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This is my shot at a corporate campaign. Where the players are the decent hardworking standup corporate citizens selflessly toiling for a better world.
The creation rules for the corporation the players are working for, are kinda like creating an NPC light. It has 3 attributes, some skills and some limits. These are all abstract values designed to represent the relative strength and capabilities of the firm. 
The characters themselves should gain bonus knowledge skills, cash and contacts to represent them being at the right end of the food chain.

Step 1. choose concept.  Are the players working in a saeder krupp facility, creating cyberware, horizon sim flicks? wuxing biodrones? Ares weaponry? Are the players the top bosses in that specific facility? or are they in the middle tier, backstabbing/blackmailing/working their way to the top?      
Step 2. choose qualities      
Step 3. purchase R&D skills   The facility has skills of its own, (in the form of researchers and experience) Cybertechnology, arcana, armourer etc   
Step 4. spend leftover karma      
Step 5. final calculations      

The corporation               
Corp creds:starts with  Streetcred 1 and public awareness 1               
Corporate attributes                       Max rating         
Matrix security rating         4Rating      12     Rating= Matrix host      
Muscle security rating       4Rating      12      ½rating=professional rating of security personnel   
Magical security rating      4Rating      12     rating=magic score    
Project resources              0Rating      6      
this represents the force lvl of mana barriers, IC, general training and equipment of security personnel, bound spirits etc         

R&D capabilities               
Any technical B&R skill and arcana               
2 Highest skills add 1 to corresponding security rating. Can only add to the same rating if the highest skill is at least 2 higher than the next highest.
Players may choose which one, if they are equal.               
project resources = corporate edge, just weaker, each point spend increases a limit by one or adds 2 dices to the roll.
Reseach/production target number= item availability               
Research dice pool         Highest character knowledge dice pool+ R&D skill [corp mental]            
Production dice pool     Highest character dice pool+ R&D skill [corp physical]            
Marketing dice pool        Charisma+negotiation+corp public awareness [corp social]            
This is just for a "standard" project development scenario
Teamwork tests: All skills that somehow have an impact in the project may be used as a team work contribution.            
[Corp physical] = (muscle security+highest physical limit)/2               
[Corp social] = ((highest social limit + public awareness)/2) + corp street cred- notoriety               
[Corp mental] = (matrix security+highest mental limit)/2               
15 skill points               
25 karma               
May choose to gain 1 public awareness and 1 notoriety               
Corporate key competences = (much like the mechanics for character initiation and adept powers)
Each level of CKC gives the team 1 point to be spent on abilities below.      
improved ability 0,5 ( to be used on corporate R&D skills)               
improved potential [corp physical, social or mental] 0,5               
improved security 1   (raises physical, matrix or magical security by one, stacks up to 4 times)
Alpha, beta, delta grade 1 (allows the players to pay the extra grade cost with corp creds, no availability increase)               
Suggestions for more?
PC cash = (3000+(100*marketing successes))*availability/4 +modifiers (same procedures as normal reward handling, except the researched item availability is used)            
PC corporate perks rewards   (The players are in for the money, whatever they gain as regular cash reward they also gain as corporate perks. Meaning they earns twice as much as lousy criminal runners)            
PC karma rewards   : As normal         
corporate karma   : the corporation gain karma ( its in fact millions of nuyen, but represented as karma) those are used for upgrading security, raising limits etc.         
I initially wanted the players to earn even more cash, but that would mess with the cash/karma ratio. As with normal, the GM should just eyeball the reward mechanics, using this as a guideline               
Corporate karma costs         
Security   new rating*5      
Skill   new rating*2      
specialization   7 karma
project resources   new rating*5   
1 key competence   10+(3*new rating)
aptitude quality   14            
indomitable quality   8            
gremlins research, production or marketing   -4            
Bad reputation. 3 notoriety +1 public awareness   -7
Suggestion for more ?

corporate perk items. For every 100k the player has invested in perk items, he gain +1 on etiquette corporate and high society. Lifestyles use the advanced rules from SR4.Giving him bonus or penalties on the same etiquette rolls.            
Auctioneer  business clothes, docwagon contracts   , vehicles: westwind, concordian, nightsky, northrup wasp, rover model 2072               
lifestyles    +1 for every 3 above 16, -1 for every 2 below                     
limited SIN -2 ( all players start with corporate SIN, but can get limited SIN as a negative quality)         
Maybe give the players the corporate etiquette bonus as an etiquette street penalty, if the streetscum know who they are?
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Re: Corporate campaign rules, would like some feedback
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Example Corp: concept: Aztechnolgy facility creating legal bioware officially (and highly illegal bioware and nasty biodrones, both mundane and awakened)

Matrix security 4
physical security 5
Magical security 5   
Project resources 1 (5 karma)   

Corporate physical limit (8 (from decker ork) +5(from security))/2= 7
Corporate social limit ( 9(elven shaman)+ 1 from public  awareness))/2= 5
Corporate mental limit (9(from the same decker)+4 (from security)/2= 7

R&D capabilities
Biotechnology 5 +2 cloning specialization (7 karma)
Arcana 5 
Animal handling 5 (7)
chemistry 1 (2 karma)

Corporate key competency 1 (13 karma)
Improved ability animal handling 2

Gremlins 1 marketing
2 leftover karma.

Scenario: The characters are going to create some cute biodrone cockroaches, carrying seven-7 toxins.
Step 1: The character with the highest logic+biology skill pool is the head of the research project. research dicepool= log 6+5biology+Corporate biotech5 = 16 dice[corporate mental 7] The GM sets the availability to 20. The other characters may use team work tests with anatomy, industrials poisons, zoology etc.

Step 2: create a prototype bug for mass production. Logic+biotechnology+corporate biotech+2 spec [corporate physical 7] The GM sets the target number to 20 again.
The other characters may use team work tests with animal handling, chemistry, biotechnology, medicine etc.

Step 3: Charisma+negotiate+1 public awareness. The other characters may use team work tests with etiquette, con or maybe even intimidate

Step 4: reap the rewards = (3000+(100*7 from the negotiation test))*20(the target number)/4= 3700*5=18500 per player, and another 18500 per player to be used on corporate perks.

Sadly its not going to be that easy for the players, they need to secure a deal with the pink lotos syndicate in town to secure a large seven-7 deal. And the GM has set a limit on their research rolls to 2. Which forces the players to forcefully extract Howard B Bigglesworth the leading EVO researcher in the insect cloning field. Thereby giving the Team another research roll. If they blow it with him, their project gains the gremlin negative quality at level = missing successes to reach 20, in production and marketing.

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