[SR4] Customizing Personal Defense Sprayer

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Hoi, chummers! 8)
I'm completly new to Shadowrun and need some help modifying my gear. To elaborate:
Cavalier Arms Personal Defense Sprayer appears in "Another Rainy Night". Basically, it's a pepper spray-like aerosol worn on forearm/wrist.
Now, here's my question - would it be possible to add to it some sort of single shot weapon with heavy pistol ranges? The point is to make a sort of emergency weapon (sprayer itself) with the ability to fire a tracker or maybe a capsule round filled with adhesive and stealth tag for those embarrassing situations when target is about to get away and you need some way to track him/her/it without having to spend time loading a new magazine or carrying a separate gun. Note that this device should be as non-lethal as possible. Making illegal parts detachable would be a good idea. Also, if possible, I would like to avoid using advanced tech - for example, laser sight instead of smartgun etc. So? Anybody up for the challenge?
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