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« on: <11-06-13/0259:20> »
Hi everyone! I'd like to join Shadowrun 4 game around GMT timezone (mine is GMT+4). Thanks.

Catfish Runner

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« Reply #1 on: <11-11-13/1633:49> »
Hello there! 
I'm looking for, BUT ALSO willing to run a Shadowrun campaign, whichever comes first!  I assume you're okay with Skype?  If you want, I can also try to get MapTools working again, but honestly so long as we communicate effectively and have good dice roller we'll be fine :) 
I prefer that you contact me via my email or Skype. 

email: dragonx1991(at)
Skype: dogbreath91

Hope to see you soon! 

PS: (I think I'm Central Standard Time)