters should not want to leave a trail of bodies on every run. I don't expect everyone to run around with only non-leathal weapons, this is a dystopia after all, but whether it because a character wants to avoid drawing the attention of the cops, or because they feel every life is sacred, wonton killing has heavy consequences. This is just one example I"d like to avoid violent psychopaths for characters. On the flip-side and to a lesser degree I don't expect there to be many Paladins in the Sixth world. If you want to be one of those runners who's out fighting the good fight, that's great! But a character that's particularly preachy isn't gonna work well with the guy who's just there to get a paycheck. I don't expect all the characters to be best friends, but you have to have similar moral foundations in order to work with each other.

Racisim This is a big part of the Sixth World and I have no problem implementing it against you guys. And I suggest that you consider the prejudices your character might have. Whether it something as mild as thinking trolls are kinda freaky looking or that Sasquatches aren't people no matter what anyone says. Consider prejudice tied to ethnicity and gender as well. While never hitting a woman is chivalrous and great and all that, it does come with preconceived ideas. The same can be said for many ethnicity, the great ghost dance wasn't THAT long ago, maybe your character assumes all natives are magic, or maybe you have a native character who remembers that it wasn't that long ago that white-man called for the extermination of Natives and magic was the only reason it didn't happen. And as a game it's ok for your character to express in-character prejudices. However, there are two instances of Racism I don't want in our game. First nothing from players, simple as that. Racist OOC comments will make you not welcome in this game. Second is where it disrupts the flow of game overly much. An elf supremacist, might be fun to play, an elf hater might be fun to play. But, why are they in the same party together? And would they really trust each other enough to function,or stay together after this one job is over?

Violence I touched on this a bit with morality. But there are a few lines that need to go here too. Graphic detail is unnecessary. One can describe graphic violence without graphic detail and thanks to Hollywood I'm pretty sure most of us can picture something worse then what we could type out. Even then graphic violence should have an effect on a character, much like killing. It's one thing to see a guy take a bullet or a beating. But a character finding someone who had been tortured to death after several days will at the very least be making some composure checks.

Sexuality I've found that role-playing and being behind a character can be a great safe and interesting way to explore sexuality. I've also found a tendency for gamers to be very immature about it. So please feel free to make a character with an alternative sexuality. In a world of magic and crazy body modifications, of poverty and decadency, of virtual reality and survival, sexual freedom is pretty much the norm. However picking up a hooker on every other street corner, or trying to hit on every person you meet with a 6 charisma is annoying and slows down the game, so feel free to role-play the sexuality of characters with a few limitations. First no need for explicit detail, if that's what you want they have different forums for that. We're here to role-play not fap. Second there will be no IC Rape, not with force, drugs or mind control. Feel free to have it as part of your characters history but it will not happen IC. Third as with racism, I don't want to see any OOC homophobia, transphobia etc. If someone want to make an LGBT character go for it, no one here will give you drek for it, if they do they're out.

 My thanks to Moneyspider for posting these excellent ground rules. While obvious to me, I'm very aware that without the obvious all sorts of drek hits the air circulation device.

Second. Players, please post your characters here. I'd like characters only as the first 5-6 entries.
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Concepts are great, but implementation sucks. Why not improve it?

Triskavanski's House Rules


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Name: Tobias Jones
Alias: Doc
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male
Nationality: UCAS (SINless)
Lifestyle: Low (1 month prepaid)
Starting Cash: ¥175 + (3d6 x ¥60)
Current Karma: 0
Link to worksheet
Link to character sheet

Description:  Of average height and slender build for a dwarf Tobias sports a heavy tan and a weather beaten look that indicates a great deal of time spent in the outdoors.  Other distinguishing features of note is the fact that he's bald as an egg and sports a neatly trimmed van dyke that he tends to stroke when contemplating a particularly difficult problem.  Tobias can most often be found wearing comfortable work clothes on the order of work boots, cargo pants, pull over shirt, armor jacket, leather gloves and an old battered panama hat.  When the situation warrants it he will also strap on an ancient, but still deadly, Ruger Warhawk.  Just to keep the opposition honest, of course. 

Height: 1.19m
Weight: 51kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald (facial hair brown)
Personality:  Tobias can often appear absent minded though when the pressure is on or when he is working on his research there is no doubting his ability to focus.  In social settings Tobias has no problem holding his own and is always willing to regale those around him with tales of the places he has been, the people he has met, the things he has seen and the critters that have tried to eat him.  It is When he comes across an interesting piece of arcane lore or some object of historical significance that his true obsession comes to the surface.  Running the shadows might pay the bills but it is in the delving of secrets and the pursuit of rare knowledge that is his true passion.

Background:  Tobias was born and raised in a small community a couple hours from Denver deep in the Rocky Mountains.  He will tell you community but really the it was more of commune than community.  Tobias' parents along with the other residents were all a bit radical in their thinking that corporations were a corrupting influence on metahuman society and they wanted nothing to do with it.  They stayed off the grid, conducted their research for the sake of research and raised their kids to follow in their footsteps.  More or less anyway.  Tobias was a particularly talented mage, much like his father, but also a particularly lazy student except concerning subjects that piqued his interest.  Then one summer Tobias two things happened.  The first was The final straw came when Tobias discovered the field of archaeology.  He devoured every scrap of text available on the subject and eventually declared his intention to leave home to pursue his research in the field like any good archaeologist.  Not surprisingly his parents were not overly supportive of his decision and over the next several days the arguments were long, loud and numerous.  Finally, Tobias packed up his few belongings and stormed out of the house never to return. 

Arriving in Denver broke, SINless and without a clue as to how the outside world worked it was a minor miracle that Tobias was not picked up at any of the various boarder crossings.  But with a lot of luck and not a little paranoia Tobias managed to stay out of trouble and (more importantly) out of jail for several days.  Things probably would have still ended badly if not for a chance encounter late one night.  Walking to his squat Tobias saw a couple gangers working over a Dwarf in an alley.  One Earth Elemental later and it was the gangers laid out on the ground and the older dwarf, Mr. C as he called himself, professing his gratitude.  Mr. C got Tobias a job with a talismonger he knew, Sally One Eye.  Sally gave him the job of helping her collect and process reagents for sale to the local magic community.  Mr. C also helped him find a place of his own in the PCC sector community of Lakewood.  It did not take Tobias long to realize, however, that if he were going to make enough money to pursue his research he was going to need to do a lot more than harvest reagents.  Eventually Tobias secured his first shadowrun commission and never looked back. 

Over the next decade or so Tobias would run the shadows building up a stake until he had enough money to either finance a small expedition of his own or buy into a larger expedition.  He did several digs in China, South America and Europe and after each one he managed to end up back in Denver broke and more or less empty handed but still satisfied he had managed to delve a little deeper into the past each time.  Ever undaunted Tobias would return to the shadows long enough to earn enough money for the next dig and it was off to work the next site.  Never in it for the bling Tobias would have been content to continue this cycle indefinitely had it not been for that last dig in South America.  To say that things went badly in South America is like saying Nanothrax is a nasty cold.  They had just started working the dig when the expedition was overrun by pack of feral beast spirits.  Tobias had taken seven, well equipped, veteran researchers into that jungle and when he came stumbling out a month later he had two half dead, gibbering wrecks with him.  For the first time Tobias had learned a lesson that was not to his liking.  If you are going to go digging up ancient secrets in the sixth world you damned well better have the power to blow the living drek out of whatever it is that didn't appreciate you digging it up in the first place.  So now he's back in Denver running the shadows and biding his time until he has the power to do just that, assuming he lives long enough of course.

| Magic
| Attributes
| Metatype
| Skills
| Resources
| Magic 6; Rank 5 magic skill x 2
| 20
| Dwarf (1)
| 22
| ¥6,000






  8 + 1d6
10 + 2d6

          Attribute-Only Tests
Judge Intentions:


Positive Qualities
Exceptional Attribute [Magic]
Mentor Spirit [Snake]
     Negative Qualities
Incompetent [Firearms]
Spirit Bane [Spirits of Beasts]
Mild Addiction [Psyche]
Sally One Eye [Human Talismonger]
Mr. C [Dwarf Fixer]
Joe Bains [Ork Bartender @ The Mine in Lakewood]

Active Skills
Spellcasting [Detection Spells]
Ritual Spellcasting
Astral Combat
Knowledge Skills
Magic Theory
Local Area Knowledge
Language Skills
Lightning Bolt
Combat Sense
Mind Probe
Increase Reflexes



F - 3
F - 3
F - 3
F - 3
F - 4
F - 1
F - 2
     Dice Pool



Fake SIN, Rating 4 (alias Henry Jones)
Fake permit to practice magic, Rating 4

Magic Lodge, Rating 6 (Hermetic tradition)

Hermes Ikon with Sim module, Device Rating 5
Survival Gear
Trodes (unless otherwise noted, tucked inside hat)
Standard Cred Stick
Reagents, 30 drams

Armor Jacket (Armor 12 | Nonconductivity 4 | Fire Resistance 4 | Chemical Protection 4)

Ruger Super Warhawk (Throwback model)

Five doses of Psyche
>> Vector: Ingestion | Speed: 10 min | Duration: (12 - Body) hrs | Addiction Type: Psychological
>>Effect: +1 Intuition | +1 Logic | +1 Mental Limit

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Name: James Cussack
Alias: "Deadeye"
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: UCAS (SIN)
Lifestyle: Low (2 month prepaid)
Starting Cash: ¥272 + (3d6 x ¥60)
Current Karma: 0

Physical description and other pertinent data: although in his late twenties he looks a bit older, weather beaten, round head, shaved head and sporting a goatee. present a distinct scar on his right cheek, crosses from close to his ear lobe to the middle of the face, left pinky finger missing, appears to retain full hand movements functionality. recovered from serious wounds resulting in Right arm replacement obviously cybernetic. implanted datajack on left temple. thoroughly upgraded, no Milspec cyber or hardware known, handle with care if apprehension is required, use of deadly force recommended.

Character Sheet

Brief Backstory
James Cussack is a ex-UCAS military intelligence operative, he was a Sargent acting as a warrant office in the service, usually conducting field operation, surveillance, both physical and matrix, while he was not your top of the line decker or corporate spider he did have enough skills to make a difference for his team. But that was to no avail when a set of faulty information, an order arriving too late from the chain of command, a couple of trigger happy rookies turned what had supposed to be a simple neutralization of a couple of smuggling operatives into a nasty firefight with a gang of milspec armed smuggling ring. the objectives had been simple at first, neutralize the two operatives and retrieve either their commlinks or any files present at the site. security wad supposed to be lax and numbers in favour of James team, The hierarchy, in particular major Hogan, had shared his doubts about the whole operation, but the information James had was solid, or so he though.

The whole thing was a bust, faced with overwhelming fire-power, without magical support, the matrix position jeopardized, it was FUBAR if one had to put in twentieth century terms. in a matter of seconds two men where down, prvt. Carl Ingram (no relation to the manufacturer) and prvt. Spencer Jade, the riggers, providing surveillance and fire support, position jeopardized, as if someone knew exactly how, when and how many would be at the derelict warehouse. It all stank, extracting the platoon was no easy feat, but the men did it, the whole operation turned into a fiasco, two men down and Sargent on the fast track to a court martial.

It was all circumstantial, even the drug use charges, the military have most of the grunts on any a sort of chemical cocktail, even if you do take them (which may have been the case) it should make no much worst that the drek already on your system. In the end james accept to take a dishonourable discharche instead of having to face court martial, he later received a curt message from his father "i had already lost one son, now i am father without sons", that hurt him way more than the discharge, but old man Master Sargent Marshall Cussack was never a easy man to get along with, his expectation always too high, his standards always too strict, he was the true archetype of a drill Sargent, something he carried from his professional life into the upbringing of his children.

James "dead" brother had goblinized during SURGE, it was a shock to James at the time, at first he no longer considered Michael his brother, the effect that turn him into a troll barely making him recognizable in the eyes of his brother. Later as he perceived the social bias that hit his brother, James tried to correct his error, it was not fair in the eyes of the teenager the level of pain the society inflicted upon another that did not had any say on its fate. But some things are hard to correct, his brother fuelling with hatred by the way he was being treated, fuelled by the unfairness of it all ran away a couple of eyes later, while his father never blamed nor ostracised Michael he could not forgive him the inability for not facing the problems and running away, so his blunt statement was that he only had one son left after Michael ran away.

James troubles piled on him when Kelly kept pushing him to use his contacts and skills to help the ork underground, it became a recurrent issue with them, along with the alcohol and drugs. Since he had left the military James had been adrift, Kelly being a militant member for metahuman rights kept pushing James to take a active stand, "By God James, after you how you treated your brother it only makes sense if you amend it by helping other metahumans! why cant you lift your finger to help those in need!", that was usually the flavour of the discussions, after a while Kelly took a stand, she could no longer be with him if he did not take action in her cause, at first the military had been a good excuse for him not to, but having left it... James had ran out of excuses in her book. they broke up their engagement, it was not a pretty thing.

James was left to pick up the pieces of his life afterwards, no home, no fiancée, no service, it all just became a slow spiral down into the abyss of despair that the sprawl is known to be. is he self-destructive? by all means, no. many would just say he is just an angry man adrift in a world that kicks more often than it pulls you up, like someone once said "when you're down even the dogs come to piss on your leg".

A few noteworthy events did arise, there was that job for the mafia, it was supposed to be a simple protection, but as they say "there are no milk runs", that became evident when the safe-house their employer had picked to stash the accountant (no more details about the nature of the person where provided, as if saying he was an accountant sufficed) was attacked by the pawns. James is not a person to directly flaunt the law, its not something he does callously, but if the pay is right and there are no innocent victims involved it just becomes another day in the shadows. His right arm got short pretty bad, from the six man crew only tow where left standing, 3 dead, another severely injured. what had been a simple keep-the-target-safe ended as a fight-for-your-life, its not much of a story really, just a heads up on how he lost his right arm, the Don, at his Capo bequest Robert "Scrimshaw" O'Donnel, arranged for a replacement, some of it was paid by the Mob, some of the improvements by James personal fund, we could say it was a bonus payment for a tougher than expected job (and also one that had not to be split among so many interested parties), while the operation did took some of his edge (no one goes through that kind of trauma and comes back as they where) the right arm more than compensated for it, better than his squishy one had ever been, faster, stronger, that's cyberware for you, it may have some disadvantages, but sometimes the advantages are more than welcome in James line of business.


//Knight Errant #host701// Filenumber 569.7//
//File description: text transcript from surveillance operation #7.AF.748//

who? "Deadeye"? yes i can give you some pointers about him, former UCAS military Sargent, former UCAS Department of Strategic Intelligence operative, currently gun for hire and private dick at your service, whatever gets food on the table and a regular fix. not a mean person nor one without conscience, the military and the dishonourable discharge and his breakup with his long time fiancée have turned him into somewhat callous. one can say he is not a peoples person but so wouldn't you be if you had been through the same drek, so yeah, he can be gruff, its true he sometimes can get a bit violent, but hey, its a violent world chummer, at least he wont kick you when you're down, unless you deserved it of course, and yes, cross him and he might just geek you if he can get away with it, but you shouldn't complain, you would do the same to him if you where in his shoes, right chummer?

//end file//

Known relatives:

Father - Marshall Cussack - retired UCAS Master Sargent

Mother - Melissa Hawthorn~Cussack - Deceased

Brother - Michael Hawthorn~Cussack ; A.K.A. Arthur Ronson,  A.K.A."Mauler" Brinn, A.K.A Malak Zulbaljin; born 2048; SURGE affected - goblinized, Troll, awakened; unknown whereabouts, known connection to anti-Humanis groups, arrest warrants in UCAS and CAS pending for terrorist activities against alleged humanis activists.
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Anatar "Shade" Shadowstar

Dwarven Rigger


Body: 5
Agility: 4
Reaction: 5 (6)
Strength: 3
Willpower: 5
Logic: 5 (7)
Intuition: 5
Charisma: 4
Edge: 1
Essence: 1.5

Initiative:  10 (11) +1d6 (2d6)

Matrix Initiative:

AR: 10 (11) +1d6 (2d6)
CS: 10 (12 ) + 3d6
HS: 10 (12 ) + 4d6


Mental: 7  (9 )
Physical: 6 (7 )
Social: 5

Physical Condition Boxes: 11
Stun Condition Boxes: 11
Overflow: 5

Cyber/Bio Ware:

Control Rig Rating 3
Synaptic Booster Rating 1 +1 Reaction. +1 Die
Cerebral Booster. Rating 2 +2 Logic
Data jack
Cyber Eyes. Rating 4 (16)
Image Link. (Free)
Flare Compensation. (1)
Low Light. (2)
Thermographic. (2)
Vision Enhancement Rating 3. (3)
Vision Magnification (2)
Smart link. (3)


Jury Rigger
Human Looking



Ground Craft: 3
Walker: 3
Water Craft: 3
Air Craft: 3
Exotic Vehicle:

Gunnery: 4
Electronic Warfare: 3
Armorer: 5
Computer: 2
Hardware: 2
Software: 2
Engineering (Group): 5

Pistols: 3
Automatics: 3
Blades: 1
Unarmed Combat: 1

First Aid: 1
Perception: 1
Negotiation: 1
Etiquette (Street): 1
Swimming: 1


Drone Design: 5
Vehicle Chop Shops: 4
Automotive Mechanics:  4


English: N
Japanese: 4


Andi "Siren" Star, Elven Fixer.(Connection: 4, Loyalty: 2)
Bonnie "Boom Boom" Lancaster, Human Arms Dealer (Connection: 4, Loyalty: 2)
Steve "Servo" Thompson, Dwarf Drone Dealer (Connection: 4, Loyalty: 2)


Fairlight Caliban Commlink  (Device Rating: 7)
Armor Jacket (trench coat) (Armor 12)
Ares Crusader II (Machine Pistol, Acc 5 (7) , DV 7P
Concealable Holster (Conceal -1)
5 Clips
APDS Ammo: 400
Ares Predator 5 (Heavy Pistol, Acc: 5 (7), DV 8P, AP -1)
Concealable Holster (Conceal -1)
5 Clips
APDS Ammo: 150
Normal Clothes (jeans/shirt) x3
Satellite Link
Micro Transceiver

Fake SIN (UCAS) Rating (5)
Fake Pistol License (5)
Fake Drone License (5)
Fake Carry & Conceal (5)
Fake RCC Deck License. (5)
Fake Cyber/Bio Ware License. (5)


Rigger Command Console:

Lone Star Remote Commander: Device 6, Data Processing: 6, Firewall: 5

Computer Software:


Clear Sight: R6
Electronic Warfare: R6
Evasion: R6
Stealth: R6
Targeting: R6
Maneuvering: R6
For Each Drone Type (Pilot: Maneuvering)

Rigger Programs:

Signal Scrub
Virtual Machine

Biofeedback Filter

Life Style:




Shiawase Kanmushi (1) Handling: 4, Speed: 2, Accel: 1, Body: 0, Armor: 0, Pilot: 3, Sensor: 3

MCT-Fly Spy (1) 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 0, 3

GM- Nissan Doberman: 5, 3, 1, 4, 4, 3, 3
Standard Weapon Mount: Ares Alpha: (Assault Rifle):Acc: 5 (7), DV: 11P, AP: -2
                                                                     Grenade):Acc: 4 (6), DV: 16P, AP: -2. HE

Drone Ammo:  (4,400.00)

300 Clip APDS
20 Clip High Explosive Grenades

Karma: 0

Nuyen: 775


Height: 4'3"
Weight: 72 pounds
Eyes: Metallic Green
Shade wears blue jeans, t-shirt (silk screened Asian dragon), Puma athletic shoes green in color with black markings. Also a deep green overcoat. He is soft spoken, but very quick witted. He looks like he is constantly appraising what ever situation he is in.


Anatar Shadowstar was born as a young boy into a very poor family. As he was growing up his mother had a BTL addiction that left her useless to her children, Anatar learned to beg and steal for food to feed his sister and himself. When he had reached the ripe old age of 13 his mother died and left him fending for his little family.
Now he was forced to up his effort to keep the place they called home and food on the table for his sister and him. Then that fateful day when he got caught trying to take a cred stick from a drug drop that went bad. Anatar grabbed it when it hit the ground when the rival drug pin was geeking the drop man.
He actually got away a full 2 blocks before the black nightsky rolled up on him, that is when the world ended, he was dragged into the back of the limo and beaten terribly. He was told the cost of theft was death or servitude. They pulled up to his doss and he was told since you are not answering for your crime I will choose for you.
That is when the huge troll bodyguard came from the building holding his sister, the suited man nodded and Anatar watched as his sisters brain was removed from her skull with a large caliber bullet. I spun on the suited man screaming and swinging until I was struck unconscious. The next thing I remember is waking up in more pain than I can ever remember. Then after I could finally stay awake and focus the suited man walked in. I tried to leap from the bed to strangle him for killing my sister but I found out I was restrained.
He then sits down and explains what he has done to me, he said you will become my driver and body guard. I start to laugh and say the minute I am free I will end you, he shows me a button and says you even think of crossing me and I push this detonator to the cortex bomb in you brain. When you have paid off your debt to me I will remove the bomb, but know the cost of the enhancements are great and you will owe me for years.
So my career started as a rigger, I learned control and fighting, I strived to learn everything, to be the best of the best. I started doing off site jobs when I knew it was safe. Started saving cred till I could get the bomb removed without Slick Sammy ever knowing. Then years later the day finally came. Sammy went to his vacation home, I had the procedure done when he was out of the country without me. Then he returned and that day had finally come. I was taking him on his daily pickup route and I had the Roto drone waiting. He stepped out and the ares alpha turned him to Swiss soy cheese. Now alone in the world with just the starting equipment I could gather and hide I turn to the shadows looking for a home and a family.
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Nathan Ford aka Handsome Jack (Face)

Race: Elf
Bod: 3
Agi: 6(7)
Rea: 2
Str: 2(3)
Wil: 5
Log: 5
Int: 5
Cha: 8
ESS: 3.97
EDG: 1
Condition Monitor P/S: 10/11
Overflow: 3
Armor: 11 (suit) or 15 (duster)
Limits: Mental 9, Physical 4, Social 9
Physical Init: 7+1d6
Active Skills:   Automatics 6(7) [14], Con 5 [13], Etiquette 5 [13], First Aid 2 [7], Forgery 3 [8], Gymnastics 2 [9], Intimidation 2 [10], Leadership 5 [13], Locksmith 2 [9], Navigation 2 [7], Negotiation 5 [13], Perception 6 [11], Pilot Aircraft 2 [4], Pilot Ground Craft 3 [5], Pistols 1 [8], Sneaking 1 [8]
Knowledge Skills:   Business 3 [10], Corporations 1 [8], Fences 2 [9], Fixers 2 [9], History 1 [8], Law 1 [8], Law Enforcement Tactics 1 [8], Politics 1 [8], Psychology 1 [8], Runner Hangouts 1 [8], Sprawl 2 [9], Street Clinics 1 [8], Street Gang Identification 1 [8]
Languages: English N, Sperethiel 2(4)
Qualities: Allergy (silver, moderate), Analytical Mind, Distinctive Style, First Impression, Photographic Memory, Prejudice (outspoken vs. orks), Quick Healer
Contacts: Club owner (connection 4, loyalty 3), Fence (connection 3, loyalty 2), Fixer (connection 4, loyalty 3), Street Doc (connection 2, loyalty 3)
Gear:   Actioneer Business Clothes (nonconductivity 6), Armor jacket (fire resistance 6, nonconductivity 6), Concealable holster, Quick-draw holster, 2 Silencers, 10 spare clips, Trodes, Miniwelder, Gas mask, Flashlight, Containment manacles, Lockpick set, Biomonitor, Medkit (rating 3), Medkit supplies, Antidote patch (rating 6), Stim patch (rating 6), Trauma patch, Bug scanner (rating 6), Transys Avalon commlink [w/sim module], Low Lifestyle (1 month w/extra security), Suzuki Mirage,  Credstick (silver), Fake SIN (rating 4: "Thomas Magnum"), Fake SIN (rating 4: "Neil Caffrey"), 2 Fake driver's licenses (rating 4), 2 Fake pilot's licenses (rating 4), 2 Fake gun licenses (rating 4), 2 Fake concealed carry licenses (rating 4), Earbuds (capacity 3) [w/audio enhancement 3], Goggles (capacity 6) [w/flare compensation, image link, vision enhancement 3, vision magnification], Damper (alpha), Smartlink (alpha), Muscle Replacement (rating 1; alpha), Mnemonic Enhancer (rating 2; alpha), Orthoskin (rating 3), Reflex Recorder (Automatics, alpha)
Weapons:   Defiance EX Shocker, Ares Crusader II, HK-227, FN HAR (w/ex. smartgun, bipod), Taser dart (20), Regular ammo (150 rounds), Gel rounds (250 rounds), Stick-n-Shock (150 rounds)
Notes: Natural low-light vision
Starting cash: 1,650¥ + (3d6x60)
0 Karma

Physical Description: He's a tall (6'9"), slender elf who appears to be in his early twenties (he's actually 27) with shoulder-length platinum blonde hair and piercing emerald green eyes. He usually wears a well-tailored, expensive-looking dark blue business suit (complete with white pocket square) over a white cotton shirt sporting a black silk bow tie and gold cufflinks, and a pair of old-fashioned lace-up black Oxford dress shoes. His voice is a soothing tenor quite good enough for a career in music, if he were so inclined. He often affects an upper-class British accent, to go along with his dandy appearance. He's gone to some lengths to make sure that none of his cyber/bioware enhancements can be detected by the unaided eye.

When walking, he glides from place to place with an almost supernatural smoothness of motion. When not taking a client's limo or public transit, he rides a shiny new cherry-red Suzuki Mirage street bike.

Background: Handsome Jack was born Nathan Ford on June 2, 2048 in the UCAS sector of Denver, the bastard son of an elven diplomat and a female human staffer. His mother, not wishing to surrender her child to the elves, had fled to Denver without ever having told the father that she was pregnant. She was killed later that year in one of the many Humanis Policlub attacks when a suicide bomber detonated himself in the Chinese restaurant where she worked as a hostess. A fire rescue crew later found the squalling infant, miraculously alive and intact, buried under tons of rubble. Baby Doe was given the nickname "Handsome Jack" by a paramedic and the name has been with him ever since. Once he was old enough to walk, the too-bright and difficult child for most humans to deal with was bounced from one foster home to another, never in one place for more than a few months before his restlessness and mischief would land him into more trouble than he could finagle his way out of. By the age of seven, SINless, he was learning to survive on the streets using his wits and considerable charm. His eidetic memory made him an excellent and valuable messenger-spy, able to repeat what he heard word for word, complete with vocal inflections, and to accurately describe or sketch anything that he'd seen.

He has a cozy (euphemism for small) low-rent flat in the Sioux sector, just outside of the Hub. He has a complete set of false IDs and licenses under the names "Thomas Magnum" and "Neil Caffrey", the former alias used for most activities (such as paying rent or buying food) while reserving the latter alias for when he's engaged in blatantly illegal endeavors.

Personality: As he got older, and arguably wiser, he became ever more adept at manipulating people to his benefit. First doing so instinctively, then as an intellectual game, he's been treating people as pawns for so long that it's debatable whether he's even capable of having an honest relationship with someone else. He works for whomever is willing to pay him and asks few questions other than the amount of his pay. He's apolitical, except for an outspoken dislike of orks, whom he views as ugly and stupid brutes.


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CSJARRAT'S Character :Derren Smith:
Weapons specialist and all round gun-nut.
Now late in his 4th decade, Derren looks quite the grizzled vet, a greying beard flecked with ginger hairs dominates his face and his greying mane hangs down to his shoulders, framing a face full of lines as well as a few scars.
He grew up the son of a farmer in the Boulder foothills, north west of Denver, born into a family that loved the great outdoors and every Americans' right to own a firearm.
His father collected guns and introduced Derren to them at a young age, setting up an impromptu target range in the far fields.
He became very competent and eventually competed in regional championships in the non-assisted .22 rifle category, winning a small trickle of prize money in local events.
Derren eventually signed up for a tour with the UCAS military, following in his fathers footsteps, but his good family standing granted him a cushy position in the logistics corp. The position thoroughly bored him and he sought refuge from the boredpom out on the shooting ranges.
His excellent marksmanship skills made him eligible for transfer to a sharpshooter team, being one of very few soldiers able to place a tight grouping at 800m+ unassisted.
Common sense prevailed however and he turned the position down, realising from the mangled bodies that came back from active ops that the heat of combat wasn't as glamorous it was made out to be.
He served two years honourably and then bailed out, falling into private security work for the big-wigs in Denver as a contractor after a short stint as a weapons trainer for DocWagon.
10 years in the biz honed his skills and paid the bills, allowing him to live a reasonably comfy life until his firm was bought out by a rival.
The firm was asset-stripped, its major contracts re-assigned to the parent company and the staff subsumed, fired or re-assigned out-of-state.
Derren had made a name for himself as one of the "old guard", easily racking up the best professional record of successful "client safety events" and was an example of.
He was the first to go after militantly opposing the contractual changes to pay and pensions under the new management.
Out of work, it wasn't long before the people he once protected clients from sought out his skills in circumventing the practices he once helped put in place for corporate protection.
Once in the shadows, it wasn't long before a run went south. An extraction in Aurora failed horribly after the Decker was fed misinformation or just plain didnt do his homework well enough. Derren would never find out in person, thanks to the APDS sabot that ended the Decker's life.
The opposition was overwhelming and the small runner team was heavily outmatched. Only Derren and the {face/decker/sam/whatever} got out of the shitstorm alive, both scattering to the winds.
Derren hit the Seattle Barrens and laid low for a year, carefully building up his contacts, gear and doing odd-jobs to cover the cost of the bills.
The 1 year lease on his flat is nearly up and its time for him to get back out there and repair his rep, plus find a way to keep a roof over his head.

Weapon Specialist SR5


A- Attribs (24)
B- Skills (36/5)
C- Resources (140k)
D- Meta (human, 3)
E- Magic (0)

BOD 4 (+3)
STR{5}(+3)             24/24
CHA 3 (+2)
INT 4 (+3)
LOG 4 (+3)
WIL 3 (+2)

EDG 5 (+3)
ESS 1.45

Qualities: 25 base karma
+ve: Ambidextrous (-4)
-ve: SiNner: National (+5)
     Common, Mild allergy: Bee sting (+10)
     Bad Rep: previous run went wrong (+7)

net +1 for 26
-10 on gear, 26 to spend.

Stealth 3       5/5
(Urban +2 for sneak bought with 7karma)
Athletics 2

Automatics 6 (SMG +2)       36/36
Pistols 6 (Semi-auto +2)
Long Arms 3 (Sniper Rifle +2)
Blades 2 (Knives +2)
Heavy weapons 2 (Grenade launcher +2)
Armourer 4 (Firearms +2)
Perception 3
Negotiate 1 (Bargaining +2)
Pilot ground 1 (Wheeled +2)

First aid 2 (6)
Locksmith 2 (6)
Demolitions 2 (6)
Computer 2 (6)
Throwing weapons 1 (2)

16 Karma spent
Gear: +10 Karma for 160k

Smartlink 0.2ESS 4,000
Flare Compensation 0.1ESS 1,000

Wired reflexes(used) R1 2.5ESS 29,250
Reaction Enhancers(used) R2 0.75ESS 19,500
Muscle replacement R1 1ESS 25,000
(89,250 spent   -4.55 ESS)
Weapons + Armour:

Lined Coat (9) 900
-Chemical Protect 3 750
-Nonconduct 3 750            2400

Helmet (+2) 100
-Microtransceiver 200
-Image Link 25
-Motion Sensor 100
-Biomonitor 300
-Flashlight 25                 650

Clothing                        50

x3 Streetline Special          360
(Composite Materials + Throwback)

Fichetti Security 350         1900
Internal Smartgun 350
-Gas Vent 3 600
-Hidden Arm slide 350

Fichetti Security 350         1900
Internal Smartgun 350
-Gas Vent 3 600
-Hidden Arm slide 350

Ruger SuperWarhawk 400
-Internal smartgun 400
 +Image Mag 250
-Flashlight 25
-Quick Draw holster 175       1250

Ares Sigma-3 1,000
(integral foregrip/smartgun/stock/PSM2)
-Gas Vent 3 600
-Flashlight 25                1625

Cavalier Arms Crockett EBR 10,300
(integral sight-removed)
-External Smartgun 200 (top)
 +Vision Mag 250
-Silencer 500
-Bipod 200                   11,450

Enfield AS-7 1,100
-External Smartgun 200
 +Vision Mag 250
-Gas Vent 3 600
-Shock pad 50
-Flashlight 25                1,575

Ares Alpha 2,650
(Integral Smartgun/GL/RC2)
-Gas Vent 3 600
-Airburst link 600
-Shockpad 50
-Flashlight 25                3,925

Ares Antioch-2  3200
(integral smartgun)
-Airburst Link 600            3,800

Combat Knife 300
-Concealable sheath 150         450

29,510 spent
118,460 total
Electronics + ID:
Transys Avalon (DR6) 5,000
-Trodes 70
-Subvocal mic 50
-Hot-sim 350
-Fake SiN R4 10,000
 +Fake Weapons License R4 800
 +Fake Vehicle License R4 800
Monocle R4 480
-Image Link 25
-Vision Mag 250
-Vision Enhance 1 500
-Low Light 250            1505

Headphones R5 250
-Audio enhance 2 1000
-Spat recog 1000
-SSF R1 250               2500

Gold Credstick (100k)      100
-105NY embedded

20,825 spent
139,285 total
Vehicles + Drones:

C-N Jackrabbit car (S3/A2/Seats 2) 10,000

149,635 total
Hold out:
20 rounds regular     40

Light Pistol:
240 rounds regular   480
x4 spare clips        20

Heavy Pistol:
20 rounds APDS       240
x2 speed loaders      50

150 rounds regular   300
x3 spare drum         15

50 Explosive slugs   400
50 Flechette rounds  325
50 Stick-n-shock     400
x4 spare drum 20

Sniper Rifle:
40 APDS              480
x2 spare clip         10

Assault Rifle:
240 rounds Regular   480
x4 spare clips        20
150 rounds Gel       375
x3 spare clips        15

6 gas grenades       240
 +CS gas             120
6 gas grenades       240
 +Neuro-stun 8       360
6 Smoke              240
6 Flashbang          600
6 HE                 600

6330 spent
156,565 total spend
Respirator R6 300
Survival Kit 200
Gecko tape gloves 250
Armourer tool kit 500
Medkit R2 500
Low Lifestyle (1 month) 2000

3750 spent
159,695 total spend
Contacts, CHA x 3 = 9
Black market arms Dealer 4,2    ('Mac. Scottish guy, runs a store out of the barrens. late 30's, tall, cybered human. Has sourced a few bits of kit for Derren, enough to have built a little bit of rapport)
Street Doc 2,1 ('Paddy. Texan, pretends he's Irish cos of some long lost connection to Tir. Has run some maintenance on Derren's kit but not hugely friendly. Runs a clinic on the south Barrens.)
Knowledge skills INT + LOG x2 = 16pts
-English N
-Mandarin 2
-Local Gangs 3                 16/16
-Local Bars/Restaurants 3
-Security Detail procedures 3
-Firearm modifications 3
-Bike racing 2
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@ Deadeye  You receive a message on your commlink. "I've got a job for a crew with some very special talents. An extraction against a well guarded high value target. I'm looking for a crew good enough to get this job done as the Johnson has a very tight window of opportunity. If you're interested you can meet me at the Soycaf bar on 3rd and Martin. in 2hrs I'll be wear'n the obnoxious trilby. I don't want a word from you on the job. If you're in you'll lift my SIN and use it to buy yourselves a soycaf. Then follow me out. You're good enough to do that, then I'll share the details. But, I'm eyeing another crew as well and this is strictly a competition for the job."

@ Derren Smith you rec'v the same message on your commlink.



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Looking at the the flashing message popping on his AR visual display James cant stop thinking a job is a job, but who the drek...nevermind, nevermind, just check it out.

Fishing for a smoke and lighting it with his keepsake zippo, the smell of the lighter fuel on his nostrils and a thought crossing his mind Why cant the Johnson's just do like other people and make standard appointments?? Sweet bloody Jesus.... well the costumer is awaiting... cant leave the bread provider waiting for too long.

Calling up the Seattle maps on his AR display Ok 30 minutes drive, What will you be having, sir? the voice on the speaker next to his car chiming, a female voice from inside the Stuffer Shack place, selecting the menu ARO and looking at it makes for a easy choice, not much time to loose eating, the chow can wait an hour or two, mentally selecting the double dose of soykaf seems like the natural selection of beverage to have on the way trip.

Thank you Sir, please insert the credstick and your order will be waiting for you at the boot the voice chimes again, complying and moving his car up to the boot the small box that serves as dispenser pops open to reveal the cup with the double dose of soykaf, grabing it with his left hand and depositing on the cup holder on the dashboard James just grumbles a small thank you.

Except for a couple cars that where in front of him on the line, the place is nearly deserted, from what James can see there are only a couple costumers inside, a lonely hobo in filthy clothing peddling for spare change, with a even filthier credstick on his hand, is the only "patron" on foot on the outside of the Stuffer Shack. Loosing his tie one step further (not that it was tight to start with) James just takes another lungful of smoke and exits the Shack, destination: Soycaf bar on 3rd and Martin.


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Derren felt the buzzing of his commlink in his pocket as he loaded the last of the shopping into the boot of the car, slamming it shut with a heavy thud.
Sinking into the drivers seat, the AR panel engages with his image link and his new messages feed pulses orange as it grabs his attention.
"read new messages"
The soft female voice read the message clearly and concisely as he pulled out of the lot, glancing at the time
lift my SiN? thefuck? he needs a decker not a shooter. Can't be the only one this message went out to though...
"compose reply: Assuming we win the contract, do we need to be ready to go right away, or have we some prep time on this?"


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It only takes a few moments before you feel the soft buzzing of your commlink signaling a new message. "The crew awarded the contract will have less than 5 days to plan, prepare and execute the job." "I need and expect a high degree of professionalism as well as skills." "You're the first to ask questions, the mark of a good leader." "I look forward to seeing your team in action this afternoon."

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Meanwhile, in a nondescript location located at some place livable within a part of the city, was a guy with two arms. Yes, two of them. And two legs. Like many guys in fact! So it really wasn't all that amazing, but was amazing was what that man was doing with his two arms! Carefully this man waved them around, anyone not looking through augmented reality would think he was crazy, but ever since the invention of blue tooth, there has been this ability to hide crazy in technology!

Witnessing through Augmented Reality, charts of information were floating about him, as a mechanical dog sat near his legs, apparently turned off for the moment. Upon these charts was information of various businesses, public records and the like, as The Professor, the name the man liked to be called, was very much a bit of a nosey pants person.

Now this nondescript location does have one description within it, This place was not the professors home, but rather a relatively private location for him to conduct his business of business. "Lets see... " he remarked, before shrugging slightly. "Ah yes, right, need another assistant!" he turns away from the information and looks at the mechanical dog and back to an empty space within the location. Extending a hand outwardly, data begins compiling in that location...

Compile Data Sprite: 12d6t5 5 Level 6
Resist Fade vs level 6 data sprite: 13d6t5 5
Concepts are great, but implementation sucks. Why not improve it?

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The day is turning muggy. Weather displays are calling for rain this evening and well into the night and you can feel it in the air. As you pull up to the soycaf bar you see it's one of the trendy newer bars with full landscaping outside and inside the AR is well blended with the meatspace. You know that instead of an honest cup of Joe with day old nosh you can get an overpriced gourmet blend with unpronounceable additives designed to "cater to all the senses" and a menu that takes far to many liberties with "eclectic combinations of delicacies from around the globe." The clientele looks to be either the well-healed in a rush or those trying to look like they can afford this stuff and taking their time with their cup in order to be seen. As you look around for your "obnoxious trilby" you don't spot anything. Trends go in & out, and right now hats of any type are mostly out in favor of gear and implants. You don't have long to wait though, and then you're in no doubt about the obnoxious part. He strolls from the bathroom, a massive, and massively muscled troll, he's wearing a halter top, a green feather boa with gold tinsel and a short neon plaid skirt in green, yellow, black and pink. You're not sure how he's walking in those platform heels but at least he's got the legs for them. The trilby is a bubblegum pink with long neon metallic feathers jauntily jutting from the brim. He comes from the restroom area and boldly strides to the bar where he orders a Sylvan Sunrise with Borealis effecta in an effemete voice. The poor counter staff, a teen elven girl who'd been effecting a bored wordly air prior to that moment is so non-plussed, she has to make the cup over twice as she gets several ingredients wrong and is loudly corrected by the troll regarding his order. He pays for it with a mirrored credstick he fished from his halter top with a wink at the counter girl as he loudly tells her. "I take advantage of ALL the gifts God gave me honey." and with an incongruous swish of his hips he sashay's to a seat where he has full view of the outside. The other customers in that area suddenly find that they're running late for something, anything, and quickly vacate the area.
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and when you thought you had seen everything... shaking his head James walks slowly to an empty table, checking the AROS he decides to investigate if the Troll is carrying a 'link or any type of device that could be carrying a SIN.

//deck configuration
//ASDF: 3413
//load program: Virtual machine
//load program: Exploit
//load program: Stealth
//Running silent: No

Displaying on his field of vision James double checked his implanted deck configuration, time would be of the essence as he would be running it without his Baby Monitor program, thus he would have to use his judgement if it came to doing any sort of illegal action (and starting to alert GOD in the process)

ok now let us see what we find... sweet Jesus... the clothes...


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no Data Bombs, good... but strange.... the 'link is slaved to another device... time to get some additional information the old way.

//compose message: who's making the invitations to the party?
//send message: last commcode message received

//compose message: greetings, I have not seen eard of you for quite a bit on the shadowland BBS, as i recall you had a knack for tweaking some hardware, there is the chance i might have need of your services again, it might be a job it might be nothing. reply as soon as you can. appreciated.
//send message: the professor

now... lets double check this.. guy?... drek.... what the heck do i call him?!? time to double check the target.