Happy Thanksgiving!

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« on: <11-25-10/0206:01> »
Have a good Turkey Day, fellow Americans!  Y'all travel safely to anywhere you're headed, eat enough to enjoy a mild food coma, have a good time watching some football, and try not to strangle any family members. 

Non-Americans, I don't exclude you to be mean, but because I know you're about as likely to care about it as I am to be excited about your holidays that I don't get offa work for.   ;D  I still hope you all have a great Thursday, if that helps any!


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« Reply #1 on: <11-25-10/0211:09> »
Turkey's brining in the other room and the oven is nice and clean for tomorrow's cooking.

Plus, Paizo's starting their big online sale in about 50 minutes... ;)

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« Reply #2 on: <11-25-10/0227:24> »
We're turning down the turkey this year in favor of... not having to pack up the leftovers to move on Wednesday. Stuffed shells and cheddar bay biscuits instead. <3

Which are already done. And Doom and I had the shells for dinner about an hour ago. XD I'm still thinking of hijacking his dinner so I still get some turkey...
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« Reply #3 on: <11-25-10/0328:13> »
I still hope you all have a great Thursday, if that helps any!

As a matter of fact, it does :) Happy Thanksgiving to you all who celebrate it!

Funny fact: I will attend a feast tonight, too. It's my dad's birthday and my mom will cook... we're all gonna die of "OH GOD NOT ANOTHER PLATE OF FOOD NOOOOOO" ;D
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« Reply #4 on: <11-25-10/0418:21> »
Yes happy Turkey Genocide Day everybody.
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« Reply #5 on: <11-25-10/1121:00> »
Have a safe holiday!

I am enjoying a year off from smoking a turkey...smoked turkey is soooo awesome but it does take a bit of time to do it.
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