(Closed) [5th] Green GM looking for Green players to play over SKYPE

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Sure, the backstory of the Omoi is that he is a former slave of Aztlan. fought in the gladiator pits and learned 52 block from a fellow gladator, after his 10th birthday his handler figured out that Omoi was an adept and desided to make him a spectacle fighter, but decided to make sure that it was the only thing he could do. so by torturing him to permanently kill his ability to use firearms( which he figured was more dangerous to himself) and taught Omoi how to use a monofilament whip( which could ether kill Omoi or his opponent win for both). After catching the attention of fairly powerful mage, he was bought, released, and hired to be a bodyguard for cheap. After spending a few year guarding he was droped in Seattle(or city of choise) and left to fend for himself. that when he is found and told about a job that might need his skills. He is a 2.1M troll with a lot of scars on his neck from a Hell hound he fought in the pits of Aztlan when he was 15. He speaks only in a whisper because of this, making it necessary for the subvocal mic if he want to be heard from a distance.

Thanks for the promt, i have a terrible habit of not thinking of backstory for most of my characters, i say i'm not green for 5e because i have played with a group for about 4 months, though i am a novice roleplayer. If you need to change some of my stats please tell me.