Season 4 connection ratings

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I will be starting my group up next week and i intend to run them through season 4 with the dawn of the artifacts spliced in. I haven't had much trouble converting it to 5.0 except for updating the contacts you gain. As you all know 4.0's connection rating went to 6 but now it goes to 12. Most of my group doesn't have many social skills, so having well connected contacts will be important for their future gear and legwork needs.

I have posted their names and original connection ratings along with my guess as to what the new rating should be along with a little bit of justification. Let me know what you guys think!

BTW feel free to discuss openly. I warned my players to lurk here at their own risk. I put the spoiler in simply to save space

Mac Callister CR 5

My gut says 6 but an Argument could be made for 7

ADA Dana Oaks CR 4

Was thinking 5 as she is only the assistant

Moreau CR4

Not Sure if he should be 5 or 6 due to his ties with DF and his long connections to Seattle

Laurent Nazaire CR 5

seems the standard is to add +1 so 6

Athena tat opoulos CR4

6? She has an extensive network of informants and reporters,

Joe Martin CR3

5?  Knows several people and has a moderate degree of social influence; a city
councilman or a low-level executive it a small-to-medium corporation.

Pip CR1

3 Has a few friends, but not a lot of social influence.

Tosh Athack CR 2

4 Seeing as how he doesnt seem to have too much influence

Lin Yao Chang CR 4

5 was thinking 5 but he does know a great dragon so maybe 6?

Simon Andrews CR4

seems the standard is to add +1 so 5

Fiona Craig CR 2

3 seeing as how she seems to have little power

Frosty CR5

This is the one i am truly stumped on. She knows and is close to some of the biggest power players on earth. My gut says 8 but that is the bigest upgrade any of these people have gotten :/

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Honestly I'd keep them at the same Connection for now. If you want some advice on proper conversion, you'd want to ask Bull.
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