[Resource] Map of South Florida in 2075. LIBERTIES TAKEN. WiP.

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Hello folks,

I created a google map of South Florida in 2075 for my gaming group. Some of the content I created, and some has been created by players.

I set it as public and viewable, so please use it if you like and make suggestions, too.

I have always believes in Rule Zero, THE GM CAN CHANGE ANYTHING TO MAKE THE GAME FUN, so there are departures from canon. Briefly, most of South Florida is actually a Seminole/Miccosukee nation, which manages to irritate the CAS as well as the NANs because of diplomatic tensions. Only the far south east of the peninsula belongs to the Caribbean League. Canon says that the South Florida population has declined because of the lack of retirees, but I've made it vastly increase because of Latino and Caribbean demographic growth, making it a multi-lingual, multi-meta hub.

Canon also says Aztechnology has no presence in Miami, but I gave them a huge arcology containing an aztec style sun pyramid right off shore of the city.

This is WiP for my ongoing campaign, so things will be added as we go.