Using the Party face to buy gear

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« on: <11-07-13/1006:06> »
I know there has been some discussion as of late about buying gear in downtime and using the party face character to purchase it. Before I use this means to acquire gear, instead of using a contact, I wanted to be sure it's legal.

The biggest reason being that if our party face is rolling 20 dice to acquire gear, that means that he can buy 5 hits. In reality, he can buy anything up to Avail 20 (which also buys 5 hits) for face value. It may take some extra time to acquire the item, but it won't cost extra money.

Two questions here:

1) Is this working as intended? If so, I'm dropping 21K on a Krime Cannon. :)

2) Can the face character charge an extra 10% or 15% as a finder fee? Are characters normally allowed give their money to other players in missions games?

Maybe that's three questions, but I just wanted to be sure I was playing the living campaign within the rules... I can already see other GM's rolling their eyes when I pull out an assault cannon  :o


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« Reply #1 on: <11-07-13/1010:46> »
As an aside he can actually get anything up to availability 23. The availability can't buy it's 6th hit until it gets to 24 dice.


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« Reply #2 on: <11-07-13/1029:32> »
It's legal, but like the "team members each buy a share of an item" rule, it's something I'd take great pains to document just to allay the fears of a GM.  Having a character show up at a table with an Excalibur that "some other guy" found for him and then "all the guys chipped in" to pay for it...well, it's legal and I know the mantra is "trust the player," but I'm not going to lie, it would feel a little weird.
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« Reply #3 on: <11-07-13/1055:47> »
The face has every right to ask for a fee, since it costs him time. Take a Chemical Seal Environmental-blah Full Body Armor at Availability 23. With a 5/4 contact I'd pay 250% of the normal price for it (14+6=20 dice), which (depending on whether I can buy vision mods and armor enhancements later or must do so on initial purchase) will cost me anywhere between 14k and 25k extra. If the Face spends 4 days getting this for me and saving me that much... Yeah, he has the right on a finder's Fee. I'd probably pay him 5k or so here, and if I ever hire him for a Suprathyroid Gland I'd give him more.

I'd handle this after/before a session, by the way, and make sure the GM signs the two sheets (and those pieces of "spent X time to get Y Z and got W finder's fee" + "someone got me Z for normal price and I paid W finder's fee" on the sheets), so that any other GM will see it's been documented.
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